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Jessica's POV

The whole summer. The whole summer I was without Damon. Klaus was practically obsessed with finding a werewolf pack that he could turn into hybrids like himself. He was also turning Stefan into a ripper, while he guided me away from that. I could tell that he was still concerned about what feelings I still had for him and Damon, but I ignored him the best I could. Most of the time it was easy, except at night when we stayed at hotels. I always pretended to be tired and I would lay in my bed until he would go to sleep, but it was working less and less as the summer went on. Klaus still acted like I was only his, even though I loved Damon to. In my head, I knew if it wasn't for Klaus compelling me to forget our relationship in the first place... then I would never have met Damon in the way I did and I would never would have fallen in love with him.

Klaus's obsession led us to a house in Tennessee, where he had the three of wait outside of.
"Rudy!" A woman yelled before she whistled "Come on! It's too hot to make me come looking for you." When she bent down, I started to walk up to her. I could hear her heart beat faster when she stood up straight and saw me.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." I sincerely said to her.
"Can I help you?" She asked me, getting over the shock.
"Yeah, I was on my way to visit my boyfriend when my car ran out of gas." I said, lying to her. "I feel like I've been walking forever yours is the first house I come to so I was just hoping I could use your phone?"
"Don't you have a cell phone?" She asked and I held it up.
"Yeah, I forgot to charge it before I left and the stupid thing died on me." I said with a small smile to try and make her feel more comfortable. "Look I promise I'm not a serial killer I just wanna use your phone."
"Sure." She said before turning towards the house.
"So, I can come in?" I asked with hopefulness.
"No, I'll get the phone and I'll bring it out to you." She said and I dropped the nice act a bit.
"I thought you country people were supposed to be more trusting."
"I'm from Florida."
"Well, that explains it." I said before I sped up to her and held her by the neck. "Show us a little southern hospitality." I compelled her just as I felt Klaus walk up behind me. "I'm handling this." I said without looking at him.
"I'm only helping love." He said and I held back rolling my eyes.
"Whatever you tell yourself." I said before focusing on the woman in front of me. "You will invite the both of us inside your house." I compelled her before the three of us entered the house.

Klaus now had the woman in front of him as we walked towards the kitchen.
"I bet you a hundred dollars that dog ran off to a house with air conditioning." I held back a chuckle, being careful not to reveal ourselves. "What's going on?" A different woman asked when she turned around and saw me and Klaus.
"Please don't be alarmed." Klaus said. "We were told Ray Sutton lives here." He said, obviously referring to me as well.
"He's almost never here. He's on the road mostly." The woman who was making food said.
"But he does make it back, once a month." I said and when she didn't respond, it confirmed our information.
"That's what we thought. Where is he now?" Klaus asked, but we didn't get an answer. "If we have to make you tell me it's going to be infinitely more painful for you." I held back a smile, hoping I could actually do something this time.

After a few moments, the second woman started running out the kitchen, towards the front door. I walked next to Klaus down the hall, where the woman had the door open. Stefan was standing on the other side
"I love it when they run!" Klaus said from beside me when the woman turned around.
"He's in Tolli." The second woman said, knowing that there was no chance now. "It's near the border. A bar called Southern Comfort, It's on Highway 41." I knew that Klaus and I both smiled.
"Thank you my love." Klaus said before I turned to the woman next to Klaus.
"Can our friend come in?" I asked and she gave a small nod.
"Yes." She said before Stefan came in and I stepped closer to the woman by the door.
"Kill this one quickly." Klaus said to Stefan as he stepped closer to me. "And make that one suffer. We'll be in the car." I groaned in disappointment because I wanted to kill something but I haven't been able to do that the whole summer.

We walked out of the house and Klaus sped me against a tree. He brushed some hair behind my ear and leaned in to kiss me.
"Why won't you let me kill anyone?" I asked before our lips could touch.
"Because I don't want you to go down that road." He said and I knew he was telling the truth.
"But I have." I honestly said to him. "The year I didn't I didn't love you and you know better than anyone that it's a part of us." We just looked each other in the eyes. "And I've been wanting to kill something all summer." He just cupped my face and rubbed his thumb on my cheek.
"Do you still love me?" He asked with some hopefulness in his voice.
"I spent a year hating you and planning to kill you because I thought you killed my parents. I'm not sure if I do still love you." I said before reluctantly walking by myself to the car. What I told him was true. I wasn't sure if I still loved him because of the compulsion and because he kidnapped me and took me from Damon. I still had feelings for him, I just didn't know if it was love or not.

