This one was spontaneously written. To put it bluntly, I have no idea where this came from or what I was thinking.

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Alice had found herself wondering this more than once, and consequently caught herself staring in the general direction that said wonderings were focused on. Peter had a rabbit form and a rabbit tail while in human form… so why shouldn't Sidney?

True, Elliot didn't have a rabbit tail, but he also didn't seem to have a rabbit form, so that might have been why. Whatever the case, Alice's thoughts on this matter mean that several times in the past few time periods she had ended up staring at Sidney's lower back.

Not at his rear.

Right now he was making her wonder once again, leaning against the back of the couch she was sitting on. For whatever reason, today Sidney had chosen to stand behind the couch while enjoying his tea, while Alice sat normally; both were on break from work.

Again she contemplated this odd question. True, she could simply ask him and no doubt receive a quick and easy answer, but where was the fun in that?

It was too tempting right now, especially as Sidney was lost in thought. Without hesitation, Alice to place a hand over right below the bow at the back of his vest, where his tail would be. She didn't MEAN for it to be so low…

Instantly Sidney jumped. From the sound of his spluttering and the way his teacup clattered to the saucer he held in his other hand, he'd choked on his tea. Alice, not at all abashed, merely watched, somewhat concerned but not overly so.

"Are you all right?" she asked as the coughing rabbit tried to regain his breath. With watery eyes and very red cheeks-doubtless from more than just the coughing- he glared down at her.

"What was that about!?" Sidney exclaimed hoarsely as soon as he had the air. "You aren't the sort to do something such as that out of nowhere, which I am thankful for- so why-!?"

"I wasn't feeling you up," responded Alice as if it were obvious. As this earned a look of utter flat disbelief, she expounded with, "I was checking if you had a tail."

Now she was given a very deadpan look, one that clearly asked if she was stupid. "Of course I have a tail," Sidney responded loftily. "I am a rabbit, and as such I must have a tail."

"A fluffy black tail?"

"… A fluffy black tail, yes."

"I want to see it."

"My outfit does not allow this easily, and I am not stripping simply because you wish to see my tail."


Sidney sniffed. "Stingy I may be, but I have both manners and standards."

Alice ignored this and chose to return to her tea, while he mopped up the tea that he had accidentally spilled on the floor. For several long moments there was silence… until the Outsider glanced over her shoulder and failed to repress a wicked grin.

This time Sidney, who had been bending over to wipe up the spilled tea, stumbled forward and narrowly avoided falling. He straightened a whipped around with almost as dark a blush as previously. "What is it THIS time!?" exclaimed the high strung Black Rabbit. "I've already told you that I have a-"

"I wasn't checking for your tail this time," responded Alice, who again was unashamed of where her hand had made contact. "I was taking advantage of the fact that I can touch that without worrying about being shot."


Hiding a sigh, Alice said, cheeks just barely tinged pink, "Why can't I touch what's mine? You do the same…"

He was dumbfounded for several long moments. At the end of those moments, Alice couldn't respond, thanks to her lips being occupied.

"You're giving me permission to do quite a lot, you know," Sidney remarked the moment there was space between his lips and hers, for he'd leaned over the back of the couch to kiss her.

And Alice smiled. "But break time is over."

"… Only for now."