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Chapter Eleven: Out of My Head

To shut out feeling lonely, I get out of my head
Lost everything around me
Not dealing with it well
To shut out feeling lonely, I get out of my head
Why would you want to love somebody when love hurts in the end?

Free to see the world now as my own
Sleep with any woman that I want
But anytime anyone gets close
Breaks through my mind, what I have lost

To shut out feeling lonely, I get out of my head
Lost everything around me
Not dealing with it well
To shut out feeling lonely, I get out of my head
Why would you want to love somebody when love hurts in the end?

You called to say you're missing me, but never ask how I feel
I'm beaten, I'm broke
I'm out of my mind, but learning to get on by fine…"

~ "Out of My Mind" – John Newman

One Week Later…

"You're wearing your ring," Poppy said quietly as she closed the door to one of the interrogation rooms behind her and leaned back against it. It had been over a week since she'd had a conversation with Tim. She'd spent most of the time ducking and dodging his advances. However, seeing Tim wearing his wedding ring was haunting in many ways for her and she couldn't ignore it.

McGee looked up at her as he closed one of the files on the table. He looked the same as always, but there was something different about him. Something in his demeanor had changed and it was more than just his wedding ring being worn. She couldn't pin what it was, but it was something.

"We're still married," he told her quietly, "I want to wear."

"We signed divorce papers," Poppy replied, "That's not being married. We have been 'married' in a long time."

"We could try again," McGee said with a little hope in both his eyes and voice, "We don't have to leave things the way they are. What we have…we don't have to give up on it."

"Months from now…you're going to realize we're doing the right thing Tim," she sighed, "We're not meant to be together. It's sad and…it's the truth."

Turning back, Poppy grabbed the door knob, but McGee's words stopped her.

"I still have yours," he told her, "It's my safe at home…if you want it. We can just…start over. It's that simple."

"You didn't pawn my rings off? I'm surprised," she mocked him as she leaned back against the closed door again, "Why didn't you sell it for money? I'm sure it's worth a pretty penny."


"You don't like me very much. I'm surprised you kept it at all," she continued with a choking laugh, "You were so eager to divorce me. I'm surprised you didn't sell it and throw yourself a divorce party with strippers and all! Ding dong the wicked bitch is dead and you finally divorced her!"

"I wouldn't be wearing my wedding ring if I didn't like you," Tim told her sounding tired as he held on to the back of one of the metal chairs, "And I would not throw a party if we ever get a divorce. Us separating…that's not something I could ever celebrate. I haven't celebrated it once. It's hurt more than anything I've ever experienced."

The silver band clicked softly against the metal when he gripped the metal tightly. Poppy stared at the ring and the longer she stared, the more uncomfortable she felt. It felt like the ring was mocking her. She knew what their vows had been and together, they'd violated every vow they'd made to each other. They didn't deserve to wear rings. After everything they'd been through, they had no marriage left. They had no reason to wear wedding rings and she couldn't stop the tears that gathered in her eyes as she looked at him and realized the sad truth.

"Why are you making this so hard Tim? I'm so tired. There's this exhaustion…I can feel deep inside and I just want it to go away. I don't want to drag this out any more than we already have. What do we have to make work? We have no relationship anymore Tim. We don't trust each other. We can't talk and there is so many secrets…so many lies between us. How can we fix that? It's not fixable. I thought it was…but...I was wrong and naïve to think we ever could fix 'us'. We so broken and we have nothing at the end of the day."

McGee let go of the chair and walked towards her. He reached out for her and Poppy felt something in her snap when McGee cupped her cheek. Her lungs could barely take any oxygen in as she felt him touching her skin. In one swift movement, McGee dipped his head and pressed a heated kiss to her lips as his arm snaked around her waist. His lips felt warm and smooth against hers. She couldn't help the way her whole body responded to Tim's kiss. Heat pooled in her belly and her body ached with a burning desire that begged to be fulfilled. Tim turned them and pulled her even close to him if possible. Pressed between Tim and the metal interrogation table, Poppy let her head roll back when he broke the kiss. Looking up at him, every rational part of her was screaming to get away. Despite how loud the voice was, Poppy couldn't bring herself to say anything. Tim kissing her felt so good and so right.