I convinced Klaus to let me go in the bar first, mainly because I needed a drink. He didn't let me kill before, which made me need a drink. When a person sat next to me, I knew it was Ray.
"What's up Ray?" The bartender asked as I took a sip from my glass.
"Hey, Red," Ray said ", get me a beer." As the bartender was getting him a beer, Ray looked towards me. "You look troubled." I let out a little chuckle.
"You have no idea." I said and without looking, I knew Klaus came up to us.
"Ray? Ray Sutton?" Klaus asked, making sure it was him.
"Who wants to know?" Ray asked Klaus, obviously not trusting him.
"We've been looking everywhere for you." Klaus said as he took the beer that was meant for Ray. "We started in Florida, Pensacola. We met a young chap there who you used to work for before you moved to Memphis. Now he directed us to two lovely young women. And they led us here, to you."
"I think I'll be going." Ray said before I sped, stopping him from leaving.
"Not so fast mate." Klaus aid with some amusement towards me. "You only just got here. Now your type are very hard to come by." Ray tried to walk away, but I stopped him again.
"I wouldn't do that." Stefan said to Ray as he stepped up to my side.
"Vampires." Ray said as he looked at the three of us.
"Swifty swift Ray." Klaus said with a small smile. "Yes, my friends are vampires and she's compelled everybody in the bar so don't look to them for any help." Klaus said, pointing to me before Ray looked around the bar. "I however, I'm something else, a different kind of monster. I've got some vampire, I've got some wolf."
"You what?" Ray asked with some confusion.
"A hybrid Ray." I said after taking a sip from my glass. "He's both." Klaus gave me a small smile before looking back at Ray.
"You see, I want to create more of me. Now you being the first werewolf that we've come across in many a moon, pun intended Ray." Klaus said with a smirk as he took a sip from his bottle. "I need you to direct me to your pack. So, where can we find them Ray?"
"You can't compel me. It won't work." Ray said as he looked between the three of us. I scratched my head, which made Klaus look from me to Stefan. Klaus gave Stefan a nod, which made Stefan turn towards the bar.
"Can you bring out the darts please?" Stefan asked before he turned towards Ray. "Tell you what Ray. We're going to play a drinking game. Something I like to call truth or wolfsbane." Stefan took a pocket of wolfsbane out of his pocket and poured it in the glass that the bartender brought him.
"Oh, this is going to be fun." Klaus said with a smirk while I held one back. 'I hope he lets me kill someone' I thought before looking around at the people in the bar.

Klaus was sitting at the bar, watching Stefan who was torturing Ray. Ray was changed to a wall, next to a dart board. I was sitting on top of the bar, a little bit away from Klaus. He wanted me to sit next to him, but I didn't want to at the moment. I couldn't help but look at him, but I wasn't sure he noticed because he was watching Stefan try and get information from Ray. I looked at Ray just in time to see a dart that was soaked in wolfsbane pierce his skin.
"Ray, you can end this right now." Stefan said to Ray as he stepped up to him. "Just tell me where your pack gathers for the full moon." Stefan took the dart out of Ray, who tried to break the chains, but failed.
"I can't." Ray said and I rolled my eyes before slipping off of the bar. I knew Klaus noticed, but he kept his eyes on Stefan.

I walked away from Klaus and over to somebody that caught my eye when I was compelling everyone. He was just sitting at a table, drinking a beer.
"Stand up and don't scream." I compelled him and he automatically stood up. I guided him a little bit away from the table before biting into his neck. 'I hope Klaus doesn't interrupt me' I thought as the blood flowed down my throat. My arms went around his back so I could hold him up as I drank his blood. His blood started to satisfy my hunger just before Klaus came and forced me off of the human. "You had to go and ruin my fun." He gave me a frown. I started to walk away, but Klaus pulled me into his arms and forced his lips on mine.
"You can't still hate me..." He whispered after he slowly took his lips from mine. His hand cupped my face and he used his thumb to wipe away some of the human blood that was still around my mouth. I was about to answer him, but the sound of Ray struggling brought our attention away from each other. Klaus looked me in the eye before reluctantly turning his attention back to Ray. I just watched him as he unchained Ray and moved him to a pool table. I turned back to the human that I fed from and he was still standing still, so I decided to drink the rest of his blood.

After I was able to kill my first human after Klaus took me from Mystic Falls, I decided on a few drinks. I was laying on one of the pool tables with a bottle in my hand. I just stared at the ceiling and thought about Damon. He was following us and I didn't know if it was just for Stefan or for me to. I was still holding on to what I felt when I was with him, even though being around Klaus was bringing the feelings that I felt for him to the surface. Klaus compelled me hate him for an entire year because he thought it would protect me and during that time I had fallen in love with Damon. Damon almost made me forget about my troubles that I thought Klaus had caused me. 'Was it my fault for falling for Klaus in the first place?' I couldn't help but ask myself. If I didn't fall for Klaus, then I wouldn't be a vampire and I would have never met Damon. I wouldn't be in the situation I was in. I held back a sigh as I drank the rest of the bottle, hoping that it would help me deal with everything.

General POV

Jessica was still lying on the pool table, but slipping in and out of sleeping. She was tired and drunk, but she couldn't completely sleep. Klaus just fed Ray his blood and killed him before looking at Jessica. He was worried about her and he knew that it was partly his fault, but he just wanted her back. He wanted to hold her in his arms, kiss her on the lips, and every else he used to do with her. Jessica was his, but she didn't see it like that anymore. Klaus wanted her to see it like that, but he didn't want to lose her again. He was brought out of his thoughts when Stefan stepped into the bar.
"You're back." Klaus said to Stefan when he took his eyes off of Jessica.
"Did you doubt me?" Stefan asked, momentarily looking at Jessica.
"Not for a second." Klaus said to him. "I knew you'd pass the test. You still care for your brother, for your old life."
"Nah, I don't care about anything anymore." Stefan said, lying to Klaus as he walked over to a table.
"You put on a good show Stefan. I almost believe you." Klaus said as he walked up behind Stefan. "Lets hope, for your brother's sake, he does. You never stop caring about family, do you. But, every time you feed, the blood makes it easier to let go." Jessica's ears picked up on the last part. 'The blood makes it easier to let go' his words repeated in her mind. 'Do I want to let go?' Jessica didn't want to let go of her feelings, but her drunken state made the idea more alluring.

Klaus stepped up to Jessica's side and noticed that she was practically passed out from all her drinking. He still thought that she looked beautiful, no matter what state she was in. The year he was without her was torture and he didn't want to go through that again. He just wanted her to be completely his again, like she was before he compelled her to forget their relationship. A tear escaped Jessica's eye, which Klaus noticed. He slowly and gently wiped the tear away while wondering if he had caused her to cry. 'I'll make everything up to you' He thought towards her before he walked towards the bar.

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