He anxiously twisted his hands, hovering near in the doorway of the room where Carl lay. He smiled softly, sadly as Maggie headed out to gather supplies for her dad and Patricia to work on the boy. The eldest Greene daughter squeezed his arm on her way by him.

Otis had watched Maggie grow up all the way from a spindly tiny stick of a girl to the rebellious teenager who only wanted to smoke and steal into the incredibly strong woman who had the guts to stand up to her dad, a man that many others deferred to instead of defied.

Since he and Patricia could never have any of their own children, Otis thought of the girl as his own over the years. It killed him to see her go through this. Her pregnancy had put a serious strain on her relationship with her devout father. Herschel didn't love her any less; it's really that he was deeply disappointed in her and couldn't find it in himself to get past that disappointment.

And for Maggie that disappointment was almost worse than her father disowning, yelling or punishing her. It was crushing her, smashing her soul to have no control over something that so disheartened her daddy. She was not exactly thrilled to be knocked up in the middle of the end of the world but she was doing her best, and Otis could only hope Herschel would pull his head out of his ass before it was too late.