Angel was asleep on the couch when Spike's eyes snapped open. He'd fallen asleep sitting in the chair. Sunlight was shining through a crack in the curtain. With the specialized windows they didn't really need the curtains, but they didn't want the light to wake Buffy. It took a minute for Spike to realize what had woken him. He'd heard something in the suit. Buffy had screamed. He shook the sleep off and ran to the bedroom. He threw open the door and ran inside.

Buffy was sitting up in the middle of the bed squeezing Miss Anne tight. Her eyes were wide and staring. Spike looked around the room, but he neither saw nor felt anything that might have scared her. She must have had a nightmare he assumed. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. She looked up at him.

"It was the wolf," She whispered.

"It's alright love. He's gone now," Spike said. He picked her up and moved them back to the headboard. He laid her down next to him and held her until she fell back to sleep.

That's how Angel found them 2 hours later. He shut the door and went downstairs. Harmony was waiting impatiently in his office.

"Boss! Oh my gosh I was wondering when you'd be getting out of bed. You have all of these appointments and I didn't know what to tell anyone," She said quickly. "I kept saying you'd be called away unexpectedly and I would contact them when you-"

"Harmony. Give all of my meetings for the next week to Gunn and Wesley. I have something important that I need to take care of," Angel said.

"Oh. Okay. Well can I ask what it is?"


"Okay, but it's very difficult to keep a secret in a place like this. I'll bring you breakfast or lunch now really." She left.

Angel called down to Files and Records. He asked them to bring him anything on vampires with souls and reensouling vampires. There was no sense in looking himself when the records keepers knew everything and where it was located. They would know what he was reading before he even did.

Harmony returned with his blood and tried to get him to tell her what was going on. He refused and threatened to have her incinerated if she didn't leave him alone. So, she left and decided that it was best not to bother him. A cart of books was brought into Angel's office. It was more than he'd expected, but most of the books looked like the ones he'd already looked through trying to find answers about his own soul. Now he needed to know how he could another vampire a soul and if it was possible to do so without hurting her. With Buffy having been tortured the way she was, he wasn't certain it was possible to give her a soul with pushing her broken mind into an irreparable state.

He grabbed the first book off of the stack and started reading. Most of what he read was about how vampires are soulless monsters with no emotions. He sighed and kept flipping. After the first three useless books, Angel stopped. He knew what he was doing was ridiculous. Buffy would never be able to handle a soul in her current state. He just felt so guilty for letting her feed like he did. She would only want to kill more people. He didn't think she would settle for animal blood and if he was being honest with himself, he didn't feel like he could force her to. The creature upstairs in his bed spooning with his childe, that wasn't Buffy. It was a whole new monster. A monster who looked like the girl he loved. A monster that he was responsible for one way or another. He would take care of her, keep her safe, and make sure she didn't go around slaughtering innocent people. A sire claim would be the perfect way to do that. He just needed her to trust him.

Spike woke gently. The low sunlight slipped through a crack in the curtain casting yellow light on wall. Buffy was fast asleep in his arms. She looked calm, comfortable, happy. It made him smile. He thought about what Angel had said, about her not being Buffy anymore. She certainly wasn't the same Buffy, but she was Buffy. There were plenty of things that Spike could see that were just the same. Like the way no matter how she fell asleep, she always ended up curled up on her side. The way she walked, the way she smiled, the way when she talked to him she seemed to get lost in whatever she was saying, but she always seemed confident that Spike had heard every word. Of course that last one could also be a condition of her insanity, but it seemed the same to him. She still smelt the same. She still smelt like Buffy, but with that familiar undead sort of smell that all vampires had. As far as Spike was concerned, this was his Buffy.

He looked at her thoughtfully and stroked her hair. Terrible things had happened to her to cause she current state, but this was exactly what Spike had wanted since he met this slayer. Almost exactly anyway, he would rather she were sane and it would be nice if she had a soul. He did after all go to lot of trouble to get his for her and now she had lost hers and he was stuck with his. He wasn't sure if it mattered or not. Was he really so different without his soul?

Buffy slowly opened her eyes. She arched her back and stretched. "Morning," Spike said. She looked at him and blinked her sleep glazed eyes. "Breakfast?" Buffy nodded and rubbed her stomach. "Come on then." He pulled her up out of bed with him and Buffy grabbed Ms. Anne before they went down stairs. Spike knew that Angel probably wanted to keep vampire Buffy a secret, but he really didn't care.

They ignored Harmony's surprised look went into the employee's kitchen. Spike pulled Angel's blood thermos out of the refrigerator and poor them both a mug. He tossed them in the microwave.

"Hey!" shouted a startled woman who had been sitting alone, eating a sandwich when the pair walked in. Buffy had grabbed the woman by the back of her head and was ready to bite her when Spike grabbed her and pulled her away.

"No, Buffy. You can't bite people."

"Why not?" She pouted.

"Because it's wrong. You have to drink animal blood like me and Angel."

Buffy looked at the woman who was staring rather paranoid at Buffy and rubbing her sore head. "But I don't want to."

"I know you don't, love, but you haven't got a choice." The microwave beeped and Spike handed a warm mug to her. Buffy set her doll down on the counter. She sniffed it and made a disgusted face at Spike. "It takes some getting used to, but it's not that bad." He drank down half of his own glass while Buff twisted the cup in her hands sloshing the gooey liquid around. Spike watched her hoping she would just drink it and with putting up a fuss. The last thing he needed was that lawyer woman to call security on Buffy and start a fight between him and Angel. So far the woman seemed to feel safe enough to finish her meal, but her eyes never left Buffy.

