Sirius Black was many things, but oblivious was not one of them.

After the death of his best friend James by the hand of that traitor Peter, something weird happened to his eyes. Sure, they had always been a little odd after the first near death experience fighting that dark tosser Voldemort, but this topped even that odd sensation.

At first he didn't know anything was wrong, until he looked into a mirror after being declared traitor and thrown into Azkaban without reason.

(There were mirrors there, so if the prisoner was really desperate they could break it and kill themselves. Not like he cared.)

It was then Sirius noted that the odd eyes he got whenever he channeled raw magic into his eyes had shifted. Before he had three tomoe marks inside a sea of crimson red (he had looked up what the term for the marking were after they first appeared.

Now they had shifted slightly, the tomoe combining it a triad that spanned to the edges of the pupil. Where the circle inside the thicker bottom was there were now small stars and a thick circle that connected the three tomoe around the tops. In the center of his pupil was an eight pointed star.

He had no idea what the hell caused it to change, seeing as he almost never used the red eyes aside from when he actually needed the boost. Aside from making him faster and almost impossible to hit, Sirius simply didn't like using the eyes because A) they were bright red and that was generally a sign of being evil which HE WAS NOT despite claims otherwise and B) he had no freaking idea what would happen if he kept them up for too long and got too reliant on them.

Besides there was the fact that after the fifth time he used the eyes, he noticed that his vision was slightly blurry so he went to see and healer and learned that it had deteriorated. He correctly assumed the shifting of the eyes during battle had caused it, got a potion to reverse the damage (along with the name) and afterwords made a point to brew that potion if he had used the eyes during a fight.

It took Sirius the better half of a year to figure out that the upgraded eyes came with new abilities.

One of which was an ability to go into an entire different world of his own making for three days...figuratively at least, since it was more like three seconds outside... and to place illusions almost impossible to escape from with eye contact.

James never did figure out how the hell Sirius got so good at illusions when he couldn't cast one with his wand to save his life.

The second of which was that he realized with a start that anything he saw with the red eyes was permanently etched in his brain. Annoying, but it explained how he managed to pass his Auror's written exam so easily.

The third, which was the one that really baffled him, was the fact that he could literally see the magic being drained from him and everyone else. It moved when he poked at it, but he could see it! And that had never happened before.

Eventually he found a location where the magic drain was almost nonexistent due to the fact the wards hadn't been looked at since the Dementors replaced the guards and he noticed his magic come back rather quickly.

Another quirk was that if he transformed with the eyes in either form, they stayed that way until he returned to being human. And that all his senses were amplified to that of an actual dog or possibly a wolf.

It somewhat amused Sirius that he was learning more about his bizarre eyes in prison than he ever had since he was eighteen and almost killed by a Death Eater who nearly strangled him to death without his wand.

He chalked that fact up to sheer and complete boredom.

Five years. That was how long he had been inside Azkaban, and in the process he had reviewed all the spells he had ever known (both from school and his family...much to his annoyance he knew far too many Dark-class spells because he often hide in the family library to avoid his mother's lessons on being a proper pure blood) and had mastered his animagi form to the point where he could do it at a drop of a hat.

Eventually Sirius was tired of being in this boring ass prison. Even the muggle prisons didn't look so damn dull! And the Dementors never came near his cell when his eyes were activated. Why, he had no idea, but he wasn't complaining.

So, instead of being bored out of his damn mind for another year, Sirius focused on something other than his eyes.

Escape. He knew for a fact that he had family outside of England. He was related to another rather odd pure blood clan that lived inside a little known barrier that kept a large mass of land hidden between Japan and Hawaii.

The Hidden Continents. All but forgotten aside from a few books and never spoken of. Mostly because the Ministry had thankfully long since forgotten about their cousins who were masters of the wandless magic.

If Sirius was going to make his escape, he would go there in a heartbeat. No doubt the Ministry would try to kill him once he escaped, and there wasn't a chance in hell he was leaving without taking Harry with him.

Having his eyes upgrade themselves had done one thing.

They gave him something to focus on other than James and Lily's death, and as a result he had moved past that. Now he wanted to fulfill his promise to the couple, and protect his godson from any Death Eaters who would undoubtedly target him once he went to Hogwarts.

