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Chapter 9

Kenzi stood in staring at them. "Brother. do you betray us now?" said Kenzi. "Why be a traitor?" Saiji took control of Ascot's body now. He stared at him his hands in tight fists. The two stared at each other without so much as another word. Saiji used his energy to create his sword. "I will kill you!" he said. Kenzi's eyes widened and he created his own sword. He then held it out and blocked his brother's attack. "You fool why do you betray me!" he shouted. Only the angry showed that Saiji had inside.

Hikaru looked at Eagle who looked up at her weakly. "Hi-ka-ru." He said softly. He then groaned in pain and fell unconscious. "EAGLE!" Hikaru gasped holding him to her his blood spilling over her dress. "We must get him some medical attention." Fuu said kneeling down and seeing his wound. Hikaru nodded. "But what do we do?" Fuu didn't have an answer because without her magic she couldn't heal him. "We have to get back to Cephiro!" Ferio said. He knelt down and helped pick Eagle up. "Yeah but how?" asked Hikaru.

"The top tower! There's an orb in their say the destination of the place you wish to go and it'll take you there. It uses a lot of energy so you must help him!" said Saiji pausing for a moment from his fight. The group nodded and then Ferio and Hikaru began to carry Eagle out the door. Fuu followed them but then realized Umi wasn't with them. "MISS UMI!" shouted Fuu running back to the room. Umi was there her fists clenched tightly and worry all across her face.

"Miss Umi you must hurry!" shouted Fuu. Fuu went to take her hand but Umi pulled away. "No, I'm staying." She insisted. "I won't leave Ascot!" Fuu gasped and then saw the fight going on. She looked incredibly worried. "Go on Fuu." Umi said. "I'll be okay!" Fuu looked at the determination in her eyes and then nodded. She then ran off to catch up with the others.

"TELL ME!" Kenzi shouted wanting to know of his brother's betrayal. Saiji only growled and then continued attack. Kenzi grew tired of it and then jumped back and held out his hand. He sent out a plasma ball at his brother. Saiji jumped out of the way but Ascot looked back and saw Umi was in the direct path. "UMI!" he shouted. Ascot forced Saiji to jump back and protect Umi. Saiji and Ascot both screamed in pain and then collapsed to the ground. "ASCOT!" Umi screamed with tears flowing freely.

Kenzi looked up and then shouted, "BROTHER!" Both him and Umi ran to him and then froze. Umi jumped in front of the body and held out her arms. "Leave him alone!" she shouted her voice shaky yet strong. Kenzi glared at her and then grabbed her hand pushed her away. Kenzi knelt down and picked up Ascot's body. "Brother." Kenzi said his eyes filled with sadness. Ascot's eyes opened. "Brother." said Saiji. Then eyes grew red and Saiji's spirit flew inside the mind of Lantis.

"ASCOT!" Umi screamed as she ran to him. Ascot looked up at Umi and smiled. "Are you okay?" he asked to Umi. "Yes, thanks to you." She whispered holding him close. "I'm glad." He said weakly.

When the group got to the room Hikaru looked at Ferio and Fuu. "Take care of him." She said. "What? What about you?" asked Ferio as Hikaru let go of Eagle. "I have to help Lantis. He came here to save me and I have to save him now!" She then left the room. Ferio looked at Fuu who had a worried expression on her face. "Fuu go with her." Said Ferio. Fuu looked at him confusingly. The two looked at each other and then Fuu nodded and ran off to catch Hikaru. Ferio sighed and then saw the sphere. "How does this work?" he asked.

"Ferio!" said Clef in his mind. "Guru!" Ferio replied back. "Open your heart to mine and I shall bring you back to castle Cephiro." He replied. "Okay but can you bring Eagle back with me?" he asked. "Yes now hurry!" Clef replied. Ferio closed his eyes and opened his heart and then in a few seconds he disappeared and reappeared in castle Cephiro.