"We have that to fight for," McGee whispered as he rested his forehead against hers, "I have you to fight for and I nearly lost you once. I won't lose you a second time. I'll keep telling you that until you believe it Poppy. I'm not losing you again and I'll fight for you to stay with me till the very bitter end. Come hell or high water Poppy...I love you and I've been a fool, but I'm not letting you go."

Pulling herself away from him, Poppy looked at the mirror glass before looking down at her trembling hands.

"I can't do this," she whispered shakily before going to the door and opening it before McGee could stop her. Slipping into the empty hallway, Poppy closed the door behind her and quickly scurried down the hallway, trying to put as much distance between her and Tim as possible.

Poppy slipped her heels off as she walked into her apartment. She was having dinner with Julian that night and her hands were still shaking from McGee's kiss earlier. Going to her bedroom and grabbing the first dress that caught her eye, Poppy slipped the dark purple dress on with ease. Quickly fixing her hair and makeup before grabbing a pair of black pumps, she looked at herself in the mirror and the tight purple dress. Not bothering to stare a second longer than needed, she grabbed a small black clutch. Slipping a few things into the clutch and locking her gun in the safe behind the picture in her room, Poppy grabbed her keys and headed to the door. She was running late and nearly ran into an exhausted looking Sergei as she opened the door.

"What the hell!" she exclaimed as she dragged him into the apartment, "Sergei! You can't be here!"

"I had to come see you," he said quickly as he walked to the windows and closed the curtains, "I have news that I had to deliver in person. The risk of the information falling into the wrong hands is too great and I'm not willing to risk it."

"What are you talking about?" Poppy asked as she watched the Russian check the apartment like the crazy, paranoid man he was while he searched for any kind of bug or video recording devices.

"Yuri Ezitka," Sergei finally told her once he was satisfied that they weren't being watched, "Yuri Eztika is dead."

He took out a large manila envelope from under his shirt that was taped to his back and opened it.

"A contact of mine in Budapest called me two days ago with this," he said while opening up the envelope. Sergei took the two pictures out and laid them down on the counter for her to see and she understood in an instant why Sergei had come to see her in person.

"Oh my God," Poppy murmured as she looked at the gruesome pictures. Yuri Ezitka was tied down on a bed and his head was nearly severed from his body. Five bullets wound were on his chest and blood was spattered everywhere in the white room. Looking up at Sergei, Poppy shook her head in disbelief.

"I don't know the particulars," Sergei continued with a frown, "But, I do know that Yuri was the one who stole the contents of that safety deposit box in Zurich. My guess is that Heritage found out and this is how he repaid him. My contact didn't know anymore than this. He managed to snag the photos from the police before they could be published worldwide. No one knows anything it seems about Heritage, Ezitka or the Lists. It's like the information is just...gone."

"That doesn't make sense," Poppy rebuked, "All our intelligence said that Yuri was working with Heritage or something like that. Why would he steal the contents of the box? He had to have known this would have happened if he took the lists. He's not stupid. As for people not knowing? Sergei, you're the one who once told me everyone knows something. We just have to listen hard and find out what is being said."

"I don't know what is going on moye zoloto. Nothing makes sense with only half the picture and our list of people we can trust just became shorter. People aren't talking because they're scared of this happening to them. Something is happening in the underworld and I can't figure out what's going on. There has been this...shift."

"Are you sure Heritage did this?" she asked as she picked up one of the disturbing images.

"Five bullets to the chest seemed to be his style so far. I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I am fairly certain this is Heritage's doing. He's only one who seems to have a motive," Sergei replied tiredly, "I'm still gathering information though. For all we know, someone else could have done this."

"Yuri had plenty of enemies. Five bullets to the chest might be Heritage's things, but decapitation? That's a lot of over kill Sergei. Whoever did this…it was personal. Someone was very angry with Yuri Ezitka," Poppy said as she crossed her arms over her chest, "This isn't Heritage's style. I don't think he did this."

"You don't get much more personal than stealing another man's things," Sergei shrugged, "Until someone steps forward and claims to killing Yuri Ezitka...we won't know. We can only speculate as to what happened until we know more."

