Blue and Red: Stories From Shanxi
The Ballad of Metal Angels: Biographies

Second Lieutenant Alan "Razor" Sharpe has since been promoted to commander and still serves in the United Earth Spacy as a combat pilot and is currently CAG of the UES Crystal.

Sergeant Petra "Vice" Santiago served throughout the war and completed her last tour of duty in 2162. She now works as a commercial pilot for luxury spaceliner Macross Spaceways.

Lieutenant Commander Keenan Doskias - now a captain - still serves in the Turian Navy, currently assigned to a classified think tank in Cipritine.

In recognition for his accomplishments during the war, Sergeant Michael "Sandy" Sanders was recommended for Officer Candidacy School in 2161. Second Lieutenant Sanders continues to fly with Talon Squadron to this day.

Flight Lieutenant Tavor Linneus was shot down in atmosphere over Shanxi in August, 2159. His ejection system malfunctioned, forcing Lieutenant Linneus to glide his fighter into a crash-landing. While he survived the crash, Linneus suffered severe injuries, including damage to his spinal cord, paralyzing him from the waist down. He was shipped home and subsequently discharged on medical grounds. He currently lives on the Citadel and works as a consultant for Elanus Risk Control Services.

After the war, Third Lieutenant Jack "Lantern" Mitchell resigned his commission, and Lieutenant Commander Tyune Satarn filed for inactive status. The two eventually reunited and settled on Taetrus to assist with the reconstruction efforts there. The two collaborated on and published their memoirs - All's Fair: A Tale of Love & War - in 2170; it remains popular in Sentinel space and has since been made into a moderately successful miniseries. A romantic comedy based on their post-war courtship, Target Lost, is set for release in 2182.