"FERIO!" Lafarga shouted. Lafarga grabbed onto Eagle and then laid him down. Presea and Caldina looked down at him. "He's hurt badly." Said Presea. "Hey Primera can ya' like heal him?" asked Caldina. Primera fluttered off the shoulder of Presea and floated above Eagle. She closed her eyes and said a healing spell. The wound closed up. Eagle slowly opened his eyes and sat up. "You must rest." Said Presea gently. "Where. am I?" he asked. "Like your back in the castle." Said Caldina. Eagle then realized what was going on and he stood up. "HIKARU! LANTIS!" he shouted. "I must help them." Presea tried to stop him but he pushed past everyone and looked directly at Clef.

"You must take me back to the other world." He said. Clef looked at him and saw the determination in his eyes. Clef opened his mouth to protest but Eagle said, "Lantis risked his life for mine and I must help him now!"

Back at the room Saiji was able to free Lantis with ease. It was easy because Kenzi wasn't able to take full control and Saiji was able to imprison Kenzi in status. "Thanks for saving us." Said Umi as Saiji returned to Ascot's body. He held his hand to her cheek and smiled. "Anything for you." He whispered. Umi nodded and then watched him sit up. "I must return Kenzi to the body. He then ran out of the room. "HEY WAIT!" shouted Umi. Lantis looked up weakly and then closed his eyes.

A few minutes after Umi left Hikaru returned with Fuu at her heals. "LANTIS!" Hikaru shouted running to his side and seeing him. "Hikaru, are you hurt?" he asked. Hikaru shook her head. Lantis smiled and then held up his hand to her cheek. "Where's Miss Umi?" asked Fuu. "And Sir Ascot and Saiji." Lantis took a moment to say something but he then said, "They went to return the spirit to the body." Hikaru helped Lantis up along with Fuu. "No I can manage." He said. "Hurry to the room they ran to the left." He said. Hikaru and Fuu nodded and left the room.

Inside the room Saiji used his spirit to transfer the spirit of Kenzi inside Debiru. "It's done." Said Saiji. "WHAT ABOUT ME?" asked Ascot. Saiji sighed and then looked at Umi. He then hugged her. "Thank you." He whispered. Umi looked confused but Saiji only grinned. He then held out his hand and a plasma ball. He then used it and hit the head of Debiru directly. Just then his eyes opened.

"Is this what you wanted?" asked Eri. "Is this what makes you happy?" asked Kenzi. Saiji glared at them. "For killing my beloved!" he hissed. "Beloved?" asked Kenzi and Eri at the same time. "YOU KILLED ORISA!" he shouted fiercely. "What, I don't understand." Said Eri. "YOU TWO KILLED HER!" Saiji shouted. "No. we. never." Said Kenzi. "We wanted you. to be happy." Eri finished. "But. you changed and we changed. too." Kenzi said.

Before the two could say anything else the eyes of Debiru closed and the spirits of Kenzi and Eri floated out. But not black like before but white and then they disappeared.

Saiji breathed heavily and then closed his eyes. "Is something wrong?" asked Umi. Just then a tear fell from Saiji's eyes. "Saiji?" Umi called out to him. "They were my brothers. Even if we were evil we were brothers by blood. and now."

"And now you killed your own flesh and blood." Said a voice from behind. The three looked back and saw the old man standing in the doorway. He clapped his hands slowly and then approached them holding his staff as he walked. "What a fool you are." He laughed. "Killing your own brothers when they did it all for you." Saiji looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"For a crown prince of this world you really are quite stupid!" The old man cackled. "Watch your tongue!" shouted Saiji. "YOU WATCH YOUR'S!" he hissed. "For years I've been waiting for they day when I will rule this world and finally this day will come! If it wasn't for the birth of you and your pathetic younger brother I would have ruled half of this world with Kenzi but then you two were born and your father separated this world equally. I was cast aside like I was nothing. I WHO WAS THE ADVISOR TO THE KING! I WHO SUFFERED RULING UNDER THREE SELFISH CHILDREN! Don't you really want to know who killed your beloved? It wasn't Eri and it was never under Kenzi's orders. I KILLED HER! I knew you loved and even though your brothers never approved they wanted you to be happy. I knew if she was dead you'd become cold and outcast from all and then I hoped you'd kill yourself but my luck wasn't as lucky as I hoped.

Your brother's noticed the cold change in you after her death. You became ruthless and a killer. True to like your ancestors who built this castle yet untrue to the mother you wanted you and your brothers to rule with kindness. But your coldness brought coldness to your brothers. Alas my plan to become ruler was becoming failed or so I thought."

