Fade To Black

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WARNINGS: Mild horror/violence. Brief mention of morbid/depressing thoughts. Death of a minor character. A little swearing. I think that's it.

What's life like bleeding on the floor? – Thank You For The Venom: My Chemical Romance

The sky had slowly turned dark as night fell over the town of Haddonfield. Rain was falling, a drizzle which was quickly turning into a downpour. Lucas was running down an alleyway. He was being chased by a tall man with greasy blond hair who was yelling at him to stop. The teenager wished he had just stayed at home but he hated being there. It was almost as bad as school. He could not help being gay, it was just natural to him but the jocks did not care about that. No, they just liked to see him suffer. Lucas was sick of it. The continuous beatings. The cruel insults. Having his locker and personal items defaced. School was a living nightmate. The teenager liked being outside at night, because it was the only time he felt free. Wandering into the rough part of town had been a big mistake however. Lucas never went there usually; it only had bars that were dives and seedy shops, along with housing that was mostly abandoned. The people who hung out there were mostly creeps, junkies, and drunkards. He knew it was better to just keep clear of the area, but he had been so upset tonight that he had not paid much attention to his surroundings. Lucas was paying for it now though. The stranger he was running from had talked to him, but he had decided to ignore the man. The teenager had figured the man would lose interest. He had been wrong. Instead, the man had started to follow him and had also become angry at being ignored. So Lucas had run, run as fast as he could, hoping to get away. He had no idea what the man wanted, but he knew it would not be anything good.

When he reached the end of the alley his heart sunk. It was a dead end. There was a wall blocking his path, and it was too high to climb over. By now he was drenched in rain, his t-shirt clinging to him like a second skin and his dark hair plastered to his pale face. His soft brown eyes were showing apprehension as he slowly turned to face the stranger. The man was smiling, his light blue eyes glinting meanly as he surveyed the worried teenage boy standing in front of him.

"Please..." Lucas pleaded. "I don't have much money but you can have it. Take it all, I don't care"

The man leered as he shoved the dark haired boy backwards. "It's not money I want, pretty boy" He was close enough now that Lucas could notice the stench that lingered on him – an unpleasant mixture of body odour, cheap whisky and stale cigarette smoke.

No. No. Not that. Lucas felt sick to his stomach as he realized what the man wanted. He looked around wildly, hoping someone would see and come to help him – but he knew nobody would. He was all alone.

"Now just take it easy" The man brushed a dirty looking thumb over Lucas's lower lip. "If you take real good care of me then maybe I won't hurt you too bad. What's your name?"

Lucas stayed silent for a few moments, and then reluctantly answered the man's question. "Lucas..."

"I hope you're telling me the truth there pretty boy. Because I hate liars" He pulled out a switchblade and a low laugh emerged, resonating deep from within him. "This is gonna be fun"

"Please, don't do this" Lucas begged. "Just walk away. I'm not gonna tell anyone about this, I swear"

The man slammed him back into the wall, his arm pressed heavily against Lucas's throat. "Shut the fuck up" The man growled.

Lucas saw white spots pass in front of his eyes. Pain exploded in the back of his head with the force which he had hit the wall. He was dizzy and close to passing out as he desperately grabbed hold of the man's arm, trying to move it so he could get some much needed air into his lungs. Lucas kicked and struggled to get away but his efforts were feeble. Even if he had not been in his weakened state, the lean frame of his body still would have lost against the man's solid build. In his heart he knew it was hopeless. Then suddenly the man let out an odd sound, stumbling back. Lucas slid down the wall to the ground and coughed, taking in as much air as he could with deep breaths. The man had dropped to his knees, staring down in shock at the bloodstain rapidly forming on his grimy white tee from a wound in his side where the handle of a knife was protruding. A masked figure in a simple blue coverall crouched by the man and wrapped a hand around the handle of the knife, before yanking the knife out. The man yelped, and it looked like he was going to say something but before he could say anything, the masked man had deftly slit his throat, a crimson flow of blood spilling out from his slashed jugular vein.

There was a dead body lying in front of Lucas. He was terrified, sure he would be next to die. He wondered if anyone would even miss him. Lucas knew he should at least try to run, but he sat there frozen in horror at what he had seen. The white mask was hiding the face of a deranged psychopath. Michael Myers, who had been all over the news for the past few days, having recently escaped from the psychiatric hospital in Smith's Grove. It was hard to believe Michael was only a few years older than him. Lucas could not control the trembling that started as Michael stood up and advanced upon him, carelessly dropping the knife onto the ground. Lucas was not sure if that was good or bad. So perhaps he was not going to get stabbed to death, but then how would Michael kill him? Did he have another weapon hidden somewhere? Or maybe he would simply use his brute strength. Lucas squeezed his eyes shut tight as Michael leant over him. He did not want to die but if he had to he would prefer it to be quick. And maybe it was for the best. Was his life worth living? Perhaps in death he could find peace.

Michael grabbed hold of Lucas and pulled him up onto his feet. Then he hoisted the teenage boy up over his shoulder, with as little effort as if Lucas had weighed no more than a sack of feathers. Lucas opened his eyes again, getting a slanted view of the world as Michael strode onwards. Lucas wondered where he was being taken as he clung onto the surprisingly soft material of Michael's coveralls and pressed his face against Michael's broad shoulder. .It was not because he was scared of falling, he actually felt secure. Michael would not let him fall. He was being carried around by a killer, but yet somehow a part of him felt safe. It was wrong, so wrong. Lucas knew the thoughts he were having were not right, it was like his senses had gone haywire. His mind was not screaming danger, it was whispering quietly. Still...Michael had protected him from his attacker. Even if he had not done it intentionally, Michael had saved Lucas. So for that at least, Lucas could not help but be thankful. And he was still alive. He did not know why, but he was. That had to mean something, although he could not figure out what it meant yet. Michael had been walking for a long time, and when he finally set Lucas back down onto the ground, the dark haired boy had no idea where he was. They were standing by the back of a car. Taking a set of keys from a hidden pocket in his coverall, Michael opened the trunk. He pointed at Lucas, and then pointed at the trunk, before pushing the teenager forward. Lucas did not want to go in there, but he did not think he had a choice. If he refused, Michael would probably just make him do it anyway. So he climbed in, curling up to fit in the cramped space as the lid was shut. He hated it, and prayed that the journey would not be a long one as he felt the car's engine rumble to life as Michael started the ignition.

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