Digital Guardian.

Another female Odd story. This takes place in the 4th season.

Bug in the program.

Odd, Aelita and Yumi darted down a corridor towards the replica Supercomputer. So far they had run into no resistance but knowing XANA, that wouldn't last.

"Look out!" called Odd as she pushed Aelita and Yumi out the way of a laser and managed to dodge it herself.

They looked to see machines similar to Krabes, there were three of them and two more had snuck up behind them. Yumi threw her fan at one cutting it's legs off, Aelita blasted at one but her attack was met with the Krabe-like machines. Odd jumped high into the air and rebounded off the wall to land on top of one, she then blasted it right through the eye.

"Yumi, you and Aelita take care of the Supercomputer, I'll take care of dismantling these things." Odd addressed her friends as she jumped out the way of an attack.

With a reluctant nod Yumi and Aelita ran in the direction they had heading in.

The fight was easy for Odd, she hadn't even been hit by a laser. Odd didn't notice the Krabe machine sneak up on her, nor did she notice it charge up it's laser until it was too late. The laser was different to the normal, it was white and seemed to be made of changing numbers. The laser hit Odd in the chest with such force it sent her flying into the wall and made an indent.

"Ow!" moaned Odd as she fell to the ground.

Odd looked up to see even more Krabe machines and now Hornet machines in front of her. Odd muttered a swear word under her breath and made for the other way dodging lasers as she ran.

"Odd, language." chastised Jeremy over her link.

"Sorry, but let's see you face down an army of machine Krabes and Hornets, who by the way have very powerful lasers." said Odd in a fed-up tone of voice. "Are Yumi and Aelita at the Supercomputer yet?"

"Aelita was taken down, but Yumi is just about to destroy it." said Jeremy.

Odd dodge yet another attack and spotted a door, she opened it and closed it after her. The door shook with vibrations as the machines shot at it in an attempt to get it open.

"Odd the Supercomputer is destroyed." informed Jeremy.

"About time." Odd said.

Odd waited a few seconds.

"Jeremy, I can't help but notice I'm still here." said Odd.

"Odd there's something wrong with your program, I can't bring you back." said Jeremy sadly.

"That weird laser must have infected my program. Jeremy tell the others to get going before the sector is destroyed completely, I'll try and get out of here." said Odd running to a Door marked emergency exit.

The door was stiff from disuse but Odd managed to get it open with a few good kicks. As soon as she was out she legged it away from the building as the explosion of the Supercomputer began to catch up with her. The explosion finally reached her as it lifted her off her feet and flung her forwards, luckily the explosion wasn't that strong by the time it reached her and she was still a spectre.

Odd opened her eyes, her ears were still ringing from the explosion.

"Jeremy?" she said slurring slightly.

No answer.

"Jeremy are you there?"

Still no answer. Odd was getting worried now, she had no idea where she was and worst her connection to Jeremy had been cut off. Odd moaned at her predicament before passing out.