If you are sensitive to child abuse and rape, then please do not read this. I do not wish to offend anyone.

"Fullmetal, I sent for you three hours ago!" Roy Mustang, Edward Elric's–or Fullmetal's–superior officer. Mustang had taken it as his duty to protect the teenager that had been placed in the military at the young age of twelve–years old. "Is it so difficult to follow orders?" he asked as a report that was due hours ago was thrown on his desk carelessly.

"I don't follow orders, Mustang, you know that." the blonde said with a glare. Mustang couldn't help but repress the glare that he wanted to return. He just didn't understand the sixteen–year old's actions.

"You used to follow orders," Mustang said calmly as he went through the report without much interest. He was hardly paying attention to the report, he would look over it later when Hawkeye threatened him with a gun. "You followed orders perfectly before you became a dog of the military. You even followed orders for a few weeks after that."

"That's great, you can remember four or five years ago, that's great," Ed rolled his eyes. He leaned on the edge of the couch, his head being supported by his fist, which in turn caused his cheek to become squished, looking much chubbier than usual. His glare had disappeared. "It doesn't matter how well you look at the past, it's not the same."

"Why is it not the same, Edward?" Mustang asked, using the teen's first name. Even when he ever used his first name, the Colonel at least said 'Ed'; the nickname that everyone had grown attached to. This meant he was being serious.

"Because, it's not," Ed frowned. Mustang could see the teen's eyes, and how they darkened a bit as he spoke softly. "I've had different experiences since I was younger."

"Experiences that make you not want to go through with the orders that I, as your superior officer, give out to you?" Mustang raised an eyebrow. He hardly believed this.

"Exactly." Ed said. His voice had grown dark, somewhat angry. He stood suddenly from the couch, and walked out of the room without another word. He didn't want to have a conversation like that.

Great, Roy thought. Now I have to actually read through this report.

Edward arrived to the military issued dorm that he shared with his younger brother after leaving from Mustang's office. He couldn't shake the conversation out of his head, and the thoughts of his past weren't going away. His experiences wouldn't change. He knew that more than anyone.

"Brother, is something wrong?" Alphonse Elric, the younger brother of Ed by a year, asked. His suit of armor was hollow, his voice making a slight echo as he spoke. Alphonse was Ed's entire reasoning of why he decided to join the military in the first place. He needed to restore Alphonse's body and regain his limbs. Though, Edward planned to get Alphonse's body before doing anything with his limbs. "You seem tense."

"You know how those meetings with Mustang go," Ed shrugged as he flopped onto bed. He hadn't even bothered to get undressed or take his shoes off. He was feeling suddenly tired, and if sleep was what his body wanted currently, sleep was what it would get. "Night, Al.." he trailed off, his voice slurring slightly.

"Brother, you're not even undressed." Alphonse scolded. He heard the snore and knew his brother would be impossible to wake now. He was always a heavy sleeper, even when they were younger, and according to their late Mother, even when they were infants. He was quick to remove Ed's shoes, and help him get his coat off. Al stripped Edward down to his boxers and tank top. The younger assumed the leather would become uncomfortable after a while, so made sure they were removed.

As soon as Ed's clothing was removed to where he would be much more comfortable, Alphonse returned to the reading he was doing during the meeting that his older brother and commanding officer were having. He chose to keep busy with notes about the philosophers stone rather than to walk with his brother to the meetings they had only to wait outside of the office with nothing else to do. Besides, Edward could handle himself when it came to those meetings.

"Brother, you're sleeping with your tummy out again," Alphonse scolded the snoring body when he noticed that Ed had risen the tank top to expose his stomach. It was something Al could remember Edward doing from the time they were children, and he quickly moved to cover him back up once more. "You'll catch a cold like that. What am I going to do with you?"

Alphonse returned to his reading and had no other problems until hours later he realized the time. He hadn't even thought about his brother's sleeping schedule and felt terribly guilty. He moved to wake the blonde. "Brother, wake up. It's four o'clock, if you don't wake up you'll never get to sleep tonight!"

Ed jolted awake, succeeding in knocking his head into Al's metal helmet, and letting out a surprised yelp when he did so.

"Brother! Are you alright?" Alphonse asked worriedly. He moved to look at his brother's head closely, and noticed it had already begun to swell because of the force Edward had jumped with. "It's going to bruise." he informed.

"Yeah, I got that," Ed groaned, rubbing at his head gently. He did so until Alphonse told him to stop and moved Edward's hand away from his head. "Jeez, Alphonse, don't wake me up like that next time." he groaned once more.

"I'm sorry, brother, it was an accident.." Alphonse trailed off. He was hunched over slightly in guilt over the incident that had occurred.

"I didn't mean it like that, Al," Ed corrected quickly. "It's not your fault, it's mine. I guess I was having a vivid dream.." he trailed. "What I mean is..be careful..okay?"

"Yes, brother," Alphonse nodded. "Are you hungry? We could go to the cafeteria and get you some dinner, and we could get some ice for your head, too. There's already a bump." the armor suggested.

"I don't know if I'm hungry.." Ed trailed off. He didn't seem to feel so hungry as much as he did nauseous.

"Well, we could go down to the cafeteria and get some ice, and we'll see how you feel when we get there, alright?" Alphonse asked. Edward nodded in agreement.

