Two years later

"So, Edward. How are you feeling today?"

Doctor Clay had been looking after Ed since he came into his office the first time as a short sixteen year–old that looked like he had been emotionally beaten.

The situation was explained by his superior officer, Colonel Roy Mustang, who by now had been promoted to a General.

"I feel really good, Clay. I got an apartment nearby with the money I've saved and the job I got at the coffee shop has really been working out for me."

This kid, the kid that wouldn't separate from his brother, had finally gotten over his fear of being alone shortly after his seventeenth birthday and was visiting his therapist by himself instead of going with his little brother.

Clay had to say; he was proud. Edward Elric was his biggest concern when he came in–being a part of the military. When Clay had first read that bit of information in his files, he assumed that Ed had seen something awful while being in the line of duty.

But it was much worse.

To think that a man could be so cruel to a child; it was something no one would ever want to think about.

Raping, beating, burning, and manipulating a child. It was hard for even Clay to think about, and he saw things like this almost every day. But for some reason, Ed's case stood out the most.

"And how is Alphonse doing?" Clay asked. When Al was mentioned, a smile lit up Ed's face.

"Al is..Al is really good. He keeps talking about taking a vacation soon. I think he wants to go to Rezembool; we haven't been in a little while." Edward explained.

"Yes, I remember," Clay remembered when Ed came to him to let him know that he wouldn't show up for a little while because he was going back to his hometown–Rezembool–and he would do so whenever he had a mission as well.

Edward had left the military a few months back when he was able, though stayed great friends with his former coworkers.

"You will get to see Winry if you go, yes?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, I really want to see her. Besides, it's been too long since my last Automail check–up. She'll probably be upset about it." Edward said, his flesh hand running over his Automail limbs.

"At least you're thinking about it. I'm sure she won't be too upset." Clay smiled.

Ed had mentioned Winry quite a few times during his visits–Ed hated calling the appointments 'visits', as it reminded him too much of his time in the basement–though made it crystal clear that Winry knew nothing about what Tucker did.

His explanation to Winry was that Mustang and Alphonse had forced him to do it instead of telling her the truth. When Clay mentioned that she could support Edward if he told her what actually happened, Ed retorted with how if he told Winry, she would suddenly become overprotective and coddling, and Ed explained that ha already had enough of that from Al and Mustang.

"Yeah, maybe she won't get too mad." Edward laughed.

"Now, Ed, I am going to ask you a question that may upset you, but I would like you to answer me honestly." Clay said.

"Sure, what is it?" Edward asked, giving his approval for the questioning to begin.

"When you first came to me, it was four years after you had been separated from Tucker and you had been dealing with your problems on your own for some time, yes?" Clay asked. There was a silent nod from Edward. "Tell me this, Edward. How much better do you feel after two years of seeing me?" Clay asked. There was a bit of hesitation and long silence before Ed actually answered.

"I..I feel much better, Clay," Ed choked out.

"Care to elaborate on 'much better'?" Clay asked.

"Well, when I first came to see you, I was scared. And I've been scared before, like scared for my life and not knowing if I'll be breathing in the next few minutes, but I was more scared than ever scared for my life. Because I would rather be dead than any of that ever happen again. Before, I couldn't be in the same room as a man that wasn't married by myself, but now, I can," Ed smiled to himself. "I know some people might not feel like that's much of an accomplishment, but it really is for me." Edward explained.

Thank you for sharing that with me, Edward. I feel honored that you are able to discuss that with me," Clay said with a smile as he wrote something down on his note pad. "Our time is up. If you plan on coming back, just make an appointment in the office with Nancy. If you're going to Rezembool, just make an appointment when you get back."

"Sure thing." Ed said, standing from the sofa.

"Oh, and Edward, my private line is always free for you if you need to talk while you're gone." Clay reminded, having said this a thousand times.

"Thanks." Ed smiled, walking out of the room.

He had only one reason to keep going through all the torture–Alphonse. Now he's got a bright outlook on life, and continues to keep going even through the nightmares that live on through his head. He has the strength to make it through whatever anything is thrown at him now.


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