"That's when the news of the Magic Knight's came here. You believing that bitch (pointing to Umi) was the one you love. You demanded to go there and take her back and your brothers agreed for YOUR sake. But then the coldness returned when they realized if they kidnapped the other Knights to keep that one from leaving your side. Then they would take them and use them as their Queens. But who would have expected that there lust for the knights would appear."

"Then when you lost the battle to the knights I was overjoyed that my time was finally here. You were destroyed but then. you weren't your body lived but you were weak. So I finally realized the only way to destroy you three was for you three to kill yourselves! Now that you are all alone I will destroy you! Because without your brothers you are powerless to defeat my power!"

Saiji's eyes burned with anger. He then left Ascot's body and entered Debiru alone. He stood up and then glared at the old man. "I'LL KILL YOU! FOR MY BROTHERS! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" He then flew at the old man but the old man had a barrier around him.

Umi ran to Ascot and helped him up. At the same time Hikaru and Fuu entered the room. There mouth's dropped when they saw the two fighting. Umi told them the quick version of what happened.

"You fool." Said the old man throwing Saiji aside. "You think you can control the body which requires three minds to control?" Saiji looked up weakly and stood up he then charged a plasma ball only to have it reflected back at him. Saiji flew and then smashed into a wall. He groaned and then looked up. "SAIJI!" shouted Umi as the old man charged up his staff. "Thank you Umi. for being kind. you are just like. Orisa." Then the old man fired the blast him and then the body disintegrated.

"SAIJI!" Umi screamed. Hikaru gasped and Fuu clasped her hands to her mouth. Ascot held Umi close to him and then as the old man turned around and eyed them. "Now it'll be your turn to die!" he cackled. He then held out his staff and began to chant several words. "LIGHTING STRIKE!" he shouted causing a thunderbolt to burst through the ceiling and around the old man's staff. He then aimed it right at Umi and Ascot. "LOOK OUT!" Hikaru shouted. Ascot pushed Umi out of the way and the lighting bolt him in directly in the chest. Ascot's body flew back and crashed into the fall from the impact. He slid down against the wall and groaned. "ASCOT!" Umi cried. She ran to him only to have a lighting ball shoot down inches from her. She looked back and saw the old man laughing insanely.

"You three wenches are next." He laughed. Hikaru ran in front of her friends. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" she shouted. The old man laughed and then charged his staff again. "THUNDER BLAST!" Hikaru gasped and threw her hands in front of her. The magic flew at the three knights and exploded causing each of them to fly back.

Umi looked up and saw she near Ascot. He looked up at her and frowned weakly. "I'm sorry Umi." He whispered weakly. "That I couldn't protect you . like last time." He then closed his eyes and passed out. Fuu looked over at them and then closed her eyes. "If only I had my magic!" she said to herself. "Then I could heal them and protect them!" Just as she was saying that Hikaru stood up slowly. "I won't let you hurt my friends!" Hikaru shouted. The old man laughed and held up his staff again. Hikaru threw her hands up once again and then prepared to take a direct hit.

She heard a huge explosion but she was unharmed. Hikaru opened her eyes and saw someone standing in front of her. "Are you all right, Hikaru?" asked Eagle.

"EAGLE!" Hikaru said in shock. He smiled at her and then glared at the old man who was still grinning like a Cheshire cat. Eagle put his hands down and Hikaru saw his sleeves were torn and blood was seeping through the wounds on his arm. "Pathetic weakling you think you can stop me!" hissed the old man raising his staff. "LIGHTING STRIKE!"

Eagle was blasted against and because the huge amounts of force he was pushed back. "Is that your best shot!" Eagle shouted putting his arms back down and even more blood pouring down. Hikaru looked up and then began to cry and she shouted, "EAGLE PLEASE DON'T! HE'S TO STRONG!" Eagle raised his hands up again and said, "ATTACK ME IF YOU DARE!" He held up his staff once more and sent another lighting bolt again. Hikaru screamed and closed her eyes not wanting to see Eagle hurt but instead the lighting bolt was split into two bolts and were shot into the walls not harming anyone. The three magic knights looked up and saw Ferio holding his sword. Apparently he was able to cut the bolt in half. Ferio lowered his sword and looked at the old man. "I won't let you hurt them." He said. Ferio then looked at Eagle. "I came with you so you don't get your damn self killed!" said an angry Ferio. Eagle gave him a cheery smile. "I'll remember that." He replied.

