Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Family

Pairing: AcexLuffy, Hints of MarcoxSanji

Timeline: Semi-AU, Future

Warnings: MPREG

Summary: With a new addition to the family, Ace mused on the possible troubles this little one is going to make. Meanwhile, it wasn't all that different from what he dealt with.

When their child was born, Ace couldn't be happier until Garp decided that it would be a good idea to snatch the newborn for a moment to point him up to the sun, declaring that he will be a fine marine one day. Of course, Ace didn't tolerate his stupidity any longer and kicked him out of the room after retrieving his son. Marine? Pft, Ace thought distastefully. Although Ace wouldn't hold it against his son no matter which path he took, he doubt that he would be easily accepted in the Marines. It was full of narrow-minded dimwits who prattle along about Justice when they couldn't brew a nice cup of coffee.

A pirate, on the other hand, would be a fine idea if he were to start off with his own crew. Well, that would depend on which parent would this newborn take after more in terms of personality. He silently hoped that it wouldn't be Luffy or else he'd grow his white hair earlier than he should but on the other hand, taking after himself would be a bad idea too.

This baby was going to be a handful.

Five years later, Ace confirmed his thoughts. Their son, which they decided to name 'Portgas D. Ruffie' after ridiculous sounding names flying out from Luffy's mouth like 'Meat-King', 'Meat-Monkey' and even 'Gonzales', turned out to be tougher to handle than average kids.

The brat inherited Luffy's facial shape and hair although the eyes and freckles were passed down from Ace. While the toddler was unsurprisingly a huge glutton, he also gotten Ace's temper. Meanwhile, Ace found it difficult to resist Ruffie's charms which was undoubtedly handed down by his 'mother'. And hopefully, he didn't get Luffy's dimwitted-ness too.

As they were living in a small cottage in Fuschia village, Ace was desperately trying to get some rest.

"Help! He is eating me!" Luffy shouted as he tried to get Ruffie's mouth out of his hair.

Ace sighed and placed down his book back onto his lap. "He just want something in his mouth, Lu. Give him to me," he offered.

After Ruffie was placed in his arms, he poked his finger against his tiny mouth, which opened without hesitation and the toddler began sucking happily on it. Why didn't they get a pacifier? Ace could briefly remembered that he gotten a few before but they never seemed to be present when they needed to be. Oh well, Ruffie wasn't exactly choosy either. He was even willing to bite on Ace's necklace, hoping that it'd break so that he could swallow those delicious looking red 'candy'.

Luffy pouted and leaned his body frame against Ace's arm. "I thought that he was going to eat me."

He couldn't help but chuckle. "He isn't strong enough to do that and you used to try and eat Dadan's hair too, remember?"


"Thought so," Ace muttered and diverted his attention back to Ruffie. "He is five this year, isn't he? It's about time we should try to teach him how to speak and probably walk without using the baby walker."

"Speak? I thought he can already do that."

"Baby noises aren't words, Lu," Ace reminded. They should have taught him way, way earlier but having to deal with both of their antics was making it difficult for Ace to focus. "For starters, we can try to get him to call us father. It'd be confusing if he'd have to call us that so why don't we get him to call you 'mom'?"

Luffy made a face at that. "No way! I'm not a girl!"

"I was kidding, Lu," Ace reassured with a small smile. He would like to point out the many things that would define Luffy as a girl but he wouldn't want to make his lover angry now. "How does 'papa' sound to you then? It does fit better than other terms I know of."

"That could work," Luffy said easily and turned to Ruffie, who was looking at them with curious eyes. "Alright! From now on, you're going to call me papa, got it?"


"This is difficult," Luffy whined.

"That was a nice try," Ace said sarcastically and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Okay, little one, try calling me pops."

Ruffie blinked and tilted his head. "Poo?"

Close enough.

Ace wished that Luffy wouldn't laugh though. It was making things difficult. Really, he could already feel that this troublemaker was going to be the death of him. Baby steps, Ace thought patiently as he blew out some pent up air. He couldn't be angry at Ruffie either after seeing how he mimicked Luffy's laughter after he heard it. Or maybe it was just that he had long given in to Luffy that both papa and the son always managed to get away with anything they should held accounted for.

He still hadn't forgiven the both of them for almost setting the kitchen into flames while trying to get the cookie jar by the way.

It was this period of time whereby Ace was glad that there are reliable friends he could count on.

After decided to take a rest (Ace, mostly since Luffy only contributed to the messes), Ace asked Marco and Sanji to babysit them. It was only logical. Ruffie loved Sanji's congee and so did Luffy when Ace had to stop him from stealing their son's food. Meanwhile, Ruffie had taken a liking to Marco too after witnessing his transformation. Although, Ace had a feeling that Ruffie wanted to eat him more than anything else but Marco didn't need to know that.

They initially asked Zoro to help but after that time whereby he fell asleep and they had to walk in on Ruffie playing with his dangerous swords, Ace thought that the green haired swordsman should never have a child.

Besides, it was more convenient since Marco could fly over whenever possible and Sanji was the only person he allowed to ride on his back. If not, Sanji was capable to aerial movements too.

"Oi, don't play with your food," Sanji scolded lightly before glaring at Luffy. "And don't steal his food! Why would you want to steal from your own son anyway? Get Ace to make something for you!"

"But they looked really good! Come on, Ruffie, you could share some with me!"

"Eeee!" Ruffie protested and held the bowl protectively against himself.

Sanji rolled his eyes and turned to Ace who was relaxing nicely on the couch. "Mind babysitting your lover? It'd be ridiculous if he fought with your son over a bowl of porridge."

"Ooo aaa!" Ruffie giggled as he literally face-food into the bowl. "Wee!"

"Come here, Lu," Ace said after seeing how Luffy looked as though he was about to pounce on their son. It wouldn't be good if he developed an idea of eating the porridge off his face too. When Luffy did as he was told, Ace wasted no time in pulling his little lover against his side and kissed his forehead. "So troublesome."

"Eeeeeh!" Ruffie whined after watching the interaction, wanting that kiss on the forehead too.

"Finish your food, kid," Sanji said in exasperation and shoved the spoon into Ruffie's mouth, who successfully quieted down and munched happily on the congee instead. "We're not going to have kids, are we?" he asked Marco.

"Up to you, yoi."

"If we are, you're going to be the one taking care of it," Sanji joked.

Marco raised an eyebrow in amusement. "You sound like you want one. You can ask Luffy to get Ivankov or that supernova kid, Law again. Whichever makes you happier, yoi," he said with a small twitch on the corner of his lips.

"I'll pass," Sanji replied dryly while dabbing the cloth against Ruffie's face to clean it free from the dribble of food.

After that, Ruffie crawled towards Ace and Luffy, reaching his arms out to them and demanded to be picked up. With a swift movement of his hand, Ace picked the toddler up and placed him on his stomach. As long as Ruffie didn't make much noise or tried to fight with Luffy over his attention, his resting day was as good as fulfilled. Despite being his 'mother', Luffy acted as though he was his brother instead and Ace always ended up being caught in between.

For example like now, when Ace started to brush his hand through Ruffie's hair, Luffy would start whining until he did the same to him. In the end, both were easily content and snuggled against Ace with smiles on their face.

Ruffie certainly took after Luffy alright, Ace mused fondly as the both of them slowly fell asleep against him.