And so Sirius planned his escape, using his eyes to help him memorize the schedules and prepare for his departure.

Among other things, he practiced his wide area illusion skills on the other prisoners. He didn't want to get caught once he went to Diagon Ally in order to get funds for his trip.

Sharpfang looked up from his book in surprise. Someone was casting a double genjutsu nearby. That was more than unusual, since shinobi generally didn't come to England after Grindlewald nearly wiped out the last bunch during World War 2.

Naturally his eyes widened considerably when he realized that the cause was none other than Sirius Black...with the Sharingan no less.

The goblins had assumed that the progeny of the Uchiha/Black union had died out during the war with Grindlewald.

Apparently not.

"Lord Black," said Sharpfang in a low tone.

"...You can see past the illusion?"

"Genjutsu doesn't work on goblins, Sharingan-related or not," said Sharpfang flatly.

Seeing his confusion, Sharpfang barked in goblin to another lower ranked teller and took him into the back.

The second the door closed and the wards went up, Sirius returned his eyes to normal and the illusions dropped. No one outside noticed a thing.

"Since you clearly have the Sharingan, I can only assume you plan to return to Hi no Kuni to embrace the other half of your bloodline," said Sharpfang.

"What is the Sharingan?"

"The Sharingan, or Mirror-Wheel Eye, is a doujutsu or eye-based bloodline of the Uchiha clan of Konohagakure that is located in Hi no Kuni, or Land of Fire. Around sixty years ago there was a union of the Black and Uchiha clans, though the child never activated the bloodline so it was assumed that the kekkei genkai couldn't be inherited outside Shinobi families. The Goblins had believed that the resulting children of that union had died off."

"What about the other form? Right after James died the form shifted into something else."

"I have no idea what form it is, and you'll have to look it up in the Village Hidden in the Leaf. In any event, you'll need to know a few things since your imprisonment."

Sirius straightened.

"Where is my godson?"

"According to reports, he is living with his maternal aunt. We have yet to confirm that however..." started the goblin. He paused when he realized that Sirius' eyes had shifted, presumably into the second form of the Sharingan.

"Who the fuck put him with Petunia?! She hated Lily for having magic when she didn't, and was verbally abusive to her sister!" he growled.

Sharpfang's eyes narrowed. Child abuse was not only frowned upon, but the punishment for it was severe even by goblins standards.

"Are you aware of her address?"

"Somewhere in Little Whinging, Surrey," he replied.

"Can you prove your innocence?"

"I can give a pensieve memory of the Fidelius Ritual used, and the fact Pettigrew was the one chosen to be Secret Keeper and there's the fact that as his godfather I was bound by magic never to harm my godson or allow him to come to harm willingly," said Sirius.

"It's a pity you were never given a trial, otherwise you would have been out on those counts alone."

As Sharpfang and Sirius descended into the Black Family vaults they found something in Bellatrix's vault that had the goblin cursing loudly.

A Horcrux.

And, according to a spell the goblins did once it was discovered, it was one of seven. The last one happening to be Harry's curse scar to Sirius' fury.

Still, Sirius was prepared by the goblins (he was given some hair dye and contacts to hide his features, and it worked well enough to keep the Aurors off his ass even without the illusion/genjutsu hiding him) so he could retrieve his godson.

And find out if Petunia knew who the hell left him with her, because anyone stupid enough to do so couldn't be trusted.

Petunia Dursley was not a fool, unlike the magical communities. She saw through the dye and contacts and realized Sirius Black was here for his godson.

"Get in here! Do you want the neighbors to see you!?" she hissed.

"Where is he Petunia?" demanded Sirius.

"School. He'll be back by three. What do you want?"

"Who left my godson with you of all people? Anyone who knew Lily well also knew that you two haven't gotten along since she first got her letter," said Sirius.

"I don't know who it was, but there was a letter left," said Petunia, finding it and handing it over to Sirius. One look at the initials and he swore.

"Dumbledore. That bastard had the nerve to leave him with you, even though Lily and James clearly stated in the will he was never to grace your home after the fight you two had the last time she saw you?"

Petunia's eyes narrowed.

"She said in her will he was never to come here?"

