I got out of the shower, and pulled a warm towel around myself as I walked out. I felt a bit better than when I'd first arrived at the Germanic Nation's home, but the echo of England's treason on what we had together still resonated through me.

I toweled myself off, and let out a sigh. I didn't want to bother the two nations with my problems, but I knew this was the only safe haven I could take for the night. After all, Prussia is my best friend, and he'd surely help me when I needed it, right?

When I dressed myself, I put the towel in a dirty laundry hamper, and opened the door. It didn't take me long to navigate my way through the beautiful, yet simple house that belonged to Germany when I reached a door. I knocked, and heard a shout from a very obvious Prussian to come in. I lightly padded down the steps, and smiled.

Prussia and I had been on first name basis ever since the end of the Revolutionary War. He'd helped me become independent, and helped my troops have a strong position on the field. I hated that they made him dissolve into Germany, but it was for the best, I guess.

Gilbert was waiting in a chair when I entered. From hundreds of years of experience, he could tell that I was faking my happiness and smile. "Leibe, vhat happened with you and zhat Muststuck?", he asked, obviously angry. But there was some other emotion I couldn't quite pick out from his protectiveness and anger.

"I came home from the doctors...and I found him and Francis in our room trying to mask an affair...", I replied quietly, and looked down. "He tried to come after me, but I yelled at him, and left...", I said in a soft voice, and looked away. I was obviously hurt, and he gave me tight hug.

After a moment, he let go and looked at me. "So ah...why were you at the doctors?", he asked quietly. I looked up at him, afraid to meet his red eyes to my blue. "I...I'm pregnant..."

Gilbert looked like he might blow a gasket. "And it's his?"

I gave a meek nod. "I've only known a couple of days, and I wanted to make sure that I was before I told him..."

Gilbert gave a not, and pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers. "I could seriously kill him for this..."

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