"This just…doesn't make sense. He was our only lead besides the Lady. We don't even know who Urban II is! No one knows!" Poppy shouted as she slammed the picture down on the counter with the palm of her hand, "Goddammit!"

"I've a contact in China who might know. However, tracking that son of a bitch will take time and his services aren't cheap. I'm going to have to dig deep into my pockets for this one, but if he's right and can correctly identify Urban II…we might have a break in finding out where those lists are and finding Heritage. I can't find him anywhere though. I've been looking…no luck," Sergei told her, "I'll keep looking though."

"We both will. I haven't heard any either," Poppy said as she pinched the bridge of her nose, "I've called in every favor and resource I have and still…nothing! He's like a ghost that's slipped off the grid! How the hell does this happen?"

Sergei was silent as he stared at the pictures.

"There's more, isn't there?" Poppy demanded angrily, "How much worse can tonight get?"

"There's a contract on your life," Sergei told her quietly, "Or at least, I've heard rumors that someone wants you dead besides Heritage. I doubt it's true though. Heritage wants to finish you himself and he wouldn't hire someone to do his dirty work. That's not his style."

Poppy froze at his words. Icy fear pooled in her veins as she grabbed her clutch off the counter.

"I'm late to my dinner," she said quickly, "I have to go."

"I don't think you should be going out," Sergei said with concern as he crossed his arms over his chest, "We need to get you to safety. I have safe houses in England and Moscow. We need to leave now to keep you alive. That's our goal right now! Not going to dinner Noor!"

"I'm not going to let you ruin my night," Poppy snapped as she grabbed her keys, "Besides, you said it yourself. It's probably not true. Heritage wants me dead and he wants to do it himself."

Moving to the door, she unlocked it and looked over her shoulder at Sergei.

"Make yourself at home. Just lock the door on your way out," she told him before she stepped out into the hallway.

"So, you were married?"

"I'm in the process of getting a divorce," Poppy corrected as sat across from Julian a few hours later. The candlelit dinner was a romantic gesture she wasn't used to. It had been a long time seen she'd been wined and dined and she couldn't help but enjoy it. Julian was absolutely handsome in a charcoal grey suit with a black dress shirt underneath with the top two buttons undo. There was something incredible sensual about a man without a tie and she tried to ignore the heat pooling between her thighs and the guilty feeling that was developing because of her sexual desires.

"How long?" Julian asked as he leaned forward and smiled at her, "I mean, how long have you been married?"

"It would have been six years next month."

"I'm sorry it didn't work out," Julian continued as he watched her with a small smile still playing at his lips. Poppy returned it, but she felt off. Ever since Tim kissed her, she'd felt off and thankfully, her hands had stopped shaking. She was angry at herself for letting him have so much power over her with a simple kiss. Telling herself over and over again that it was nothing but a kiss hadn't helped. Her mind only conjured up more images of what kissing led to.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" Poppy asked suddenly as she let her foot brush against the inside of his ankle, "Wine if nice and everything…but there are other things that are nicer. To be honest...I'm not exactly hungry for food."

A sexy grin covered Julian's face as he leaned back in his chair, "Absolutely. Let me get the bill and we'll get out of here."

It hadn't been hard to find McGee. Gibbs knew exactly where the young man would be and was strange that both McGee and his wife would retreat to the same park bench. It had been even stranger to see McGee wearing a wedding ring at work. Poppy had ignored it for the most part during the day, but Gibbs had seen her check out the ring several times. Her face had never portrayed what she felt about it, but hearing from Ducky that Poppy had recently started seeing someone had been surprising. McGee had been relatively quiet when he'd heard the news and that been even more surprising to Gibbs. It had been like the young man had known before anyone else knew what was happening.

The day had ended like it always did and Gibbs had seen them together in the elevator. They had both looked tense and uncomfortable. A cavern of space had been between them and McGee looked like he'd wanted to say something to her badly. The elevator doors had closed and Gibbs had grabbed his things and had left the floor via the stairs. When he'd gotten to the parking lot, Noor's car had been gone, but McGee's had still be there. It had only seemed logical that McGee had taken a walk on the campus or to the nearby park. Finding McGee on the same bench Noor retreated to often hadn't been had been a lucky guess, but a correct guess. Walking over to the troubled looking McGee, Gibbs stopped and sat down next to him.

