I apologize ahead of time for the shortness and general crappiness of this one, I know you all have been looking forward to Charming baby fluff. Thanks again for all the reviews, follows, and favorites, and I hope you enjoy!

Labor Day

Mary Margaret sat by the window, holding baby Ruth and smiling.

"She's not going to disappear if you put her down," David said softly, kissing his wife's neck from behind. It had been a few months since Ruth was born and neither parent wanted to let their daughter out of their sight.

"I know," Mary Margaret whispered with a smile. "She's beautiful," she added, gently rocking the sleeping babe.

"She is," Charming agreed grinning. "I wonder if she'll want me to teach her sword fighting when she gets older," he said thoughtfully.

"Maybe she'll prefer archery," Mary Margaret said playfully.

"As long as she gets some form of self-defense," David said chuckling.

"Between us and the rest of this family she won't need it," Mary Margaret said giggling. David laughed.

"After all she has the two of us, a magic-wielding sheriff, another sorceress, a former sorcerer, a pirate captain, and an entire town protecting her," David said.

"She's going to be very spoiled," Mary Margaret noted.

"I'll say," David said smiling.

"Do you think Ruth will be able to use magic too?" Mary Margaret asked.

"I don't know. Regina and Gold say it's too early to tell," David said. Mary Margaret smiled and handed him Ruth.

"I thought you might want to hold her," Mary Margaret said grinning. David smiled and held his little girl close.

"No one will ever hurt you, you beautiful girl," David cooed, and Mary Margaret giggled.

"You look like a proper daddy," she noted, giving David a kiss.

"Well, I am a proper daddy," David teased, rocking the little girl.

And in that moment, both of them knew they were living their happily ever after.

Yeah, this one's really short. It was really getting on my nerves and I just wanted to finish it. I'm sorry for the late update, but between a lack of inspiration and another project I haven't had the chance to write more. I'm not finished with this set of oneshots by any means, but I won't be updating as often, mostly because of my other project (A little story called Never Stop Fighting that I am shamelessly advertising). Next chapter will be a surprise, because I haven't picked what I wanted to do yet :)