A short Olicity one-shot, I was writing my other story 'Just a hug' when I got an idea, so I decided to put my idea on paper or actually my computer. Hope you'll like it! I changed to story a bit at 27-04-13, I read it again and made some changes, hopefully for the better :)

Summary: When Felicity is sick and home alone, Oliver Queen jumps to action to make sure his favorite IT girls gets the care she needs.

"Sometimes you wake up from a dream.

Sometimes you wake up in a dream.

And sometimes, every once in a while, you wake up in someone else's dream.

- - Richelle Mead, Succubus Blues

The flu and the toilet

Felicity is sitting at home, on her black leather couch with a blanket, shivering and with a fever. Having the flu is not nice but having the flu and being alone at home is just downright awful. She has been up all night, running from her bed to the toilet, throwing up. She just doesn't have the energy to make herself a cup of tea or anything for that matter.

It's a saturday so she doesn't have to work, but Oliver being Oliver probably needs her to investigate or crack something today.

Her phone starts ringing and as expected Oliver's name is flashing on the screen.

She picks up. "Hello." She says groggily to the phone.

"Felicity, it's Oliver...are you okay?" Oliver asks as he hears her coughing on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah I'm fine, what's up?" she asks Oliver trying to hide the fact that she is sick, if he knows he will probably come over to make sure she is okay and everything. Felicity is not the kind of girl that needs someone to take care of her. She is strong and independent and even though she told Oliver that a couple of times, he just doesn't seem to listen.

"Okay if you say so." he hesitates before explaining why he called "We have a new lead on one of the names on the list." He says.

"Great, I will be there in 15 minutes." She replies standing up to fast, and know getting dizzy.

"I will pick you up." Oliver says knowing that she is not okay.

"No.. No that is not necessary at all." Felicity says a bit to quick "not that I don't want you to pick me up it's not like I have to hide anyth..." A wave of nausea overcomes her and she throws the phone on the ground and runs to the bathroom with her hand in front of her mouth.

On the other end of the line Oliver is getting worried. "Felicity!... Felicity! Are you there?!" Oliver is yelling in the phone.

Diggle is looking at him. "What's wrong?" Diggle asks alarmed by the look on Oliver's face.

"Felicity is not answering anymore." Oliver says while grabbing his jacket from a nearby chair. "I'm going over there to see if everything is okay."

Not waiting for an answer, Oliver runs out the door to his black motorcycle. Diggle runs after him only to see him speeding away. He shakes his head. "When will he finally realize that Felicity is not just the IT girl." Diggle thinks.

With a lot of traffic rules broken, Oliver arrives at Felicity's apartment a couple of minutes later. He knocks on the door. "Felicity?!, are you there?" He yells through the door. When he hears no answers he uses his spare key that he got from Felicity in case of an emergency, to open the door. Her apartment is very bright, on the black leather couch are a couple of colored cushions, she also has bright pink flowers standing on a table in the living room. A blanket is laying on the couch and a empty cup is standing on the table, he can see her phone laying on the ground and gets worried even more.

"Felicity!" He yells again.

"In here..." She answers weakly. He rushes to the bathroom only to see his favorite IT girl lying on the floor by the toilet.

"Felicity!" He rushes to her side. "Is everything okay?" He asks checking for visible injury's.

"No not really, I'm sick." She says leaning her head against the wall. " I think I'm going to sit here for a while, less walking."

"No you're not." Oliver says. He picks her up bridal style.

"Wha...what are you doing?! Bring me back to the toilet before I puke on you." She yells.

"No I'm not leaving you at the toilet, I'm going to put you on the couch and make some tea for you, my mother always did the same thing for me when I was sick." He says putting her down on the couch. He grabs the blanket and gently tucks her in.

"You don't have to do that you know." Felicity says softly her eyes locked with his eyes.

"But I want too." He says gently giving her a kiss on her forehead before walking to the kitchen. When he returns with a warm cup of tea Felicity asks "Why don't you go hunting names from the list? I probably just fall asleep."

"Because I'm staying here to make sure you are okay." He says ending the argument.

"So, I think it is time we start watching your Harry Potter collection, because I missed some movies in those five years." He says.

She laughs "Yea.. they are in that cabinet under the television." She points to the television. He stands up and looks in the cabinet. "The order of the phoenix is a new one." He says holing up the DVD.

"Well it's from 2007 so I wouldn't call it new, but it is for you." She says. He starts the DVD and sits next to Felicity on the black leather couch. He puts an arm around her and pulls her close...

"Wha... What are you doing?" She questions blushing very badly. Oliver looks at her with a face that is very serious, she didn't even know he had a face like that.

"I'm holding you, the movie might get scary." He says.

"Okay." She squeaks getting comfortable next to Oliver.

When to movie ends they are both fast asleep. The next couple of days Oliver stays with her to take care of her, and in return he gets sick too.

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