"So...Ducky is right? Poppy is seeing someone?" Gibbs started without preamble.

McGee shook his head as he stared out at the ducks, "She wanted to see other people."

"You obviously don't want to do that."

"She doesn't trust me Gibbs. She loves me and I love her, but she doesn't trust me like she used to. Poppy is afraid I'll hurt her again and seeing other people is her way of compartmentalizing her fears. Besides, I haven't exactly been the best husband," McGee said quietly.

"Poppy hasn't been the best wife either," Gibbs shrugged, "Not all of this is your fault Tim. You're both married and you both share that burden equally. You both have faults and flaws and that's a part of your relationship. However, you cannot give up on her. I don't think she's afraid of you hurting her. I think Poppy doesn't have just one particular fear. I think she's afraid of everything and she doesn't know who she can trust. Keeping everyone at arms length is her way of dealing with it and it's the only way she can shut down her feelings Tim. I don't even think Poppy knows what she's feeling or what she's doing."

"She's made it very clear that she doesn't want to be with me," McGee chuckled humorlessly, "I think it's safe to say that she changed her mind and our ship has sailed. Don't tell Poppy Noor that she doesn't know what she wants. That's the fastest way to get a broken nose."

"I told Noor that she should move on," Gibbs admitted as Tim stared at him in shock, "I'm gonna give you a piece of advice Tim, even if you don't want it."

"You had no right to interfere with our-"

"She's my agent and she needed a reason to go on," Gibbs continued calmly, "I could see it in her eyes. She was about to nose dive into a very dark place Tim. I needed to give her a reason to go on. I needed her to see that life goes on with or without you. I need her to see that she's more than her job and she's more than just your wife. She's her own person and the last thing I want is for her to be hanging from the ceiling like her mother. That being said, I need to ask you something."

"What?" McGee sighed dejectedly as he slumped back.

"Do you love her?" Gibbs asked as he stared at the younger man.

McGee rested his elbows on his knees and stared out at the stormy sky, "I have this memory and I've been clinging to it like a lifesaver. I was probably seventeen at the time. I didn't meet Poppy until I was sixteen. My family had moved around to different military bases until we settled here again for the first fifteen years of my life. It was…uh…after we had officially started dating. Every summer my parents used to throw this big party. Anyone who was anyone was invited and came. It was pretty boring and my parents had invited Poppy and her family. Senator Aslin was out of the country with his son and Poppy had been living at her family's estate in Pennsylvania for most of the summer. We'd been keeping in touch through phone calls and I'd drive to see her on the weekend."

Taking a deep breath, McGee twisted the wedding band on his finger and continued, "She came to the party that summer. She was sixteen and she was beautiful. I can still remember the soft pink sundress she wore and the little slippers that she'd paired with it. She'd put her hair up in a bun and this one curl would never behave. I would bounce when she walked and it was so tempting to just reach out and wrap my finger around it. She had this laugh…I miss it. She loved laugh Gibbs. Poppy loved to laugh 'til she cried. We stole away from the party after a few hours and my parents' house had this dock and lake. Poppy and I took a blanket and we laid on the banks of that lake under the old oak tree until it was dark out. That day…it was the first time I told her that I loved her…I still love her. I love her despite everything that's happened and I don't want what I have with her to fade. We've been at the mercy of other people and we've been wrapped up a game of cat and mouse for the past two years. I keep thinking about what our lives would be like if none of this had happened. We were so happy once Gibbs. We used to tell each other everything…even if we were only teenagers. I'm not ready to let her go. I'm done with letting others control our relationship and playing us against each other like pawns in a chess match. I love her and I want to be with her. I know the truth of what has happened and I want to fix the damage that has been done."

A soft smile graced Gibbs' lips as rested his elbows on his knees next to McGee, "You're going to have to fight for her. You know that, right? You're going to have to prove yourself to her again. You're going to have to chase her and show her that you're the one for her. She's going to have to do the same for you too."