Buffy put the cup to her lips and slowly poured a few drops into her mouth, barely enough to taste. She wrinkled her nose and looked at Spike questioningly. He nodded and said "Go on." So she drank a few quick gulps. When she was finished she made a show of how unpleasant she found it with a few more disgusted faces and a gagging noise or two. Spike finished off his own breakfast and left the mugs on the counter for someone who cared to clean up. He handed Ms. Anne to Buffy.

They went back toward Angel's elevator. Harmony ran out from behind her desk to stop them. "Spike! Wait a sec."

Spike sighed and looked annoyed at her. "What, Harmony?"

"Is that Buffy? If she a-a vampire? 'Cause she really looks a like a vampire."

"What? Don't be ridiculous, she's Buffy." They looked at her. Buffy was busy eyeing the throat of every person that walked by. Harmony raised an eyebrow. "She's just a bit... well she's... okay yeah, she's a vampire. Just don't go around telling people."

"I won't."

"I mean it Harm."

"Alright, I won't gosh. Why's she dressed like that though? Becoming a vampire doesn't actually change a person's sense of style and Buffy had style."

"What? It's a nice dress," Spike said defensively.

"What's with the hair?"

Buffy suddenly looked at her and glared. "And your hair is so great?"

"Excuse me, but do you see my hair? It's perfect."

"Ms. Anne thinks you'd better go a little less on the moisturizer. You're all shiny, like plastic," Buffy said irritated.

"What?" Harmony looked at Spike. "What did she just say to me?"

"Piss off Harm." Spike pulled Buffy to the elevator. Buffy looked over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at Harmony. Harmony huffed and went back to her desk.

Back upstairs Buffy entertained herself by dancing across every inch of the suit on her toes. Spike sat in the chair and watched her. She covered the living room, bathroom, bedroom, even the closet before she finally got bored of it and sat down on the sofa. She stroked Ms. Anne's hair and made a point not to look at Spike except to glare.

"Still made about the blood then pet?" Buffy ignored him. "I'm sorry, but you really can't go around killing people." Buffy tossed her doll down on the sofa and stormed to the window. She threw open the curtain where the last bit of sunlight was still shining over the nearest building. She face was disbelieving of the result. "Sorry, love." Spike rapt the glass with a knuckle. "Special glass. The sun can't hurt you inside."

Buffy growled frustrated. She was determined to get what she wanted. She ran to Angel's room and threw the closet open. Noticing Angel's weapons trunk on the floor, she opened it pulled out a rather large knife. Spike came into the room just before she carved a long, angled slit up her left arm. "Buffy!" He grabbed her around the waist and tossed the knife away. "You can cut yourself up all you like, but you'll get more pigs blood now stop this."

"Spike," Buffy whined. "Please."


She pouted.

"No, Buffy." She grabbed the arm around her waist and dug her nails into it."Ow!" He shouted. He spun her around and shoved her to the wall pining her arms at her side. "Stop. It. I mean it, Buffy. I'm not letting you kill anyone."

She whined and pouted and eventually calmed down a bit. Spike let her go. She shoved him to the floor and ran off. Laying on the floor spike could see under Angel's bed. He rolled his eyes. Demon's never change. He ran off to catch Buffy who had just reached the elevator. He dragged her back to the bedroom. She kicked and squirmed and screeched at him, but he wasn't let her out go. If she killed someone Angel would feel obligated to stake her and he refused to let that happen.

He tossed her down on the bed and pulled the chains he'd found out from underneath. He chained her to the headboard. She growled at him, but she calmed down.

The elevator pinged and Angel stormed in. "Spike!" He stomped into the bedroom. He saw Buffy on the bed and his grew wide. He shook his head. "I don't have time for this. You brought her down stairs! Harmony just told me. She almost killed someone!"

"Calm down. We were hungry. I wasn't gonna leave her up here on her own."

"Why the hell not?" He shouted.

"Great plan, we'll just leave her alone so she can wander off and really kill someone."

Buffy nodded enthusiastically. "I like that plan."

Angel looked at her. "Why is she tied up?"

"She was tryin' to kill people." Angel sighed. "I took care of it. She'll be fine."

"What are we gonna do with you, Buffy?" He rubbed his forehead. "We can't have you killing people."

"What if we did though?" Spike asked.


"I mean... there are people in this world that we could all do without."

"That doesn't mean they deserve to die, Spike. We don't get to choose who lives and dies."

"We used to. Buffy is what we used to be. She's going to stop, just like we never would have given the same. No one could blame you."

"Of course they could, it would be my fault!"

"Says who? She doesn't belong to you in any way. You've pretty much said so."

Angel walked over to the window and stood still and silent as the last few rays of sunlight disappeared from the sky. When he turned away from the window, he looked toward the door as though looking to escape something. His face was dark.

"The key is in the drawer by the bed." He headed for the elevator. "I'll meet you both outside."

Spike retrieved the key and unlocked Buffy who looked about as confused as he was. "What do think all that's about?" He asked her. She stared off after Angel for a moment. Her eyes lit up. She was going to get what she wanted after all. She went into the living room and grabbed Ms. Anne as she and Spike followed Angel out. Buffy couldn't help but smile.