Blue and Red: Stories From Shanxi

"Blue and red. Those are the colors of the blood that soaked the soil of Shanxi in one of the most momentous wars in Citadel history. Though the war only lasted three years, with relatively minor casualties compared to the Rachni Wars or the Krogan Rebellions, and was waged largely within a single system, the Relay War changed Citadel space forever.

"The codex tells us what happened. A deadly misunderstanding, fueled by fear, grew to engulf a world, with the resources of two of the mightiest militaries in the galaxy clashing after a disastrous first contact.

"But the codex doesn't tell us about the ones who fought that war. From the soldiers who battled through the streets of Taiyuan to the fighter pilots who flew over Telos to the crewmen whose ships dueled across the star system, these are their stories."