"I know…it won't be easy and I don't expect it to be. Poppy is stubborn and when she makes a decision, it's nearly impossible to change her mind. I know that and I love her for it. She wouldn't be the same Poppy I love without those things. My only question is why did you tell her to move on?"

Gibbs' smile never left his face as he stood up, "Sometimes McGee, we can't see what's missing until it is right in front of us. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the chase and the very reasons why we love someone. Remind her why she loves you and you might remember why you love her. You might just find yourself falling in love all over again."

Giving McGee a squeeze on the shoulder, Gibbs turned and began walking away.

Waking up in Julian's townhouse for a second time hadn't been as uncomfortable as the first time. The town house was large with four bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room and a finished lower level. Stepping off the elevator, Poppy couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she walked down the hallway towards Dr. Lauren Ashman's office. She'd left Julian busily working on the next draft for his book and the promise that she'd return after her appointment. She hadn't told him where she was going and Julian hadn't asked. He'd simply told her that if she hurried back, he'd keep his promise of having a good time later.

Knocking once on the mahogany door, Poppy opened the door to the office and stepped in. Doctor Ashman sat in a black leather chair across from a black leather couch in the cozy office. Poppy knew that set up and colors were all supposed to make her feel more relaxed, but they didn't. She felt tense the moment she walked into the office. Her presence was mandatory for the sessions and if she missed any, Poppy knew that Gibbs would lay into her. Lauren Ashman wanted to talk about every single detail of her life and what had happened to her in the Middle East. It wasn't something Poppy wanted to talk about, but she had little choice. Putting her purse down on the coffee table between them, Poppy sat down on the far end of the leather couch next to the window that stretched floor to ceiling. Crossing her legs, Poppy stared at Lauren, waiting for her to start their weekly dialog.

"You look tired. Did you sleep well?"

"I slept fine."

Lauren made a note on her papers and Poppy bit back a scathing remark about being graded.

"What did you do on your Friday night?"

"I went to dinner," Poppy told her, "This nice restaurant in downtown."

"With Ducky?"


"Who'd you go with? Tim?" Lauren asked curiously as she shifted in her seat to get comfortable.

"No, I went out with a man," Poppy amended.

Lauren's eyebrows shot up into her hairline, "What's his name?"

"Julian…Julian Croft."

"And how did you meet Julian?"

"At a bar…we spent the night together and then he tracked me down and asked for dinner," Poppy explained, "I had a good time and I enjoyed myself. It was nice and I think I might do it again."

"So, you had a one nightstand with him?" Lauren concluded as she scribbled on her papers, "Interesting."

"There's nothing wrong with that. We were both sober, consent adults when it happened. I don't' see the problem with it!" Poppy snapped quickly as she tried to regain her control on her temper, which was slipping fast.

"Does your husband know about this?"

"Tim and I aren't together. I don't have to tell him whose bed I'm in at night. It's none of his business."

"Don't you think you're moving on a little too fast?" Lauren asked gently, "I mean, you and Tim aren't even divorced."

"No, I don't think I'm moving too fast," Poppy snapped again in frustration. She felt like a child being talked down to about misbehaving or a teenager about to receive a lecture about homework grades.

"Why not?"

"Tim and I agreed to see other people. That's what I'm doing."

"Is Tim seeing anyone?" Lauren pressed with a raised brow.

"I don't know and I really don't care," Poppy sighed as she rubbed her forehead.

Lauren slipped her glasses off the bridge of her nose and set them down on the small circular table next to her, "You and Tim. You don't talk about him much even though you've been married to him for nearly six years."

"What is there to say?" Poppy asked, "It's done."

"You wanted to work it out," Lauren pointed out gently, "From what I understand, you were very adamant about working things out with him. What changed?"

"I had a change of heart."

"You married him."

"That was a long time ago," Poppy chuckled humorlessly as she tried to push the memory of her wedding day away. It wasn't a day she wanted to think about and she didn't want to sit and relive it with her shrink. It was a memory that she wanted to erase along with all the other painful memories she carried around inside her.

