Otis and Sofia

I was completely disgusted. Horrified even at what you humans will do. As I laid next to Carl waiting for his soul to give up the fight I felt a sudden lurch to leave his side. I normally ignore these since so many of the dead aren't truly ready for the journey I will make for them.

But this lunge felt a bit violent, like when people die from a war. I had a lot of them during the World Wars. I was so busy then. Now not enough people are ready.

So I removed myself from his side. Lightly touched Rick's shoulder and kissed Lori's cheek and made my way across town. It was a very quiet journey. For the most part the farm and the surrounding area had non activity. But once I made my way into the town I could sense them. Their dreary voices calling out to me to take them, if only I could.

I passed Shane on the way. He looked sore, tired and determined. He hobbled on as fast as he could. I realize that I will not be going back to the Greene Farm tonight.

I move pass that seeing a hoard of dead "walkers". They seem to moving along now, they were leaving whatever has caught their attention beforehand. The souls look at me, already knowing I cannot do anything for them.

I reach a few of them who Shane and Otis must have killed. Their souls look lighter happier now. They greet me excitedly. I hold them in my arms. Grateful.

However my small moment of relief is gone.

Otis's body is beyond repair. Yet where is his soul? There is no way he could be tethered to his body. It is practically nothing. So many have eaten from him.

I ask a petit woman with brown hair if she saw where the fat man went.

"Him? Oh my goodness is was horrible, his friend shot him and he fell. The walkers got him. It was horrible. The friend didn't even shoot him in the head. He was alive." She shuddered. "He followed Shane as you were having conversations with the others."

I thanked her kindly and lifted her up with a few others. I kept a look out we floated for Otis, but I didn't see him.

When I went back I drifted into the forests. When I couldn't find him I went back to the farm.

I tried to stay away from the barn. So many desperate voices linger there.

I feel that the danger is gone from Carl's body I look up. Otis was there.

"Otis, I was looking for you."

Instead of responding he moves towards the shower.

He was glaring at Shane.

"I know what he did."

"Do you?"

Otis's energy radiated off of him. I felt horrible. Sick almost, I'm sure Shane could feel it too.

"I didn't mean to hit that boy. I did everything right. I didn't want to leave Shane. But he shot me. That bastard shot me, I should have taken the bag and left. "

"You're not that type of man Otis."

I sooth my voice and touch his shoulder.

"You couldn't have known what he was thinking."

I know these souls well. Souls that are angry, hurt and confused. It's best to lift them up before they become agitated.

"My wife, we were living through this. We weren't happy per say, but at least we were together."

"She'll always remember you and the time you guys had. You lasted longer than the rest."

"That doesn't make me feel better. No one knows what this man did. He's going to be hailed as a hero."

"I'm sure someone will figure it out."

"I'm going to stay, make sure Patricia is safe from him. Make sure Hershel and the rest of them know what kind of man he is."

"You shouldn't stay; it's not your place Otis. No one can hear you but me and the rest of the dead."

He shook his head his face was gone of anger.

"I now know I wasn't doing those people in the barn a favor."

"You did it with the best intention. No one knows about this disease."

Otis moves away from me, "I'm not going yet. I need to keep them safe."

"What can you do?"

Otis just shakes his head and walks away. I send a glare to Shane real quick before following out.

"I do not have time. I have places to be."

I need to keep moving, I after all have the world to cover.

Otis nods. "I understand, please come back for the people." He looks at the barn and I nod.

I leave quickly, making my way to France, which is one of the few countries that still have a gov't. Not sure how long they'll keep it together. They have been quartered everyone in danger of dying and hunting down the dead.

As I make me way out of Paris I remember the simpler times. I would just come and take the souls, meeting new people staying busy, never had a moment to my own thoughts.

Now I feel as if I have too much time.

I would later come back to the farm; it's only been a day and half.

I had come for the souls Daryl released. I was a bit nervous to leave him, seemed pretty crazy… never saw him eat a squirrel raw before. However his soul was nice and strong so I decided to make my way to Otis.

He was watching Patricia lazily as she does her chores. When he sees me he gives a small smile. It gives me a bit hope that his anger is gone.

"They had a funeral for me. They didn't bury any remains, can't imagine much is left. "

"That was thoughtful of them."

"Yeah it was."

He gives a small smile.

"If good to know some people want to hang on."

Then his face turns a bit sour.

"Shane gave them a bullshit story though, told him I left willing. Never know willing was to be shot in the leg. The idiot though, he screwed up. He told them I covered him with my gun. He came back with that gun though."

"Has anyone caught on by now?"

"Maybe Dale, he seems to be the most skeptical. I don't think Rick cares."

"Dale's a good man, I'm sure he'll figure it out."

"Yeah I hope so. I'll leave with you once he does."

I smile at him. Then we hear a racket, and then a gun shot. Then screams.

"Andrea No!"

Otis moves to see what's going on. I followed.

"Oh wow, what happened to him."

We stare of Daryl and his ears. As Rick and Shane haul him over to camp Otis just shakes his head.

"Wouldn't that be some way to go? Surviving what he did today and then dying from a member's stupid mistake?"

I nod lightly.

I stay there for the night and mostly follow Otis talking. No one really needs me at the moment and I enjoy watching this group.

As we see Patricia feeds the walker in the barn Otis sighs heavily.

"I wish I just killed them."

"It wasn't your fault."

"There looking out there for the girl. Sofia. I feel so bad."

Sofia looks up at us with lost eyes.

"I can't leave the barn." Her voice is weak and meek.

"I'm so sorry." I say softly. "Honey, they're looking for you. They love you."

Sofia nods quietly.

"When I took your Daddy sweetie, he told me he loved you. He really sorry, I know it's too late."

She smiles at me a little.

"He never hit me you know? Scared me plenty, but never hit me."

Otis smiles, "I'm so sorry sweetie."

"Not your fault."

I float down, so many of the souls are just sitting there listening.

"Daryl been taking care of your Mom, everyone is watching out for each other."

We continued talk like that. Simply things, about how the group is doing, how the rest of the Greene family is. We updated Shawn and Annette about Maggie and her love life with Glenn, who Sofia remembers.

We didn't leave until we heard a commotion outside.

"Shane brother, don't do this!" Yells Ricks, the rest of his group is outside with guns.

Shane rips the barn door open letting all the walkers out. The souls were confused and lingered with the bodies at they fell one by one.

One by one they come to me smiles on their faces.

It was the living Greene family who seemed to be destroyed with each bullet.

Then we see Sofia lingering on. She doesn't seem afraid and looks directly at her Mom and Daryl.

"Thank you" She says to Rick before she climbs on my back. She rubs her face in my neck holding on as I lift her and the others up.

Otis left without knowing that Daryl and Dale learned the truth. Yet I can say he left this world happy.