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Title: Finding You

Summary: Everything seems like it's back to normal after Robin returns and Slade disappears. Robin and Raven are still trying to figure out their feelings for each other while Starfire struggles to move on and be happy with the two. Now the titans face a new threat in the form of an innocent blonde girl who Beast boy has seemingly grown attached to.

Pairings: One-sided RobStar. Beast boy x Terra. Mainly Robrae.

How Long is Forever?

It had been around a month since Robin returned and made up with his mentor. Sometimes the team would catch him smiling brightly after a phone conversation with him and continue smiling throughout the day. Batman had made him more relaxed and smile more. Some days though, he grew sadder as well. His time with Slade had badly affected him. Raven sensed distress some nights that woke her up. Unbeknownst to the team, it wasn't just Robin's time with Slade that affected him. It opened up some memories he wished to leave behind him.

Starfire confessed her feelings while on top of a Bruce Wayne building (Beast boy still asked how Robin knew the very rich and famous man). Once their leader had become comfortable living with them again, she attempted many times to bring up that specific conversation. Well, it wasn't much of a conversation. She had confessed and he tried to nearly kill her. That's why she determined today was the day they would talk about it.

It was the perfect day too, she grinned happily as she woke up. Today was the annual Blorthog! Robin would never reject her need to talk to him on this particular day. Even without Robin, she still wanted everyone to have an amazing time. She already prepared all the decorations and presents needed for this amazing day! She grabbed everything, using her inhuman strength to carry all of it. Finally, she burst into the main room beaming.

"Happy Blorthog!" she screamed in joy. The smile only remained on her lips for a few seconds before it turned into a confused frown. Raven was sitting on the couch, indulged in a novel. That didn't surprise her too much considering the girl read all the time. What shocked her was Robin standing on the counter, blasting music in his face with his eyes slammed shut and lips pressed tightly against each other. He was in a bad mood. She could immediately tell. Beast boy and Cyborg were on the couch, screaming at each other for the controller to the game. No one paid her any mind.

She set everything down and quickly grasped the beaded necklaces she made herself for each of her friends. She slowly walked over to Cyborg and Beast boy. "Friends! Would you like to join me in my celebration of Blorthog? It is the Tamaranian holiday that celebrates friendship!"

"GIVE ME BACK THE REMOTE, GRASS STAIN!" Cyborg screamed over the already very loud music.

"IT'S MY TURN!" Beast boy growled fiercely. Starfire blinked and walked away, deciding to try Raven.

"Friend Raven!" Starfire grinned. "How would you like to celebrate this day filled with bunnies and happiness and…"

At Raven's glare, Starfire trailed off and slowly walked away. She glanced over at Robin, who was still engulfing himself in the music with his eyes shut tightly. She took a step towards him. "I wouldn't, if I were you." A voice stopped her. Starfire turned and Raven was still reading her book.

"Why not?" Starfire titled her head to the side.

"He's… not feeling well," Raven hesitated. "Emotionally. Right now, it's best to leave him alone."

"Is it to do with the previous month's events? If so, I can try to talk to him," Starfire offered. Raven didn't answer. The loud music from Robin, the yelling from Beast boy and Cyborg, and the silence from Raven began to pile up in Starfire's chest. Today was going to be a good day! She would throw them a party and have fun. Raven would be slightly sulking but Beast boy would tease her about it. Then Raven would throw something at him and they'd all laugh.

Maybe by the end of the day, Robin would be willing to discuss Starfire's confession of love.

Suddenly, Beast boy was thrown over by Cyborg. He quickly grabbed onto the beads to support him only for them to break, beads falling nearly everywhere. He growled and ran back to Cyborg, who held the remote with a triumphant smirk.

Tears began to slowly fill her eyes. "STOP!" she screeched. Everyone in the room flinched. Beast boy and Cyborg turned off the television immediately much like Robin with his music. Even Raven put the book down. "Friends, why are you acting like this? It… it is not right! Today is Blorthog, the day of friendship! If we do not celebrate properly… we might… we might drift apart."

"Drift apart?" Beast boy frowned. "Star, we aren't… drifting apart or anything."

"Yeah," Robin backed him up, finally speaking for the first time that day. "We're just acting like roommates. It's normal. Friends fight but we'll never leave each other."

