Angel was sitting in his office in Wolfram & Hart reading over a rather boring file on the LA Sadecki Demons. They had a meeting on Wednesday that he needed to prepare for. His team would have to be all vampire lawyers, since Sadecki demons are telepathic and it's hard for a lawyer to deal with someone who's reading their mind. Angel set the file down and gazed out the window into the bright sunlight. He didn't think he'd ever get used to the feel of warmth or the sight of the sunrise. All those centuries of hiding in the shadows, it was almost as if he'd forgotten how pleasant it could be.

There was light knock at the door and Angel yelled for Harmony to come in. "Morning, boss," She said as she entered. "I have your blood for you," She set the mug on his desk. "You have a 1 O'clock with the vampire clan that has been stealing children and 4 O'clock with a Codger demon asking for our protection from a Hellbeast." She was about to walk out the door when she remembered something. "Also there's a package for you from Italy, should I bring it in or do you want the Magic and Curses department to look it over first?"

"Just bring it in here. I'll open it myself," Angel said sounding a bit uninterested.

"You got it, boss." She left and came back a moment later carrying a small rectangular package. She set it on the desk in front of him and left. As she was walking out of the door, Spike pushed passed her and entered the office. Harmony rolled her eyes and shut the door behind her.

"I'm bored. Got any demons that need killing?" Spike asked as he strode over to Angel's desk and sat down on the edge. "Ooh, what's that? It's got my name on it," Spike said reaching for the package.

Angel snatched it first. "It does not." He looked at the label. "Oh." Spike raised an eyebrow.

"So you gonna open that thing or what? Since it's addressed to both of us, I vote open it. It's got to be more interesting than babysitting Illyra while she mopes about being defeated and limited and all that rot."

Angel rolled his eyes and sliced the box open with his letter opener. He opened it up and looked inside. It was a VHS tape. Unlabeled and unwrapped, but looked like it had come from a video camera.

While Angel wasn't looking, Spike had snatched his mug and gulped down half of the blood. He spoke around a mouthful, "A video tape? How ominous," He scoffed.

Angel ignored him and grabbed the tape, heading for his personal elevator. Spike followed his and they went up to Angel's apartment. He put the tape in the player and turned on the TV. They sat down and watched.

The screen was black, but in the corner, the time stamp was dated one week earlier shortly after 2 am. Someone pulled the lens cap off of the camera, and the boys could see Buffy. She was tied tightly down to a very large and very ornate bed. Her body was covered in bruises, making it clear that she'd put up quite a fight before finding herself in this situation. Someone had made her up to look like an 18th century whore. Her hair was done in a messy bun and she wore a headpiece of pearl beads. Her face was covered in a white powder and a bright purple eye shadow; her cheeks were a brilliant red.

A familiar being walked on-screen and smiled at the camera. The Immortal. A shared enemy of both Spike and Angel. His favorite game was to steal their woman away whenever they visit Italy. Buffy must have caught his attention when she moved there. She must have told him no. He must have noticed both Angel and Spike's claim marks on her.

"No!" Spike shouted and jumped to his feet. A growl tore from Angel's throat. They both watched with wide eyes as she was raped and slowly tortured. Her screams would haunt their nightmares. The tape ended and Angel stood slowly. They were both in game face, and Angel wore a vicious look that Spike hadn't seen since Angelus. Spike's face mirrored Angel's.

"Harmony, tell them to get the jet ready. I'm taking a trip to Italy," Angel told his assistant over the phone.

"We are taking a trip. I'm going to," Spike said.

"No you're not," Angel said firmly as he packed a few favored weapons. He pulled on his leather jacket.

"Yes I am. Buffy is in trouble and we don't even know if she'll be alive when we get there-"

"Of course she will be. We'll make it before he kills her." Angel like he was trying to convince himself more than Spike.

"Right." The phone rang and Spike picked it up. He listened for a minute before hanging up. "That was Harmony. The jets ready, we should get going." The elevator seemed to be moving especially slow today, and Spike ground his teeth in anticipation.

"Come on!" Angel yelled. "Stupid contraption." Spike nodded his agreement. Any number of things could happen to Buffy before they got there. Things worse than they'd already seen. They tried not to think about how they were a week late in saving her and how there was no way they would find her in once piece. They reached the ground floor and ran to the back of the building to the hangars. Once on the jet, they both tried to relax a little, but with Buffy in clutches of the Immortal, it was impossible.

The jet took off. Angel busied himself looking through his big bag of weapons. Spike thought it looked more like he was developing a plan to use each one of them more than taking inventory. Spike started drinking, and once he started, he couldn't stop. There wasn't exactly an endless supply of alcohol on the plane and he soon finished off the last bottle much to his displeasure.

"Remember last time we were in Italy?" Angel said.

"Like it was yesterday," Spike said. "That nightclub in the 50's, now that was fun."

"Wait, I wasn't in Italy in the 50's."

"Oh, right. Guess you weren't. Really missed out."

"Guess so. Sounds a lot better than when I remember it."


"The Room of Pain."

"That bleedin' bastard," Spike growled.

"Save it for when we get to Italy."

"How much longer, til we get there?"

"Few hours."

Spike sighed. A few minutes later he asked, "How much longer?"

"About five minutes less than the last time you asked."

