Not afraid to fall.

Rory P.O.V

After the Doctor and Sophie managed to save me from the whole ordeal with the Weeping Angels, we continued to travel together. But one thing that no one outside our trio knows is that even though I was/am married to Amy, I do not love her. The Doctor and I have been together for little over a year, we are very much in love with each other even though I was afraid to fall for him because he is over 1100 years old and I am 26. Sophie keeps telling us that we go at it like rabbits because she is constantly walking in on us. (We don't often leave the control room) I am so glad I met him I have no idea what I would do without him.

There was the chance of Amy being rescued instead of me. You see Sophie and the Doctor could only save one of us because both would have been a paradox that was too big and destroyed New York. One problem is, I have woken up every morning this week and have been very unwell, no idea what it is though.