Starfire slightly sniffed. "Are you sure?"

"We'll be friends forever," Cyborg agreed, grinning brightly. Starfire glanced up at the team in hope. Everyone, even Raven, offered a comforting smile. Reassurance piled up which made her smile.

"Robin," Starfire turned to him. "M-may I talk to you? Alone?"

The smile on Robin's face disappeared so quickly she wasn't sure it was there in the first place. He gulped a bit and his stance became tense. "Um…"

The alarm rang out, implying a villain was on the loose once again. Starfire didn't miss his sigh of pure relief. "Titans, head out!" he screamed. The titans immediately leapt into action, leaving behind only a lingering Starfire. She frowned sadly before flying off with them.

Warp smirked as he stared down at the Clock of Eternity. He had frozen the guards earlier, stating he did not travel back through time to grovel but to steal. Staring at the glass case, he began to move towards it only to hear a voice. "Get your filthy hands off that!"

Warp turned to see the Teen Titans, standing in their full glory. "Ah, the Teen Titans. I've read about you in the history books," he grinned, hoping to throw them off with the fact he wasn't from their time period. Apparently getting a lot of strange lines from strange villains, they just took off in action. Warp frowned but prepared his weapons, the ones he received specifically for beating them.

Robin dashed towards him first, narrowing his eyes. He took out a couple of smoke bombs from his utility belt and threw them around Warp. Smoke filled the room as Robin prepared to hide his presence in the shadows to attack him. Warp laughed evilly, a spot in his golden suit opening up and sucking in all the smoke. Warp quickly dodged Robin's attack, sending him flying back. Beast boy, in the form of a lion, came next.

He leaped up, snarling his teeth. Warp raised his hand, firing an electric current to Beast boy, not enough to kill him but to temporarily stun him. It worked like a charm. Raven frowned, saying her usual chant. Before she could finish, a blast from the blue circle on his helmet fired at her, making her crash into the wall behind her. Cyborg tried to blast him but he put up a shield very quickly. Once the shield was down, Warp threw a small circular gadget at him. It latched onto his chest. "My power cells," Cyborg gasped, feeling weaker.

"You titans are too out of date. I am from the future," Warp smirked, walking to the clock and reaching through the glass to retrieve it. Robin snarled and stood up, prepared to throw himself at Warp and do something! Raven frowned, sensing his anger. She was slightly dizzy from hitting her head on the wall but she knew that anger. It was the anger Slade taught him to feel while fighting. It was the anger that was almost willing to kill. Warp pressed a button on his chest, opening a circular darkness in front of him. "It's been fun!"

Robin stood up along with Starfire, about to dash at Warp to fight. Raven shut her eyes, using the last of her concentration to use her powers and pull Robin back. Not to save Robin but to prevent the potential kill. "What?" Robin growled realizing he couldn't move forward. Raven gasped, feeling her powers give out. What she didn't notice was Starfire, who was also filled with fury. She flew towards him, faster than she's ever flown before, and tacked Warp right into the darkness he opened.

"Starfire!" Robin shouted just as it closed up completely. Raven managed to stand up, slowly walking towards the center of the room. She already began trying to consciously heal herself.

"Starfire?" Beast boy called out uncertainly.

She was gone.

Starfire groaned, glancing around uncertainly. Wasn't it just daytime seconds ago? Why was the sky dark and filled with stars? She grudgingly stood up, trying to remember what just happened. She threw herself and Warp into a portal like place. Clocks were everywhere as they wrestled for the clock. Warp had warned her about something… something about his suit, but she didn't listen and broke it.

The piece she ripped off, the circular part on his chest, was still in her hands. She quickly fastened it to the belt of her skirt. It ended up sending her here. "Where am I?" she murmured only to glance up. The Titans Tower stood up bright next to her. "Friends!" she gasped.

She threw herself up and dashed towards the front door, opening it quickly using her communicator. She grinned and began running towards the main room. She had to let them know she was alright! They had to celebrate Blorthog! She and Robin had to talk! Going closer to the door, she began to hear voices and some laughter. She was slightly puzzled but threw open the door anyway. "Friends!" she grinned. "I have returned!"

Dead silence is what she was greeted with. The room looked different just a bit. The couch was new along with the television and fridge. There were balloons and cake with a big sign that read, "Happy Blorthog".

