Prussia x Nyo! America
~I Knew You Were Trouble~

I ran quickly and quietly, rain pounding down on my head, and tears streaming down my face. 'Why?', I thought to myself, and let out a sigh. 'Why did he do it?', I asked myself.

'Was I not good enough for him?'

'Does he just love to torture me?'

I'd never known a pain like this since the Revolution, when we were fighting each other. Every bit of it hurt, and I couldn't understand what I'd done to make this happen. Why he'd done it.

Finally, after a while of running, I made it to Germany and Prussia's home. I rang the doorbell, and waited as Germany's footsteps became louder, and stopped to open the door. He was surprised to see me, and I understood. Who'd expect a soaked nation to show up at their home in the middle of the night? I wouldn't of.

"Please, come in...dry off. I'll get you a towel.", the German nation said quickly, and left the door open as he went to get me a towel. Not long after, he came back, and handed me two towels. One for my hair, one for my body. His icey eyes were still on me as I rung my hair out in the towel, and I didn't once make eye contact with him. "So...vhat brings you here, America..?", he asked quietly, his thickly accented voice heavy in the air.

"I left England."

My words seemed to hang in the air, and I didn't once look at him.


I nodded, and let out a small sigh. "I hate to be so bothersome...but do you mind if I seek refuge here for the night?", I asked him, finally meeting his blue eyes with mine. He nodded at me. "Zhat's no problem, America.", he replied with a small smile. "Go get a shower and warm up. I'll bring you somezhing to change into.", he instructed, and stood up.

I nodded at him again, and began my walk to the restroom. But I stopped, catching Germany's attention. "Ves?"

"Could you check and see if Prussia has any of my things? I left some clothing over here a while back, and I don't think I got it back..."

"Yes, of course.", he replied, and walked off to the basement, where GIlbert's lair was.

"America?", I heard the German's voice call, and I let out a small, unvocalized sigh. "Yes?", I responded. "Bruder still had some of your things, and I brought them up for you. I'll set them right out in front of the door, ok?"


Soon after, I heard his footsteps echo through the halls, and back to the front of the house.

'What did I do wrong?'

'I didn't even tell him...

that I'm pregnant...'