I'm making this story a two-shot, so many people asked for more and started following this story that I felt like I should give you some more. This wasn't easy to write because Oliver in my opinion doesn't get sick.

But enough rambling from my side, that's something we let Felicity do :)

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'Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

The most certain way to succeed is

always to try just one more time.'

Thomas A. Edison

The flu becomes blurry

It was early in the morning and Oliver was already training in the basement of the club Verdant. He missed a couple of trainings last week because he was taking care of Felicity who had the flu. Together they watched all Harry Potter movies. Oliver got to meet a new side from his IT girl, a side he didn't know yet.

Oliver stopped punching a punching bag with some sticks because of his pounding headache, hitting things wasn't going to help with that. He grabbed a nearby towel and put it around his neck.

"Maybe a short nap will help." He murmured to himself, hoping his headache would go away with some sleeping. He laid down on the couch and briefly closed his eyes...

Felicity arrived at Verdant early this morning. After being sick for a week she felt restless and decided to start her work for The Hood early. She pressed the code. 1-4-1

Her heels clicked loudly on the steel stairs when she came down she looked around, normally Oliver would already be at Verdant, doing some hoodie stuff as Felicity liked to call it.

She was walking to her or actually Oliver's computer when she saw him, laying on the green couch, with his eyes closed. "Is he dead?!" Felicity started to panic, she realized a breath she didn't realize she was holing when she saw his chest rising up and down.

She took her heels off and slowly walked towards his sleeping form. Felicity knew better then trying to wake him from up-close, Oliver may be back from the island but the island never left him.

"Oliver." Whispers Felicity softly. "Oliver, wake up." A little harder. Oliver moans and rolls on his side. "Oliver." Felicity tries again. "Look a flying pancake!" She says a little harder then whispering.

"Could you not talk about food, please?" Oliver replies groggily.

Felicity looks at him and noticed that he looks a bit pale. "Oliver, are you okay?" She asks concerned.

"Mmhh... Yeah I'm fine." He says.

"You suck at lying you know." Felicity states firmly. She steps forward and places her hand on Oliver's forehead. His eyes shot open from the sudden contact.

"What are you doing." He questions.

"You have a fever Oliver." She says. " Oh god this is all my fault." Felicity's eyes widen in realization.

Oliver just looks confused. "What are you talking about?" He asks. "What's your fault?"

"It's my fault that you're sick!" She says raising her voice. "Oh god I mad the vigilante sick, people are going to die because you're sick thanks to me" Felicity rambles.

Oliver can see her panicking and smiles a bit. This is probably the stupidest and cutest thing he has ever seen her worrying about. "Fell..." He tries to interrupt her babbling.

"I knew it wasn't a good idea for you to stay at my apartment to take care of me. But oh no, mister here didn't want to here any of that." She goes on.

"Felicity!" Oliver almost yells know. She immediately stops talking and looks at him.

"Yes?" She says with a small voice.

"This is not your fault, it's just a coincidence." He starts. "But if it will make you feel better, you can take care of me." He smirks at her. Felicity blushes and looks away.

"Well...of course I would do that." She says. "Not because you're my boss, I would take care of anyone who is sick..." she rambles on. "Well not everyone, that would be too much."

Oliver looks at her with an amused expression on his face. Felicity sees him staring at her and stops talking. "Right, I was babbling again."

"Okay, I will make you some tea, give you a blanket and a painkiller wouldn't be bad either, I think." She starts talking to herself.

Oliver says nothing, he is just watching Felicity who is pacing around talking to herself. She grabs a blanket from a nearby table in the basement and walks towards Oliver. "Here." She says giving him the blanket. "Do you have any kind of magical tea that I can make you?" Felicity questions, with a raised eyebrow.

Oliver laughs out loud. "Magical tea?"

"You know what I mean." Felicity says.

"I have some normal tea too, somewhere." He says, standing up only to be pushed backwards by Felicity.

"Oh, no don't you even think about it. I made you sick, so I'm taking care of you." She demands. "Now sit down with your cute little butt and stay."

Oliver blushes lightly, not from the fever. "Cute little butt." He questions Felicity.

Her eyes widen and a red color covers her cheeks. "That came out very wrong. I don't look at you butt, not that you don't have a cute butt..." She sighs. "Just forget I said anything."

Oliver is sitting on the couch smirking at her. "What did you say?" he says smiling at her.

She smiles back, turning around she calls "I'm going to make some tea, you should find a nice movie to watch."

15 minutes later they are sitting on the couch in the basement of Verdant, watching the DVD NCIS season 4. Oliver is laying with his head in Felicity's lap, while she is stroking his short, blond hair softly.

"You never told me you liked NCIS." Felicity says looking down at Oliver, to see him asleep. She smiles softly. "Goodnight, Ollie." She whispers before closing her eyes and letting darkness overcome her.

The next morning they both wake up to see a bemused Diggle standing in front of the couch watching them. Somewhere at night Felicity fell down and Oliver wrapped his arms around her waist. With her head in the crook of his neck.

After a couple of days Oliver is already feeling better. And they both know that something has changed in those weeks... The bad part is, Diggle knows too.

The end

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