When I came for them I was surprised. Their soul looked loss and greeted me with open arms. However as I tried to pick them up I couldn't. Their faces would crash looking at me with sad realization. They're stuck here, unable to do anything. Silent eyes would look back at me, why? They wanted to lose the earth bound pain. A soul that is tethered to the Earth slowly fades away.

In the past it was all willing. I cannot take a soul that fights me. You may think that a lot do, but you humans are mistaken. I am not a scary being. I am here for you, to help deliver so that you will live again. I am what you want to see. Not what you think you'll see, but you want to – no need to see.

I wander the Earth on business, a never ending business trip. I carry as many as I can at a time. I release them above, there are loved ones waiting for them.

The virus that took them, keeping them there, but at the same time they're not here. We pull and try again and again until I'm called away. They reach out to me sadly, but knowingly.

Instead they had to sadly follow their virus ridden bodies and watch the terror that goes on.

This virus is a bitch. I do not use that word lightly. She takes their bodies, just enough to move them for her purposes. She makes their bodies hungry, animals, degrading them to scavengers of the worst kind. Yet she will not allow their souls to rest.

I came across so many souls. The majority I could not lift.

My purpose seems tainted. However the job is the same. Find souls and bring them back.

You humans think you're the only ones questioning? I am constantly looking for guidance myself. I look above and await a sign of change, but see nothing.

So I just go about my business. I move on. Occasionally there is a soul without the strings of slavery. When I find them I am even more excited about my job. I lift them above with vigor and happiness.

But the moment in-between the finding them and lifting them. That's always interesting. They're full of stories to tell, of regrets, and hope.

The beginning of this story follows Rick. I saw them a time before this. When he was shot I was there. At the time I was gathering the bodies of the men that were fighting. However when I attempted to lift him up I was thrown back. Rejected. Rejection hurts too you know.

Even so I had to respect his will. So I just stayed. I stayed for a while. I saw this beautiful wife and lovely child. I saw this best friend watch in the corner. Guilt rolled off of him in waves.

However the Boss called me back to work. I had to move on.

Later, when I came back for him the scene was different. Already the virus has made my work harder, destroyed lives with pleasure. I was ready to pick up the broken pieces. I went to the hospital again. I came for the bodies of the nurses and doctors.

The armies, the people you call for help, trust and adore shot humans. I was now what they called out to, trusted me and adored.

When I was there I looked back at him. Surely I will be here again. How does one simply survive? They have fabulous friends like Shane that's how. Of course I realize as I carry him up just how tormented he was. How he lost his senses. His story of chaos is a broken record to me. I heard it over and over again.

To my surprise, I didn't come back for him then. In fact when I went back it was for another man. Rick Grimes against all odds have out smart me, twice. Not many folks can do so once.

When I see him again I come for the walkers he and his friends had killed. I also came for some of their own.

Ed Peletier, and although you may have thoughts you'd like to share, I do not judge the living or the dead. That is someone else's job. I simply listen.

As he looked on his face was sad, it was full of regrets. His story is a tragic one, not only did he make his own life miserable her played a part in making others worse.

"I am a monster."

I point out that his wife stopped him from becoming a real one. He did not appreciate that.

"Carol. I really did love her. Didn't I?"

He looked at her as she destroyed his head. Her rage came out in her swings.

"She must have loved you a lot." You aren't easy to love. His life was hard. His father abused his mother. That man never tried to hide it from the boy. Told him it made him a man, that is was his duty to keep his wife in check.

"I was a lucky bastard. I just didn't fucking see it did I?"

He looked at Daryl's face, got real close to is.

"How come I didn't turn out like that?" You know, death, that Daryl was abused. The abused can always tell. Yet he never touched anyone. Not even his brother who punched him square in the face. Merle was an ugly piece of work, just like me." Merle was nothing like Ed. "Yet Daryl was straight, ya know?"

I did know. While Ed didn't shed a tear for his mother's death Daryl was crushed by his. His exterior was strong, remembering his Daddy's words. Yet when he was a lone in the forest he broke down.

"Why did she hafta go do that. She know what coulda happened~ He wailed to know one in particular.

She was watching him. Her arms were around him. I remember her clearly. No longer tethered to this world and its horrors her bruises were gone. Her voice was repaired. Her hair gleamed.

I remember how long it took her to convince to leave and watch from above. I promised her that her boy would turn out just fine.

I was right, wasn't I?

Ed continued to follow his wife. Carol. He muttered apologizes and promises all too late.

"Carol, you are the love of my life."

"Carol, I should have never have touched you."

"Carol, I wish I was a better father."

Carol, Carol, Carol. Carol

"I'm sorry."

"I love you."

It's sad how I can make people see the truth. Yet I can't help fix it now.

His daughter Sofia was with Lori and Carl that day. She didn't even spare her Daddy a second look. She had her doll with her. She whispered in its ear.

"God, I want my Daddy to go to Heaven."

Ed doesn't hear he's too overcome with sorrow. He falls to his knees as his wife breaks down into tears. He looks at me, his face is cleared, no bruises, not puffiness.

"Please, please you have to tell me, please tell me she'll be okay."

A common demand.

I make the common promise.

"Carol will be alright."

His head falls back down. He weeps. He's remembering every mistake he made, every hit, every insult and every promise broken.

I know thought that Carol does die. Everyone dies; you would have to be a fool not to believe so. Yet I will impart with you my knowledge.

She does not die before she finds real happiness.

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