"Oh." He fidgeted a bit and then asked again. "How much-"

"William! Enough," Angel said agitated. "We'll get there when we get there, alright?"

"Fine." He sighed again. He shifted in his seat and tried to get comfortable. He kept thinking about Buffy and how every second on this bleedin' machine she could be far worse than he and Angelus did when they were in Italy all those years ago. He shifted and squirmed a bit more. Growling quietly, he finally found a place that was better than all the others, but it still wasn't perfect. He sighed again.

"What, Spike? I'm just trying to relax until we get to Italy. Why is that so hard?"

"I'm so bored, and agitated and impatient. I mean who the hell is flying this thing, Wesley's grandfather?"

"No. Pretty sure he's dead."

"Well if he were he'd sure as hell be flyin' faster," Spike said certainly.

"He's not flying the plane, Spike."

"Who's flying the plane then?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know who's flying your own plane? That's bad plane ownership, mate."

Angel rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Spike."

After several hours, the jet finally landed at the Italy branch of Wolfram and Hart. The boys ran off the plane and through the building, but they were stopped, by the CEO Ilona.

"Ciao! Benvenuti! Welcome!" She said as she approached them. "Ah, Spike." She kissed him on both cheeks.

"Ha ha ha. Oh! You are the very meaning of handsome. You take my breath away. Ah, I have no breath," She laughed.

She kissed Angel on both cheeks. "And you, what an honor. The great Angelus."

"Actually, it's just Angel."

"Ah, yes, of course. The gypsies, they gave you your soul. The gypsies are filthy people!" She spat on the ground "And we shall speak of them no more. I am Ilona Costa Bianchi. I'm the CEO of the Roman offices of Wolfram e Hart. And please, we are at your disposal. Whatever it is that you want, we give to you. If you want the world, we give you the world. We give you two worlds, in fact, because this is our way."

"Thanks, love, but right now we just want to do what we came here for."

"Yeah we really need to get going, come on Spike," Angel said before running off with Spike behind him. Ilona watched them go looking surprised by their odd behavior.

They had no idea where to look for the Immortal, but he couldn't be that hard to find. They immediately started the hunt for the familiar scent of their most hated enemy. One took one side of the street, and the other took to the roofs on the other side. They alternated ground and roof every block or so until one of them found a familiar scent. The familiar scent of slayer was faint, but Spike could sense it none the less.

"Angel!" He called down to the street. "She was here." He looked around for any sign of where she might have went from there, but there was no visible sign that she had even been there.

Angel climbed up the building to meet Spike and they followed the trail. Her scent lead them into a more residential area. They found themselves standing outside of an Old Italian style apartment building.

"Great. We can't get inside. Now what?" Spike said irritated.

"We'll just have to keep looking. This isn't the sort of place where the immortal would live. This is more likely Buffy and Dawn's place," Angel said.

They both sighed, leaning up against the building. "You ever think… maybe this is a set up? What if she's not in any danger at all?" Spike said. "For all we know she's up those stairs tucked safely in her bed."

"No, if she were up there, I would feel here," Angel said.

"Bugger that, Angel. We both know it's a load of crap, you bein' able to feel her. Though if her scent is any indication, she hasn't been out here in a while."

"What about the tape? That's proof enough."

"Could have been edited, to look like Buffy. With magic or something."

They both sighed again. "Well standing here isn't saving Buffy. We need to keep searching," Angel said.

Spike took a step away from the building. "Wait a second. Did you hear that?"

"Hear what? It's dead out here."

"I thought I heard… I did. I heard Buffy. You can't hear her?"

"You're delusional, Spike."

"No, I mean it. I can hear her. Well it sounds like her, but it doesn't sound like the sort of thing she'd say…"

"You're serious?" Angel asked. He looked at Spike's face. He was dead serious. "What is she saying?"

"She… She called me her 'white knight'. Like Drusilla… Drusilla used to… No!" Spike took off running up the street. Angel shadowed him closely.

"Spike! Where are you going?"

"To find, Buffy. I know where she is." They kept running until they reached a large ornate mansion. The gates were wide open as though the owner were expecting company. He was. They ran through the gates and up the drive, right up to the door. It was unlocked and Spike barged his way in. They boys stopped in the foyer. Angel pulled an ax out his bag and tossed Spike a stake. He left the bag on the floor.

There was a servant waiting for them in the entrance to one of the halls. Spike grabbed him by the collar. "Where is she?" He shouted to the frightened young vampire. He pointed them down the hall and took off running again. They caught her scent and followed it down all the way to the end and into the last room on the left. Angel kicked the down open the they stormed inside.

Buffy was sitting in front of a mirror less vanity. She was holding something on her lap and they could hear her humming softly to it. She turned to face them and smiled softly. The tiny girl stood so they could see her. She held a small porcelain doll in her arms and she was wearing a pure white dress that appeared to be exactly like Drusilla's. They pair wouldn't doubt if it had been stolen from her. Her make-up had been redone with a simple black eye-shadow. She looked like a blonde Drusilla. Small, pale, and even more noticeably, a newly turned vampire.

"Buffy?" Angel asked.

She smiled. "The dark prince and the white knight came riding in on the whirlwind. They came to save their sunshine." She said softly.

"Oh god no." Spike said. "Please, Buffy no."