She began to really look at her teammates. They were all pale with wide eyes. "S-Starfire?" a voice whispered in disbelief. She turned and blinked. She knew that voice… it was slightly deeper though.

"Robin?" Starfire exclaimed. Robin now wore an all-black suit with a blue bird like shape on his chest. His hair wasn't spiked up anymore. Standing very close to him was Raven only with longer hair that reached to her mid back and white robes. Beast boy also looked more masculine and had his arms wrapped around the waist of a blonde girl with stunning blue eyes. Even Cyborg looked older though he seemed the most recognizable out of all her teammates. "I am… confused," she confessed.

"Robin…" Raven stared at her. "You haven't been called that in…"

"Three years," he finished her sentence. Both shared a long glance which seemed to put them at the same conclusion that Starfire could not decide.

"S-Starfire?" The different looking Robin took a step closer. "Is… is that really you?"

"Yes?" she frowned. "It is me. Is it really you? What is happening? Why do you all look so different?

"Starfire," Raven began slowly, her voice, compared to the last time they spoke, had much more emotion within it. Her voice nwas now soft and comforting. "You… you've been dead for five years."

"Dead?" she gasped. "What? I am not dead! I am right here."

"Five years ago," Cyborg spoke up, "you disappeared in your battle with Warp. We never saw you, and we just… we had to stop looking for you eventually. We thought you were dead. Today… today was the day you disappeared."

Starfire could barely hear the blonde girl whispering in Beast boy's ear if that was really the Starfire they told her about. Beast boy only nodded with his mouth gaping. "Y-yet… you are all celebrating?" Starfire mumbled.

None of the titans knew how to really respond. "Nightwing," Raven glanced over at the much taller and much more muscular man who used to be Robin. "Maybe we should…?"

"It's not what you think," the blonde girl immediately cut in. "We're just… we're celebrating because-"

"Today I died," Starfire clenched her fists. "You refused to celebrate this holiday with me yet when I'm gone…"

"It's not like that," the blue-eyed girl pleaded.

"Were you my replacement?" Starfire hissed. With that, she stormed out, heartache filling her chest.

"Star!" they all shouted but she couldn't listen. She ran as fast as she could out of the Titans Tower. Nightwing, as Raven called him, turned to the rest of them. They all put back their plates and nodded. Beast boy, Cyborg, and the blonde girl dashed out, after the "dead" alien girl. Raven, however, stayed with her arms crossed and brow furrowed in distress. Nightwing nodded and both of them slowly walked out.

"That's Starfire, huh," the blonde girl grinned, hovering over Beast boy who took the form of a bird. Cyborg was also on the piece of earth she was controlling. "I never thought I would meet her… she's really pretty."

Cyborg nodded. "Today wasn't a good day five years ago. Starfire wanted to celebrate and was worried that we would drift apart. Then she just disappeared with Warp."

"Warp? If he disappeared with her…" the girl trailed off.

"Then he's here today," Cyborg whispered, eyes wide. Suddenly, the piece of earth they were hovering on zoomed by much faster as Beast boy soared through at the same speed. They all knew they had to find Starfire before he did.

"It wasn't your fault she disappeared," Raven stated sorrowfully. Both were tracking down Starfire using the device on her belt. Normally it would be much faster but due to the fact that they thought she died, it took a bit longer. Nightwing was the one typing furiously while Raven just stared at him with soft eyes. "It's mine. I should have noticed her anger too. I should have been able to hold both of you back."

"Her anger wasn't going to have her murder Warp though," Nightwing murmured in response. When they returned to the tower, Robin yelled at her and demanded why she held him back but not Starfire. Raven answered truthfully. "I should have… I don't know. I was an idiot. I thought she died without a proper closure on everything."

"You weren't comfortable talking about it," Raven comforted. "Maybe if we can send Starfire back, we can help her understand that… the past you needs more time to sort through his emotions."

Nightwing stood up straighter, eyes fixed on the screen. "Found her. The rest are following close behind."

Nightwing turned, about to walk away but Raven quickly grabbed his wrist. He slowly whirled around and stared at Raven, who reached up and ripped off his mask. His blue eyes stared down at hers. "It'll be alright, Dick," Raven whispered softly. Dick sighed, leaning down and pressing his own forehead to hers and wrapping his arms steadily around her.

