"What were the signs for summoning again?" said Harry grinning.

Unlike Naruto, Itachi and Anko, no one else in the compound had a summoning contract with any animals. Itachi would have let Harry or Sasuke sign the raven/crow contract, except he didn't have it. He had signed it right before turning it in, and he hadn't seen it since.

The Hokage had allowed it since he did deserve something for taking out that A-class asshole, who had been a real pain to kill. The fact he had bothered to turn it in meant he got a nice mid-A-rank bonus at the end of his check that month.

So Harry, Sasuke and surprisingly enough Gaara (who was only there to visit the Uchiha compound since Harry had intrigued him and had displayed an interest in trying his luck at summons) were out in the biggest open training area trying to summon a clan without a contract.

Anko, Itachi, Zabuza, Sirius and Haku were all waiting on the sides as a precautionary thing, since according to Itachi, trying to make a new summoning contract was inherently dangerous, as you never knew what you would get.

You could get a demon, or heaven forbid an unchained bijuu by accident, and then you were screwed sideways.

Itachi patiently ran through the symbols again, and Harry memorized them.

"Ready guys? One, two...Three!"

Three sets of hands ran through the hand signs before crying out "Summoning Jutsu!"

Three plumes of smoke appeared, signaling that it had been successful.

The first was Harry's attempt. Standing in front of him was a little girl with pink hair, a black and white uniform with a strange badge, and a sword.


"Um...hi. What exactly are you?"

"My name's Yachiru! Lieutenant of Squad Eleven and Soul Reaper!" she said with a chirp.

"Cool. Can I sign your summoning contract?"

"Sure! Here it is!" she said with a grin. She pulled out a massive scroll from out of nowhere, and Harry wisely didn't ask. Once it was signed, Yachiru vanished with a pop.

Sasuke was next. In front of him was this massive bird which could easily be used for transport. It almost resembled an oversized chicken, to be honest. The funny thing was that Sirius recognized it.

"Dude...you summoned a chocobo?"

"What's a chocobo?" said Sasuke.

"It's a bird that you can ride. Some call it the bird of happiness, but I never understood why. This is the first time I've seen a living one."

"Why's that?" asked Itachi.

"Because it's from a video game series called Final Fantasy. By all rights it shouldn't even exist, but then again most people don't believe in wizards either."

Everyone blinked.

"Okay... In any case, can I sign your contract?"

"Kweeh," said the bird, pulling out another contract. Sasuke signed it and it vanished when he was done. But it did leave an odd feather behind.

Gaara was last, and the most bizarre. In front of him was a bright pink pony with balloons on it's flank (both sides) with curly hair and big eyes. The One-Tailed Jinchuriki blinked twice.

"What exactly are you supposed to be?"

"I'm an Earth Pony silly! You can call me Pinkie!"

"Right... Maybe I should try my luck again," said Gaara tonelessly.

"Want a cupcake?" said Pinkie. She held out a brightly colored cupcake on her hoof.

"Where did that come from?" asked Naruto.

Gaara tried it and was surprised how good it was. That didn't mean he was going to sign this contract though. He would never live it down, and there was already an ongoing joke with his sister that his older brother Kankuro was quite possibly gay and a pervert.

He wasn't going to throw his sexuality into question by having a summoning contract with a brilliantly colored pony.

Haku, on the other hand, was immediately charmed by the pony and had no problems throwing which side he batted for into question. He did that enough by pretending to be female anyway.

"Well if you're not going to sign her contract, do you have any problems with me signing it?" said Haku.

Gaara shook his head, and Pinkie handed over the contract. Haku signed it and Pinkie told him it would take a day before it was finalized. So if he tried to summon today, chances were he wouldn't get a Pony at all.

With that in mind, Zabuza urged Haku to try his own luck at a second contract with Gaara, because there was no way in hell he was going to work with the boy if he used Pony summons, no matter how strong they were.

So Haku and Gaara tried their own luck again.

This time there weren't any horse...er, Ponies, but there was another human girl and another odd creature who only Sirius recognized.

Haku had accidentally summoned a Koorime, and Gaara had brought out what Sirius identified as Kuriboh.

While this was yet another cute, fluffy creature, this one wasn't nearly as girlie as the last.

And so, the day ended with many an odd summoning contract being created...

Cough...I plead the fifth. And fully blame my overactive plot bunnies trying to add to an already heavy workload with all the stories I have out there unfinished.

This was just something that bounced around my head for a few hours that amused me so much that I had to write it, even as an Omake that will never be unless the fans actually want one of the summoning contracts I used in the actual story...then it will be incorporated into it.

Remember, if you liked one of the contracts, I want to know!