This will be a series of oneshots taking place in the same continuity as A Charming Thanksgiving, A Golden Christmas, and A Regal Halloween. If you haven't read those, fear not, you should be able to follow each story without getting lost. For those of you that have read the previous three, these will tell the stories you haven't heard (Easter, New Years, etc.) and the stories only mentioned by the characters (Neal's dinner with Belle and Gold, Neal's proposal to Emma, etc.). Timeline wise, these will jump around a lot, so I will try to make it clear when each event happens. Up first, the beginning of Moe French and Belle's reconciliation!

Mother's Day

"This is Moe French of Game of Thorns how may I help you?" Moe French answered the phone in his floral shop. It was almost closing time and the last customers were leaving the store.

"Good, you're still open. When do you close?" the voice on the other line asked. Moe French didn't recognize the voice on the other line, though he could tell it belonged to an adult male. He immediately assumed the guy needed some emergency flowers for his mother or mother-in-law.

"We close in thirty minutes. Do you need a rush order of flowers by then?" Moe asked. The voice on the other line was silent for a moment.

"A dozen pink roses," the voice said decidedly. "Will they be ready in thirty minutes?" he asked.

"Yes," Moe said. "Did you forget about Mother's Day?" he asked jokingly.

"Not exactly," the voice said chuckling. "I'll be there in about thirty minutes," he added before hanging up. Sure enough, the Moe French heard the door to shop open almost exactly thirty minutes later.

"You're just in time," Moe said pleasantly, eager to get home. He frowned when he realized he didn't recognize the man in front of him. The stranger was fairly tall with brown hair and brown eyes and looked to be in his 30s.

"I don't believe we've met. My name is Neal Cassidy and you must be Mr. French," Neal said holding out a hand to Moe. On his face he wore a tense smile that seemed to be plastered on.

"Call me Moe," Moe said, giving Neal a firm handshake. "I have the flowers ready," he said as he began to head to the back.

"I'm here for a little more than just flowers," Neal admitted, his face turning serious.

"Look I don't have any money," Moe protested, growing uncomfortable.

"I'm not here for anything like that," Neal said, flabbergasted that the man thought he would try to rob him. "I'm here about a young woman, my stepmother," he explained.

"I have the flowers ready," Moe repeated, not understanding what the young man meant. Neal sighed.

"I forget you wouldn't recognize your own son-in-law," Neal said bitterly. With that, everything finally made sense.

"You're…you're his son?!" Moe explained. He didn't know Gold had a son.

"And Belle's since the wedding. I know you received an invitation. I also know you weren't there," Neal said frowning. Moe answered with a cold silence. "Belle was heartbroken to see you missing. She wanted you to be the one to walk her down the aisle, not me," Neal added calmly, hiding his anger at the man.

"I can't accept that she married that monster, that beast," Moe said quietly.

"It was her choice. No one forced her to do anything. I know my papa has done some pretty messed up things in the past but he's changed. Mom wouldn't be with him right now if he hadn't," Neal said, realizing his slip too late. "I wouldn't still be here if he hadn't," he added.

"Why do you care anyway? This doesn't involve you," Moe asked, puzzled.

"I don't like seeing my stepmother miserable, and she hates this rift between you two. Don't let your hatred of my father push her even farther away," Neal said.

"He nearly beat me to death!" Moe French spat, his anger rising.

"And you nearly caused Belle to lose her memories," Neal countered. "She later did lose her memories and you never even visited her in the hospital. While she was Lacey you sat back and did nothing, and you refused to even attend her wedding," he argued, shuddering at the memory of Lacey. Neal only had a few interactions with Belle's cursed persona and for that he was glad. "And yet here she is, ready to forgive you, and honestly, I don't think you deserve her forgiveness," Neal admitted.

"I don't but he does?" Moe asked bitterly.

"He's done nothing but try to change for the better. You on the other hand haven't even made an effort to try, not since you tried to take her memory away," Neal pointed out.

