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Chapter 3

"W-What?!" You stared at the screen, stomach tossing and turning as your heart sank. You looked from the laptop to John, suddenly questioning your whole life. You ran a hand through your light brown hair, sighing loudly. Homestuck was a big part of you, as crazy as it sounds. It hurts for it to just go to waist like that. Did something happen to Andrew Hussie? Or was the connection bad? Impossible. It was always great. You had no idea what was going on, and your anxiety rose to a high level.

"What's wrong?" John asked curiously, examining the laptop screen. You figured he knew about the website, it's in the web-comic. "Ah, it's down again...don't worry. It'll be back up." John shrugged, not seeming to be bothered by it. But you knew something was up, and you were more than curious to know what was going on.

"Does it do this often?" You asked, curiously looking to John.

"Well, yeah. With everyone dead, it's sure hard to keep a connection going." John said, wincing. Your eyes went wide, mouth agape.

"You mean...I'm in Suburb?" You gasped, slamming the computer down. "No no no no no! Get me out!" You immediately stood up, forgetting about your drowsiness.

"Well, I don't know how you're here honestly..." John scratched his scruffy head, continuing. "But yeah, probably. Calm down!" You were panicking, looking out the window to a place much less familiar than your yard.

It had a blue color scheme, like John's suit but a little darker. There were many trees, like a forest, with plants, flowers and a big, full moon that shone down with a semi-reassuring pale light. The grass was dark green, long and swaying in the wind, glimmering from the moonlight.

The scene was truly breath-taking, but you were still anxious. "Where am I?!" Your eyes were very wide as you scanned the area with your dark gray eyes, making sure to stay on alert for any predators. You know how violent Suburb is, and you want to be alive, even if this is a prank from one of your friends, whom you don't trust very much.

"I don't know! That's why I came in here, it seemed to be the only house with someone inside." John sighed, running a hand through his ebony hair.

You were pretty sure you were going to faint from panic and shock, which proved to be right in a couple seconds. You let out a low grunt as you hit the floor. From there, you didn't remember anything. You were out cold, not sure when you were going to wake.

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