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Chapter 1

Harry panted as he had gotten done with his jog. He had started to jog after the last year of school. With Voldemort back, Harry wanted to be ready for anything, and that was why he ran each morning. His relatives were fine with it as long as he did not do anything 'freakish'.

Harry saw a few people moving into the house at the edge of the neighborhood in a house that had been abandoned for as long as he could remember. So, Harry, being who he was, went to help them move in to the house.

It turned out to be a good decision. For when Harry went over, he saw what had to be the most breathtaking woman that he had ever seen.

The woman had a pale complexion and wore a long green skirt and white blouse. She had on stiletto heels and a ponytail to hold her hair back. Both her hair and her eyes were a deep green. She had a perfect shape to her.

"Um excuse me ma'am," Harry said.

"Yes?" The woman asked kindly.

"Do you need help with moving?" Harry asked.

"It would be appreciated, and please don't call me ma'am. It makes me feel older than I actually am." The green haired woman said.

"Yes, ma'am, I mean…" Harry stuttered out.

The woman giggled out, and Harry thought that it was the most beautiful sound that he had ever heard.

"My name is Valetta Piper, but people just call me Vi for short, sometimes Viper." She said.

The woman mentally gave herself a pat on the back for covering all of her bases with her name.

"Okay, so, where do you want the stuff, Vi?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile.

Put the boxes and cases in the basement and the luggage and furniture upstairs and on the ground floor. I'm not very good at moving, so you'll be free to decide where it is needed." Viper said.

Harry nodded and got all the stuff in where she had asked him to put it.

At the end of the day, Harry saw the time and rushed back.

Viper frowned at that, something felt wrong to her.

Ah, well, it was time for her to check on Laura aka X-23 and Kamira.


It was later that day and Harry was running for what could very well be the worst beating of his life.

He had to escape. There was no other option after he had upset his uncle and Dudley. He had told them why he had been gone, but they wrote him off and his aunt struck him with a pan before he ran.

Harry dodged to the side of a gunshot and almost cursed out loud, it appeared that his family was ready to get rid of him. They had done this before, but this was the first time that his family had really been this angry at him, plus, he had taken a shot to his right arm in order to 'prevent his freakishness.'

Harry continued to dodge each strike of Petunia's frying pan, but he knew that he could not go on forever, and his aunt was actually a champion jogger, so she had the advantage on him. So, while he could easily lose his uncle and cousin, when his aunt joined in, she would end up catching him and holding him until the other two got there.

The 'order' as he had been told about in one of his letters, just ignored it, and, Tonks had tried to get involved, but she had ended up being stopped by Snape the next time she tried, apparently, after the first time she helped him, she had been paired with Snape and unable to help him as Snape found a satisfaction in watching Harry suffer.


It was around the time that she heard a gunshot did she get out of the room and go see what was going on.

Viper looked outside for a few seconds and saw a shadow being chased by another shadow with two more behind it.

She couldn't make out more than that because of the curtains in the way.

"Laura, Karima, let's go see what is going on." Viper suggested.

Viper was once known as Madame Hydra, but she had escaped the base with Karima and Laura after she had found out that the true objective of Hydra was not to be able to live peacefully with mutants separated by humans, but the annihilation of all mutants.

She had escaped in the dead of night, taking all of the research of Hydra with her, plus destroyed the original data and killing several prime scientists that would slow down their research by decades.

Karima had been transformed into a Prime sentinel when she was younger, but she had escaped from it and then become a detective.

Later on, she had followed a trail and found out about one of the Hydra bases, and then she had been reprogramed and kept on the backburner in order to see how many upgrades they could give her.

Before they could test her out in a base, Viper had deprogramed her, while still giving her the ability to keep her upgrades to the full potential.

X-23, as Laura Kinney was known as before, had been trained from birth and given all of Wolverine's powers. She had been trained in many different martial arts and weapon combat forms, as well as tactics, hunting, tracking, and sharpshooting.

Viper had had help in getting her out by Dr. Kinney, who had decided to stay in the base to see what she could do to get Hydra off the trail.

She had ended up going down in flames with the base.

Laura had since been trained in how to blend with society and then they had rejoined the area over in a depopulated section in London.

That was why they were all together in that one house.

Viper put on her new outfit, which was a black and green jumpsuit with a snake on the back. It had gloves that had extendable claws in it, as well as a belt that had two plasma guns. She had a whip attached to the belt as well.

Laura had on black boots with old jeans and a tank top on. She had fingerless gloves on her hands and a choker on her neck.

Karima had the outfit she had on when she had gotten out of the facility, as it was a variation of Spiderman's Symbiote that could change color and shape.

With their suits on and them being disguised, they were ready to investigate what was going on in the neighborhood.


Harry continued running until he was finally caught on a wall, and that was when he finally snapped.

'Why the hell am I running from these filthy muggles, if they even deserve to be called that?' Harry thought with a dark gleam in his eyes as he pulled out his wand.

That stopped the Dursleys short.

"What are you doing with that, you freak?" Dudley spat.

"Why, what I should have done in the first place. Kill some filth and free myself." Harry said with an evil laugh.

Petunia gasped, possibly being the only one that recognized the fact that he was not bluffing.

"You can't use that here, your police," Dursley spat the word, "would not let you."

"Does it look like I care anymore?" Harry said, his eyes gleaming with every word that he said.

Dudley and Petunia ran at that moment, but Vernon decided to pull the gun out and actually shoot.

Vernon shot him in the arm and then Harry grew mad and said, "Diffindio!"

The beam struck true and went straight through Vernon's neck, making him like nearly headless Nick since the beam didn't go all the way through.

Harry gave a chuckle as he saw that, and then he gripped his arm and fell to the ground out of pain in his arm.

"This is how I die," Harry muttered, "killed by my imbecile of an uncle."

Harry then spat bitterly at the body of his uncle.

With that, he passed out, but before he did, he heard a female voice say, "Help me get him inside, hurry!"


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