They walked slowly to the cafeteria. Well, Edward did. Alphonse–wanting to stay close to his brother–trailed slowly alongside him so that they could stay together. Ed wanted to prolong the walk as much as possible. The longer walk, the more time before he would have to eat.

"You go find a place to sit, brother, I'll find you some ice and get you something easy to eat, like soup," Alphonse said. "I'll bring everything to you." he added. Ed nodded in agreement, not in the mood for much talking before finding a seat after the brothers separated.

"That's a shiner you've got there," a voice spoke, seeming in much closer proximity than all the other voices around the teen. It was a familiar voice. He looked up to see the one and only, Maes Hughes. "So, what happened?" he asked, seeming much more worried than anyone else would have, save for Al.

"It was nothing," Ed spoke, though seeming much nicer than he did to Roy during their meeting that morning. "I did it while I was asleep, you know, the automail." he lied smoothly. He had enough time to think of said lie, knowing that Mustang would just taunt it when he went to their next meeting, which conveniently Hawkeye and scheduled for the next morning. Apparently it was one of the best times for him, which Edward didn't believe at all, though knew he would have to go through with it anyway. If not, Hawkeye would find a way to skin him with her gun if she couldn't feel it through the bullet holes she would make.

"Automail, huh? Maybe you should get it looked at," Hughes said as he knelt closer to the boy. "Maybe I should take you to the medic.." he trailed, seeming to be thinking about it intensely.

"No, really, I don't need to go to a medic," Ed said quickly, seeming startled at the thought of having someone look over his body. Even if it was just his head. "I'm fine." he added.

"Are you sure? You could possibly have a concussion." Hughes commented, not wanting the teen to make such a vital mistake of not getting his head checked out when it was injured.

"Really, I'll be fine." Edward assured.

"I'll talk to Alphonse about his opinion, then." Hughes said, as simple as that.

"No!" Ed, suddenly startled to the point of jumping out of his seat at the table in the cafeteria to stop Hughes from telling his younger brother anything about the injury. "I'll go see the damn medic, alright?" he quickly sat back down.

"I'm only looking out for your safety, Edward. If you fell asleep, you may never wake up. I just want to make sure," Hughes said honestly. "I'm only thinking about you." he said. When Alphonse arrived to the table, he gave Edward the soup he had gotten and an ice pack for his head. Hughes explained to Alphonse that he would take Edward to the medic after he was finished eating, to examine his head.

Al thought this was a great idea, and encouraged Hughes to do so. He suggested he go, but Hughes explained that he had it covered, and that he could go to the dorm and rest while Edward was examined. The man promised to give Alphonse any details of what the doctor would say.

Alphonse agreed and did go back to the dorm as he said he would do. Hughes waited with Ed to finish his meal, and decided to hold a conversation with the youngest person in the military.

"You know I mean well," Hughes said with a soft smile. Edward hadn't made eye contact with him in some time, and Hughes wanted to change that, at least before they got to the medic. He took the ice pack that Alphonse had given Edward and placed it on the teen's forehead. He received a sudden jolt from the boy. "Are you alright, Ed?" he asked, raising an eyebrow to what could have spooked the boy like that. He had seen dead people, he had watched his Mother die, he had been to hell and back, and placing an ice pack on his head could have startled him so much?

"I'm fine, you just surprised me is all.." Edward trailed off. He looked into the soup bowl Alphonse had given him. He did not want to eat it, he wasn't hungry, but for some reason, Ed wanted to prolong going to the medic. He didn't want to be looked at, even if it was just on the head. Eventually, he scooted the bowl away from him.

"You're finished?" Hughes asked, receiving a nod. "Are you sure? You didn't eat that much." Hughes spoke.

"I'm sure," Edward said harshly. "Let's just go.." he trailed off, seeming much quieter. He stood from the table

"Alright, then." Hughes said. He did note how odd the teen was acting, and fully planned on informing Mustang about it. Until he got that chance, however, all he could do was note down Edward's mannerisms.

Hughes guided the blonde to the medic, and ordered for a doctor to look at his head. Hughes told Edward he would wait right outside. Hughes was going to walk Edward back to his dorm after he was finished being examined. After the doctor was finished, he went to Hughes with the results.

"He has a mild concussion, and will need to be woken every hour. If he seems distressed or in any pain, give him some over the counter medication, though do make sure it does not cause drowsiness." the old doctor explained to Hughes.

"Thanks for this, you're a lifesaver," Hughes smirked. "Where is he now? I hope he didn't cause you too much trouble, he's a handful."

"He's on his way out, I just told him to give you and I a bit of privacy," the doctor explained. "I'm worried about this boy, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes." he told.

"People say that a lot, but for his age, he's a good state alchemist." Hughes commented. People always told him and Mustang that they were worried about Edward being in the military so young.

"No, I'm worried about his behavior," the doctor corrected. "He couldn't hold a conversation with me at all, he was nervous even though I was just taking a look at his forehead. His mindset isn't that of a normal sixteen–year old."

"He's not really a normal sixteen–year old," Hughes admitted. "I'll see what I can do." he told the doctor just before Edward walked out of the examination room he was in. The doctor bid farewell, and Hughes took Ed back to his dorm and said his goodbyes as well.

"You're a pathetic piece of garbage. No one will ever want you. You're nothing."