"How do you know so much about this?" Moe asked. He knew Neal wasn't in Storybrooke when everything happened.

"We don't keep secrets in our family. Besides, if you think you've had it rough with him you're wrong. I speak from personal experience that him attacking you is one of his lesser crimes," Neal said, allowing a small chuckle.

"And what about the deal in our world? The one where I lost my daughter," Moe said, not finding anything about the situation humorous.

"Belle told me she made the deal willingly, which is still not the worst thing he's done to anyone," Neal said. Moe seethed silently. "Look, my papa abandoned me when I was fourteen because he was too afraid to give up his power as the Dark One. It took centuries for him to find me and for me to forgive him, but most importantly it took work. Everything was not instantly better; there was no magical solution to our problems. Hell, we still don't see eye to eye on everything, but that doesn't matter. I have my father again and he has his son back. As much as I hate to admit it, not a day went by that I didn't wish I could have him back, and I know you feel the same way about Belle," Neal said when Moe stayed silent. Moe sighed.

"Let me guess, Belle asked you to do this," Moe said, guilt showing in his voice. Neal realized that Moe took what he said to heart and inwardly smiled.

"I came on my own. Like I said earlier, I don't like seeing her upset. She's a genuinely good person," Neal said, letting his smile show. "Besides, I thought you might want to start reconnecting with your daughter before your granddaughter is born," Neal admitted, and Moe's eyes widened.

"She's pregnant?!" he asked incredulously. Neal nodded. "She's pregnant…" he repeated. "When did this happen?" Moe asked.

"Regina thinks she was conceived on the wedding night. We all just found out today, and Regina was kind enough to let us know the gender as well," Neal admitted with a smile. He looked forward to having a little sister, even if she would be young enough to be his daughter. This revelation seemed to finally reach Moe.

"How do I reconnect with Belle? After everything that's happened I have no idea where to start," Moe admitted.

"How about the four of us do dinner? My father and I were estranged not too long ago and we started reconciling over dinner," Neal suggested. Moe gave a small nod in reply. "How about next Friday?" he offered.

"Sure," Moe said meekly.

"Well, I need to drop by and give my stepmom her Mother's Day present. Do you still have the flowers?" Neal asked, feeling pleased with himself.

"Yeah," Moe said grabbing the flowers as Neal pulled out the money to pay for them. "Thank you for your business. And the rest," Moe admitted.

"You can thank me next Friday," Neal said with a nervous chuckle as he left. It was a short drive to the Gold residence, and Neal parked in the driveway and knocked on the door. Belle answered the door.

"Hey!" she said smiling, giving him a hug.

"These are for you," Neal said, offering her the roses. He grinned as he saw his stepmother's face light up. "Happy Mother's Day," he said, kissing Belle on the cheek.

"Why thank you son," Belle said teasingly. She was still getting used to considering a man a few years older than her her son.

"Hello Bae," Gold said smiling, just now reaching the door. "Flowers, how thoughtful," he said approvingly, causing Belle to giggle.

"I should get home, but first, do you two have plans next Friday?" Neal asked. The two thought for a moment.

"No, I don't think so. Why?" Belle asked.

"Well, I may have arranged us a dinner date. With Belle's father. And before you two freak out, I thought it would be a good chance for you two to talk because I know you haven't done that since before the wedding. I talked to him when I picked up your flowers and he seemed willing to try," Neal said hastily, hoping they wouldn't kill him. Gold decided to let his wife handle this one.

"If he seems willing to try it can't hurt," Belle said with a small smile. Truthfully, she missed him. The last time they were on good terms was before the deal with the Dark One. "Thank you," she said, her smile growing. Belle gave Neal a hug.

"Happy Mother's Day mom," Neal said smiling.

I know, this one's a bit more on the serious side, and I certainly didn't plan on writing this one first; it just sort of happened. More will be added based on when inspiration strikes, so let me know some of the stories you want to see! Up next, the full version of Hook and Regina's first meeting on the dock!