You are the reader of this story. You will not be specified with a name, gender or age. You enjoy a webcomic called Homestuck. So, there would be no surprise that you are a nerd and like animes and whatnot. Your favorite character from this webcomic is John Egbert. He's a dork just like you. That's probably why you like him so much.

Anyways, today, your life will change forever. You just wait and see. You noticed that all the other people at your school were fascinated with celebrities. Pop stars and things like that. But, you were obsessed with a webcomic character. FICTIONAL. A fictional character that Andrew Hussie made up. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

You are trying to get rest in your bed, but this annoying wind keeps rolling in your room. It tickles your neck and bites at your smooth skin, making goosebumps. You wonder where it's coming from, since you don't have the fan on and the window is closed. But you're too lazy to check, for a while that is.

The wind continues; and get's stronger and stronger, to the point where it was harrassing you. You finally get over your laziness and get up to check the house, but something pulls you back down. You collapse on your bed, with a hand over your mouth. You cannot shout for help. Too late. What's going on?

"Mmnf!" You muffle through the hand.

"Shhh!" A voice whispers. It is a boy, you can tell by the voice. He's probably 13 or something. You can tell all this, but you can't quite see him. Although you can make out a silhouette. He slowly takes his hand off your mouth. Your eyes are wide and terror seeps through your vains. Next thing you know, you can feel water drop onto your night clothes.

"What's wet...?" You ask, forgetting you're in possible danger. Your yellow eyes widen again. Your breath catches in your throat. You can sort of make out a face in the dark, your eyes adjusting. But it's barely anything. They're putting a finger over their lips. "Shhh..."

Who is that? Why'd they come into your room? "I need your help..." They hesitated before saying: "What year is it?" You tremble under him, incredibly intimidated. You curse yourself for it, wishing you could be brave like all those characters. "I-It's 2013..."

"What's the date, exactly?" Okay, now this is getting weird. "April 13, 2013." Then you realise it's John's birthday and forgot to draw something for him. But you don't dare voice that out loud, afraid. You can see tears falling down the other person's cheek. You couldn't help but wonder if they were a fan of Homestuck too...but that's probably not likely. You could feel tears drop on your clothes. Warm ones.

"What's wrong?" You asked, actually kind of concerned. This was just a bit out of the ordinary. You grab a flash light from the dresser to your left. "Are you a fan..." You trailed off as you saw his face. "Oh my god..." You scooted backwards. "What..." You were lost for words.

Right in front of you was something you thought you'd never see before. Never in your life would have guessed. It was just a dream to see something like that. But it was there...


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