"Why did you marry Tim?" Lauren asked, "You must have felt something for him if you married him? What did you like about him? What drew you into him that you decided to take that large step and marry him? You can't say nothing about him attracted you either. You've known him since you were a teenager. You've been with him for over fifteen years. That's a long time to be with someone and you've moved on from him very quickly. Most people would be grieving their relationship right now."

"I married Tim because I thought I loved him," Poppy admitted, "I thought I knew what love was when I married him."

"And now?" Lauren pressed with a raised eyebrow, "Do you love him now?"

The rain pelted the window and thunder rumbled outside the window as Poppy stared out. Lauren's question was so simple and yet, so hard to answer. She didn't know why it was hard to answer either. In the past, she would have immediately said that she loved Tim. However, Heritage had happened and so much had passed between them. She wasn't sure if she still loved him or if she even wanted to be with him. Tim had always been her safety blanket, but all she felt was confusion. It was hard to know if she was doing the right thing or not and it wasn't a situation she was used to being in. Her relationship with Tim wasn't cut and dry and she'd known that for a long time. Now, the relationship that she would have done anything for was falling apart and she wasn't sure what to do. Rubbing her forehead, Poppy could feel a headache coming on from the sheer confusion of her feelings.

"Let's talk about your mother and growing up," Lauren continued after a few minutes as she flipped through some pages, "Your mother's name was Pavrin, right?"

"No," Poppy snapped and stood up, "I draw the line in talking about Pavrin Noor."


Wearing a fake smile, Poppy shook her head, "You don't know anything about me. Most kids…they get a teddy bear for Christmas. I got knives. Instead of dolls, I got lessons drilled into me about diplomacy and was trained how to be a good spy. There was no 'normal' in our household. Pavrin Noor made it like a war zone that you had to navigate and survive. I learned from the earliest age that you keep secrets and you don't tell those secrets to anyone. My brother and I were taught to be good little spy and politicians who serve their country well. That's my childhood and I don't want to talk about what happened and certainly don't want to talk about that goddamned bitch I call Mother."

Walking briskly to the door, Poppy yanked it open.

"Agent Noor!" Lauren called and Poppy paused, "I think that you need to be careful. You're making decisions that are life altering and you barely know what you want. You're confused, angry, upset, don't know how to trust anyone and that's all normal. A lot has happened to you and you are suffering from trauma that I can't even begin to understand. I want to help you. I truly do and the only way I can help you is for you to help yourself. Sleeping around with men and dismissing your past and what's happened to you. Down playing everything, especially what Jonathan Heritage did to you…those things aren't going to get you better. Be careful're on a slippery slope and you fall. No one is invincible."

Poppy didn't listen to anything else Lauren said and she slammed it shut behind her. Anger pulsed in her veins as she walked to the elevator and waited for the car to come. Pavrin Noor was the last person she wanted to talk about or think about. Manipulative, cruel and selfish, Pavrin hadn't been much of a mother. Instead, she'd been a trainer and enforcer. Drilling both her children into become little spies. Anderson had been lucky to escape it when there father had decided to start grooming his only son to be a politician. Even though she'd been the apple of her father's eye, Poppy had been subjected to her mother's lessons until she died. The training that Pavrin had started had continued after her death. Poppy had used her weapons training and lessons as an escape from the pain and neglect she often felt. For years that pain and neglect had continued until she'd met Tim. He'd become a bright, shining ray of hope in her world and that light was quickly fading into the darkness. Darkness that was welcomed because Poppy wasn't sure she wanted to grasp the light and hold on to it.

The ding of the elevator car drew Poppy out of her thoughts as she watched the doors open. Stepping into the elevator car, Poppy ignored the other occupants in the car and took out herself phone. A text message from Julian was stored in her inbox and she couldn't help the smile that graced her face. Julian was like a breath of fresh air. He was different and exciting. He made her feel wild and alive in a way she'd never experienced. Julian Croft was like a drug and she was slowly falling under the influence of it.

Quickly sending a message back to him, Poppy bit her bottom lip. The feeling that something inside didn't feel right returned and she couldn't understand what was wrong. She was feeling something, but she wasn't sure how to identify what it was. Walking back to her car, Poppy slipped into the driver's seat and quickly started the car. Her phone chimed again and she groaned looking at the screen and the message that Tony had sent her.


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