"I know," he whispered back, smiling very slightly.

Warp sneered down as Starfire flew harshly down the street. She finally landed on her feet, holding back a couple of sobs. He decided now was his chance as he leaped down right in front of her. Her green eyes looked up at him and flashed with anger. "You," she snarled. "You return me to the past! Fix this! Fix everything! Things aren't supposed to be… This isn't my future!"

"But it is," Warp smirked. "In the books, the Clock of Eternity was always meant to be stolen. It was stolen because it was written I would steal it. Your titans lost you due to me stealing it. It's all written down and is impossible to change."

"No," Starfire's eyes glowed green. "I won't let this happen!"

"You cannot change the past just as you cannot alter the future," Warp laughed coldly, holding the clock tightly at his side. "Now if you'll just hand me what's rightfully mine…"

He eyed the device on her belt. She glared at him, about to protest when a boulder suddenly smashed into his side, making him gasp. Starfire blinked and turned around to see the blonde girl grinning and high fiving Cyborg, both shouting a "boo-yah". Warp growled, throwing up the rock only to be hit again by a blast from Cyborg. Beast boy threw himself up into a lion and began scratching at his suit.

"S-stop!" Warp screamed. "If you mess with my suit…"

A black aura surrounded him and threw him to the side. Raven levitated above Starfire and Nightwing behind her. "We lost you once," Nightwing stared deep into Starfire's eyes with his own masked ones. "We're not losing you again."

With that, all the titans sprang into action, trying to fight off Warp. Starfire smiled softly before leaping up and joining them. It only took a few hits before Warp began screaming and visibly shrinking in his suit. Slowly but surely he became younger and younger until he was a crying baby. Beast boy blinked. "Um… I'm not changing any diapers."

The blonde girl snickered and drew the green boy into a hug. Raven and Robin smiled at each other softly and Cyborg offered Starfire a high-five. The team turned to her. "Star," Nightwing began, "we didn't celebrate today because you died. We nearly drifted apart. We spent all our free time looking for you for a year, and we just got more stressed and stressed when all our leads turned up empty. Then we realized you wouldn't want us to drift apart. You would want us to stay friends."

"We began celebrating the Blorthog thing because that was your last wish before you disappeared," Beast boy added. "We started celebrating it and honoring your name ever since. Star… we really missed you."

Cyborg offered a comforting grin. The blonde girl began. "I really wanted to meet you for a while. I knew you were dead, but I just wished I could have met the Teen Titan that everyone took their time to celebrate and talk about. You… you seemed really nice and energetic. I think we would have been good friends."

"I believe so too," Starfire smiled softly. Her eyes diverted to Nightwing, who stared at her intensely. "Nightwing?"

"Five years ago," Nightwing began, "you wanted to talk to me. You kept saying how we needed to talk and I kept ignoring you. I'm sorry for that. I can't exactly tell you now because that wouldn't be fair to… myself. I needed to work out some of my emotions back then and sort them out. I'm sorry if I came out as heartless or uncaring. Really, I just needed to think."

"I…" Starfire whispered. "Thank you. Thank you for telling me that."

She turned towards Raven. "D-do either of us win? The fight over Robin, I mean?"

Raven offered a tiny smile. "To be honest? I have no idea. You weren't there for the competition. I missed my rival a lot."

"Then I will continue to give you a tough time," Starfire giggled. Raven blinked before chuckling as well.

"I'm sure I'll look forward to it." Raven whispered. She walked over to her and hugged her. Due to the five years, Raven was now taller than Starfire. She released her and placed the clock Warp had stolen in her hands.

"Oh!" The blonde exclaimed. "If I do something really stupid, just wait, okay? I'm a Titan at heart and even though I might get sidetracked… I really love you guys and would give my life for you."

Starfire was so touched by the words she didn't notice Beast boy squeeze her hand a bit harder and the flinches from the rest of the team. Cyborg walked over and picked the circular object from Starfire's belt. He attached it onto the end of his arm and blasted it, opening a vortex. "It should send you back five years ago today," Cyborg began typing into his arm. "Fix this. Fix everything, okay?"

