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March 1st-

After having my journal violated and written in, and just basically molested by my siblings...we all agreed that it was time to have a family journal. This is even worse than my own "private" journal.

Oh shut up Gaara, this is a fantastic idea! I think it is great for family bonding!

I a girl right now...why the hell do we need a family journal when we are all in the same house?

Kankuro shut up, just shut up, we don't always have the chance to talk so this is a nice way to jot down a few lines before we walk out and go our own ways for the day!

I think I am going to contract a disease knowing Kankuro manhandled this book.

You are such a drama queen, Gaara.

Kankuro, if he's the queen you're the princess.

Kankuro was owned. Point to Temari.

Damn it all.