The old man growled. Fuu looked relieved as she tried to stand up. "Ferio!" she said happily. Ferio smiled and the old man was about to charge up for another attack when there was a loud crack. Everyone looked up and saw Lantis and his sword was against the man's throat. "Put down your staff." He threatened placing the blade closer to the throat. The old man let out a breath only to cause a thin line of blood to trickle down the metal blade. "Alright." He said. He let go of his staff and then closed his eyes. "Is everyone okay?" Lantis asked looking at the group. Umi moved to Ascot and helped him. Ferio helped Fuu and Hikaru moved ahead of Eagle. "Every one seems to be quite intact." Said Eagle scanning the room. "Perhaps one of us should help Umi in helping Ascot."

"That won't be necessary." Said the old man. Just then a thunderbolt came hurdling down and crashed right onto Lantis causing him to fly into the back wall. "LANTIS!" shouted Hikaru and Eagle at once. Luckily for Lantis the armor he was wearing protected him from being harmed badly, although some blood did trickle down her cheek. The staff then floated up and then the old man shot another lighting bolt toward Hikaru. "HIIKARU!" Everyone shouted. Then there was a huge explosion.

When the dust cleared everyone saw Eagle in front of Hikaru. His shirt was in tatters and blood was spilling out from his wounds. He looked back at Hikaru and smiled. "I'll protect you." He whispered softly. He then fell back and coughed out blood. "EAGLE!" Hikaru screamed. The old man laughed and then held his staff high in the air and several thunderbolts came crashing down from the ceiling and electrocuting everyone. There screams filled the room entirely and the old man laughed.

"Pathetic." He spat when the screams died. He watched as everyone struggling to get up from his or her positions. "I think I'll kill you all one by one!" he said with a gleeful look in his eye. "Then when you are all dead I shall take the army and conquer Cephiro and the other countries and I shall reign SUPREME!" he laughed insanely but Hikaru stopped him by standing up. Her heavy breathing caused the old man to grin even bigger. "I won't let you hurt them!" she shouted. "LEAVE ME FRIENDS ALONE!" Just as she said that the ground beneath her began to shake and then rise high into the air and burst out from the castle. She screamed as the pieces of the roof fell and crushed her hands and legs. "YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE!" the old man said as he slowly arose into the air on sleek black beam of some sort.

Hikaru looked around and found the castle crumbling as several more black beams coming up. The old man held out his staff but then instead of firing at her he lowered it and grinned wickedly. "No on second thought you'll be the last to die. I know you were the one who fought and 'defeated' the brothers before and killing you first would lessen the sweet victory. I want you to watch all your friends DIE!" Just then two beams shot out and on top of them were Umi and Fuu. "UMI! FUU!" Hikaru cried out. Then four beams shot out but unlike the others ones hanging from them by invisible chains were Ascot, Ferio, Eagle, and Lantis.

Umi and Fuu slowly got up and instantly saw the ones the loved hanging unconscious. "NO FERIO!" Fuu cried. "WAKE UP!" Umi had gasped and reached her hand out in attempt to reach Ascot. "ASCOT! ASCOT!" she cried. The old man laughed and shouted "LIGHTING STRIKE" and then several bolts of lighting shocked the four men.

"NO!" The girls screamed as tears flooded their eyes. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" The old man only laughed and once against shocked them. Hikaru stood up and held her hand out and shouted, "FIRE ARROW!" but nothing happened. Umi then stood up and shouted, "ICE SWORD!" Then Fuu stood up seeing her friends courage and shouted, "GREEN TORNADO!" Nothing happened. The old man couldn't contain his laughter.

"PATHETIC CHILDREN!" he shouted. "You don't have any powers!" Hikaru held out her hand and desperately shouted out, "RED LIGHTING!" "WATER DRAGON!" screamed Umi in hope. "GREEN TORNADO!" Fuu tried again.