"I… I will try," Starfire beamed. She waved to each one of them goodbye and stepped through the portal. Once she was gone, each titan looked down at the crying baby.

"Um… should we give him up for adoption?" Raven raised an eyebrow, causing Nightwing to laugh and throw his arm around her.

"I'm not too sure," Nightwing grinned.

"What?" Robin growled realizing he couldn't move forward. Raven gasped, feeling her powers give out. What she didn't notice was Starfire, who was also filled with fury. She flew towards him, faster than she's ever flown before, and tacked Warp right into the darkness he opened.

"Starfire!" Robin shouted just as it closed up completely. Raven managed to stand up, slowly walking towards the center of the room. She already began trying to consciously heal herself.

"Starfire?" Beast boy called out uncertainly.

She was gone.

"What…?" Cyborg whispered when right behind him another portal opened, sending Starfire flying out with the clock in her hands. She gasped, opening her eyes to see Raven with short hair and dark robes, Robin dresses as Robin, and Best boy looking younger. "Star! What happened?"

"Warp thought he could change everything," Starfire whispered. "But he was wrong!"

Starfire had finished explaining what happened to her. She left some details out but the rest of them received the main gist. Each looked at each other with wide eyes. Sure, they fought like roommates and still said some pretty hurtful things to each other. But… what if one of them died in a mission? It was possible. What if the last things they heard were harsh words from their own teammates?

Raven, not wanting that for any of her friends, picked up the beads and placed them together, holding it around Starfire's neck. "So… is it too late to celebrate this holiday of friendship thing?" Raven mumbled. Her destiny came up in her mind very quickly and she knew she would have to give the titans the best years to come. But… why didn't her destiny come true in the future Starfire was sent to? She pondered for a moment but decided not to worry about it. She might as well enjoy today.

Starfire gasped and grinned. "It is never too late, my friends!"

Soon everyone was celebrating by making cake, talking, and laughing. Starfire was in the center, giving everyone their presents and thanking them for being such good friends. No one noticed Robin off to the side, staring with a small smile at the group. Well, except Raven. She slowly approached him, staring at the group next to him. "Why did you pull me back?" Robin asked with no anger or resentment. It was just pure curiosity.

"You were angry," Raven replied blatantly. "Very angry. It was the anger Slade taught you to release in battle to seriously hurt someone."

Robin flinched. "Thanks for holding me back then."

"It was nothing," Raven shrugged, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. The man she loved was under clear distress and it slightly pained her that she couldn't heal all his suffering. "I was worried about you earlier too."

"Sorry," Robin sighed. "I should… I know I should be acting more like a leader than I have been lately. It's just... coming back home after everything is taking some time getting used to. All of the emotions Slade made me feel… I guess I'm more similar to him than I thought."

"But there's a difference," Raven stated. Whenever someone compared him to Slade, he would deny it with fury. Having him admit it was slightly relaxing though she didn't understand why. "You use everything in your power to protect the people you love. Slade does it to destroy everything."

Robin smiled, meeting her eyes. Both stared at each other for a moment or two, unaware of the others feelings. If anyone glanced, they would see love and admiration for the other in just their eyes. "I should talk to Starfire," Robin confessed.

"That would be a good idea," Raven clenched her fist slightly. Part of her still worried Robin would love Starfire but she had no control on that. "You should go to her now."

"Thanks," Robin whispered. "For… for this."

Raven nodded as Robin walked off. Beast boy blinked from the crowd to see Raven standing alone. He grinned and ran over to her. "Come on, Rae! Let's have some fun!"

Raven frowned, an annoyed expression crossing her face. "No," her monotonous voice replied. Beast boy giggled and pulled her arm into the crowd with Cyborg. Robin, however, had taken Starfire out in the hallway alone. Starfire stared at the fidgeting Robin, who opened his mouth to speak only to close it. He repeated this process a few times. Nightwing's words ran in her head at that moment.

"Robin," Starfire interrupted. "We do not have to talk about this yet. When you are ready, you can talk to me about it."

"A-are you sure?" Robin frowned, not expecting that at all.

"Yes, I am," Starfire smiled. Robin stared into her green eyes for a moment before smiling in relief and happiness.

"Thanks," Robin whispered before smirking. "So Nightwing, huh?"

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