"She knew you didn't want anything to do with our world, and she didn't want you to deal with the strain of raising a magical child. Even though you two haven't gotten along since she found out she was a witch, she respected your wishes. She stated that Harry was never to come here and even had a list of people he could be given to should they die."

A slight pang in Petunia's heart came when she heard that. Still, she quelled it once she remembered that Harry wasn't their problem anymore.

A few hours later a child came home with messy black hair and loose clothes. His eyes were rather unfocused, which Sirius quickly realized was due to his father's poor eyesight.

"Aunt Petunia, who is this?" asked the child, wary.

She gave Sirius a Look. It wasn't nearly as terrifying as his mother's, but it was still a Look.

Sirius gave the boy a shaky smile.

"My name is Sirius Black...and I'm your godfather."

The sentence took exactly three-point five seconds to hit the kid, and the look of absolute relief was palpable on his face.

Sirius took one last look at England. The goblins had been paid well to prove his innocence using the memories he supplied, and the adoption had gone through the muggle world (seeing as how Petunia never had legal guardianship of Harry in the first place, despite being his aunt) meaning once he was cleared he would be Harry guardian in both worlds.

Before he left, he had cleared out most of the bookstore, replaced his wand (he went to Knockturn to insure it didn't have any tracers and actually suited him) and bought enough potions ingredients to last him a few years if he didn't brew constantly.

He made sure to stock up on the ingredients to the one that healed his eyes whenever the Sharingan (nice to finally have a name for the damn thing) caused his eyesight to deteriorate. The second form seemed to have an annoying habit of making it worse.

Harry was just happy to leave Privet Drive, and the only reason he hadn't hexed Petunia once he realized the boy could barely handle a medium-sized meal was because she had given him over without a fuss and agreed to a memory wipe to keep anyone from learning where Harry went.

The goblins took care of the rest, even removing the Horcrux from his scar (though whether he retained any abilities was debatable) and several spells which had been placed on him.

Sirius had gotten muggle passports, and they were booked on a cruise that would take them to the very fringe of the barrier where they would borrow a boat and go to the ports.

Luckily the goblins had managed to get an owl out to the Village, so there was going to be an escort waiting for them.

Harry held his arms up, a universal sign of wanting to be picked up. Sirius chuckled and put him around his neck where the boy rested his arms on his head.

He was beyond furious at how attention-deprived his godson was, but he fully planned to make up for it.

And once they stepped on the plane which would take them to Japan (closer than Hawaii at any rate) they would be free of least until the letter came.

Itachi was wary. He had heard tales of a child born of Uchiha and foreign blood outside the clan, but he didn't think they were true.

And now he had been selected to escort this Black Sirius and Potter-Black Harry to Konoha from Tea Country. Right in the middle of the rather tense situation between his clan and the village.

Shusui had been killed right before he left, so he knew things were at a boiling point.

Luckily the Hokage had permitted him to bring Sasuke along, since he felt it would probably ease the tension little Harry might have about coming to an unfamiliar land. Sasuke was eager to meet his cousin from outside the barriers.

Well, that and it got Sasuke far from the compound and away from Fugaku, who was showing far too much interest in his younger brother for his liking.

Itachi's Sharingan picked up a small boat, with three people in it.

One was obviously a sailor, since he was rowing. The other two appeared to be civilians, though the older one felt halfway between shinobi and civilian. The younger one looked excited to be on the boat.

The older man was the first off the boat, helping the younger off. Once he confirmed that the hitai-ate was Konoha's (he looked carefully at the sheet he had been given with the symbol, then at Itachi's headband) the sailor started back through the barrier.

The man looked to Itachi, since he was the leader for this mission.

"Kon-ni-chi-wa. Wa-ta-shi wa Black Sirius desu," he said in choppy Japanese.

Itachi gave him an odd look. His accent was atrocious.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi," he replied.

Sirius coughed.

"Sorry about the accent. The charm has to hear the language before it properly kicks in. This is Harry," he said.

Sasuke couldn't wait any longer, as he bounced up to Harry who was a few months older than him.

"Hi! I'm Uchiha Sasuke!"

Harry gave him a shy smile.

"I'm Potter-Black Harry," he said quietly, holding Sirius' hand for support.

Itachi snorted. Trust a child to break through tension that could cut like a kunai...