Again nothing happened and the old man laughed hard. But his laughter died quickly and he said, "Time to end this pathetic charade. You weaklings like will end now! LIGHTING ." Just then something hit the old man right in the head causing him to stop. Hikaru Umi and Fuu blinked in shock. "What the heck?" said Umi. Just then a monster swooped down and knocked the old man off his perch. The girls' looked back and saw a weakened Ascot looking up. "Monster. summon." no sooner that he passed out the monster disappeared.

"We must get them down before the strange old man come back!" Fuu said. "We can't reach them!" Umi shouted in distress. "And without our magic were sitting ducks!" Hikaru said. The girls then looked worried when a beam of light shot down from the sky and into the eyes of the girls. Then a voice shouted, "ACCEPT MAGIC GIFT!"

A gust of wind surrounded Fuu. The dress she was wearing slid down to her shoulders and a shoulder armor attached to her. They were green with gold with emerald jewels in the center. It attached down to a green metal breastplate. On one wrist were a glove and a green jewel in the center. Her shoes were replaced with ankle high boots. A green cape slid down her back as it bellowed in the wind. Around her neck was an amulet in the shape of a star. Her eyes flashed open as the wind died.

A whirlpool of water engulfed Umi. Her dress was slit into parts exposing her stomach and then became strapless. A shoulder guard that was blue and gold with a magnificent sapphire gem in the center appeared. Connected to that was a breastplate that covers one breast and went around her waist. A metal belt went around her waist. Her shoes were replaced with thigh high boots with blue jewels. On one of her wrists was a glove with a sapphire jewel in the center. Around her neck a amulet appeared in the shape of the moon. As the water began to die her sky blue cape and hair fell down and her eyes opened.

A roaring fire consumed Hikaru. The flames slit her dress also exposing her stomach also becoming strapless. On her left hand was a sleeve being held with a belt and around her arm was another belt. On her right list was a metal glove with a ruby red gem in the center. On the shoulder was a shoulder guard that was attached to armor that was on her left side. Around her waist was a belt, which had a red gem in the center. Her shoes were gone and replaced with boots that reached slight past the knee and with pink stockings that were held up with a tiny red band. On her ears to beaded earrings appeared on each. Around her neck an amulet in the shape of the sun appeared. Her eyes opened as her cape flew behind her.

The three knights stood in awe as they saw themselves. Then a red, blue and green light shot out from the sky the girls looked up and then saw something floating down from the sky toward them. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu held out their hands and grasped the object in each light. "This is." said Umi "My." said Fuu "Sword!" said Hikaru.

The girls stood in awe for a moment until someone said, "So you changed your clothes and got some wimpy swords." He then held up his staff and shouted, "THUNDER BLAST!" Fuu watched as the magic swooped down ready to hit the four defenseless men. She held her hand high in the air and shouted, "GUARDIAN WIND!" The magic attack hit a barrier and then died out. The old man watched with out concern.

Umi looked at Fuu and nodded her head towards her. Fuu nodded back and watched Umi. "ICE SWORD!" she shouted using her magic to destroy the invisible chains. Fuu then lifted her hand quickly and shouted, "BLINDING WINDS!" Fuu's magic caught the four men and she used her magic to move them on top of the black beams.

"So what you think you're strong enough to beat me?" he asked. Hikaru looked up this time and glared at him. "How dare you hurt my friends. the people I love!" she shouted. She then held up her hand and screamed out, "FIRE ARROW!" Her arrow hurtled toward her enemy. The old man held up his hand and shouted, "DARKNESS SHIELD!" The fire engulfed the old man but when it died he was unharmed. "PATHETIC! LIGHTING STRIKE!" He screamed. The attack hit the three girls causing pain but when the attack ended Fuu shouted, "HEALING WIND!"

"So you three are just a going to make this more difficult, ah?" Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu glared at him.

Hikaru went first she jumped high into the air and shouted, "RED LIGHTING!" her attack crashed down on the old man. She then used her sword and slashed his stomach. The old man groaned. Umi then shouted, "BLUE WATERSPOUT!" and ran at the man stabbing him with her sword. "GREEN TORNADO!" Fuu shouted. But she didn't have to move. Her sword was long enough that it reached all the way over to him. She slashed arms and chest.

"TOGETHER WE WILL TRIUMPH!" shouted the girls. Then once all together they combined there three attack and sent it flying at the old man. When the dust from the explosion cleared the old man was on his knees gasping for breath. "It's over now!" Hikaru shouted. She jumped back into the air and screamed, "HEEEEYA!" But before she could hit him the old man smiled and Hikaru gasped. "RESTORE ENERGY!" Just then a black ball swooped out of his staff and hit the girls. Hikaru fell back upon her beam and gasped. "What happened?" said Umi breathlessly. "Its like he sucked some of my energy away!" Hikaru groaned. The black ball then was absorbed in the old man and all his wounds were healed and he smiled. He then held up his staff and shouted, "RAGING STORM!" Suddenly a huge black cloud came and repeatedly shocked the girls. "He's led us into a false sense of security!" Fuu gasped after the attack. "Yeah. and I though he only had two attacks. and his healing magic. it sucked out energy!" Umi said. Hikaru stood up and shouted, "FIRE ARROW!" The old man grinned and shouted, "MIRROR REFLECT!"

The flames that were hurtling toward the old man was then bounced back Hikaru. She screamed as the flames burned her and she slipped and fell off the beam. "HIKARU!" screamed Umi. "BLINDING WINDS!" Fuu screamed saving Hikaru from falling. In saving Hikaru Fuu left herself wide open for an attack. "LIGHTING STRIKE!" Fuu screamed in pain and then fell to her knees. Hikaru gasped.

"This guy . he . he has powers not even Princess Emeraude had when we fought her. He's even stronger then the brothers combined." Hikaru said. "He has more spells and he can even reflect it back and steal out energy!" Umi cried. "Even if we attack him he'll just reflect it back and stop everything." Fuu gasped. The old man laughed.

"Give up and I'll make your end quick and painless!" he said. The girls watched as he raised his staff in the air. Then hit them once again with his Raging storm attack. The girls were brought down to their knees. "We can't win." Said Umi. "He's stronger then anyone we've ever faced!" said Fuu. "Why . can't we win?" Hikaru said staring at the old man who was laughing.

"Don't give up!" said a weak Ascot. "You can win!" Ferio said trying to get up. "You can save us." Said Lantis.

Hikaru looked back waiting to here Eagle but when she didn't hear him tears filled her eyes. "Eagle!" she called. "Eagle! Eagle! EAGLE!" The old man used his magic and it brought Eagle's body up. He laughed as he saw blood spilling everywhere from his body. "Such a weak fool. only a weak heart is what's keeping him alive." Hikaru watched as he dismissed the magic and Eagle's body dropped. The only thing keeping him alive is a weak heart? She thought. Hikaru then slowly got to her feet and the old man looked startled. She then mumbled something.

"What did you say bitch?" asked the old man with anger. "YOU'RE WRONG!" she shouted. "The thing keeping him alive IS his heart! But it's not weak! He's fighting because like me we both have strong hearts to keep fighting! AND FOR HIM! FOR LANTIS! FOR ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE! I WILL DEFEAT YOU!"

Umi and Fuu watched a red aurora surrounded their best friend. She then held her hand out and shouted, "FIRE ARROW!" her attack was fast! It was too fast for the old man to counter with a shield or to reflect it. He flew back and smashed into another dark beam. The old man was shocked that Hikaru's magic could become so powerful in such a short time.

"What power. I can see why the three pathetic brothers lost to you now. But I will not be defeated that easily!" He raised his staff and shouted, "ARISE MASHIN!" Hikaru gasped as the whole castle began to collapse. The girls jumped onto the pillar Fuu placed the men on. It turned out the beams they were standing on were the Mashin! The same Mashin that Hikaru faced when she fought Kenzi, Saiji, and Eri as Debiru!

"What is that thing!" Ferio asked weakly and his eyes widened. "Its. it's a Spirit!" Fuu replied in shock. "That thing is huge!" Ascot shouted. "How can we beat that!" Hikaru looked back and saw Lantis and he touched her hand. "I believe in you!" he whispered. Hikaru smiled and then said, "We can defeat this. I know we can!" Just then the girls amulets began to glow.

"CELES!" shouted Umi "WINDOM!" Fuu shouted. "RAYEARTH!" Hikaru screamed.

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