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Another race had been won by President Fartfeathers herself. As a reward, Ralph (along with Felix and Calhoun) took the little winner out to Tapper's as they had every night that month ever since she reclaimed her rightful royal spot in Sugar Rush.

During that month, Ralph had taken her all over the arcade to make up for her being trapped in that sugar-coated candyland for fifteen long years.

And Vanellope loved getting out.

"Did you see me on that last lap?! I was all 'woosh'! Then I just swerved! And then that jump! It was amazing!" Vanellope stated all in one breath, ending with a slurp of her drink.

"Hmm, I think you should ease on the rootbeer, kid."

"Aw, Stinkbrain, I'm just excited is all!"

"You're always excited, and all that sugar your consume doesn't help."

"Golly, let her be, brother." Felix smiled, "Vanilla is just happy. Let the child be happy."

Vanellope smirked knowingly at Ralph before slurping down her drink until she hit ice.

When they all got into a conversation, Vanellope idly played with the ice in her cup with a straw, resting her head on her hand, smiling dreamily.

"You wanna do that, kid?"

Vanellope sat up straight, "Huh?"

"I asked if you wanted to go to Pac-Man after."

Vanellope blushed, realizing she had thinking about a certain someone, "Oh! Oh, yeah, yeah! That'll be fun!"

Felix noticed her blushing, "Oh, Vanilla, you have a bad case of the honeyglows there."

She blushed even more, "I do not!"

Ralph looked at her curiously, "What's on your mind, kid?"

"N-nothing important," Vanellope grinned, then a little-too quickly changed the subject. She stood up on the booth, looking around, "Where's that Tapper guy? I need a refill!"

"Just so suddenly? You were just sitting there as dazed as one of my men after regenerating. Didn't notice your drink turned to ice?" Calhoun wondered, boredly leaning back in her seat.

"Oop, there's those honeyglows 'gain, Vanilla!" Felix chuckled.

"I-I'm not glowing like honey!" Vanellope pouted, sinking back into her seat, the red in her naturally rosy cheeks dimming ever so slightly.

Ralph pondered. Vanellope had become like a little sister or a daughter to him, and he felt fully responsible for her safety, ever since the four had become like a some type of family. He looked over the pouting nine-year-old, before his eyes laid upon a certain candy in her hair, that wasn't a candy at all... it stood out from all the mints and gummy bears stuck in her licorice-tied raven locks.

"Hey, kid," Ralph asked, gaining the young racer's attention, "where did you get that chocolate? I thought you liked vanilla."

Vanellope's hazel eyes went wide a moment, a hand subconsciously reaching up to pat the chocolate Reese's Cup clip, the memory briefly flashing of where it had come from. It was actually the start of the candy mess that she wore in her hair.

"Well... it was a gift."

Ralph raised his eyes as the 'honeyglows' flowed back into her cheeks, a dreamy smile gracing the young girl's lips.

"Wait a shootin' minute," Calhoun started, sitting herself up straight, "That clip looks familiar."

"If I'm not mistaken, isn't there another racer whose theme is that Reese-chocolate?" Felix questioned.

Vanellope bit her lip, "Y-Yeah... yeah, that's Rancis." Vanellope blushed just a little bit more at the mention of the young racer's name.

"And... did he give it to you?" Ralph asked, trying to control his feeling of protectiveness.

"Yeah..." she said, looking to the side and smiling. Then she looked back up and blurted out, "But just in a friendly way! That's it!"

But Felix could just tell how she really felt, "There's nothing wrong with having a crush, you know."

"Uncle Felix, I don't have a crush on him!" she replied, using the nickname that she often called Felix, since he was sort of like an Uncle to the young girl.

"Its alright to have crushes at your age, solider," Calhoun smiled, winking at Vanellope supportingly.

Suddenly, Ralph blurted out expectantly, "At her age?! She's nine! She's much to young for this romance!"

"I'm not nine!" Vanellope protested.

"That's right, Ralph," Felix started, "remember, we age by our game's years. Vanellope is fifteen years old."

Vanellope smiled happily, glad someone had remembered her rightful age. Many characters in the arcade just acted upon appearances Big reason why 'Bad Guys' had bad raps. And just like how she wasn't allowed to do many things.

"Still, she's programmed to be nine." Ralph protested. He then turned to look at his little sister-in-spirit. "So the peanut cup-wearing racer, his name is Rancis, hm? When did he give you that?"

Vanellope shrugged her shoulders, "Memories are still foggy, Ralphie. All I know is he gave it to me before the whole Turbo thing. We used to be good friends I guess."

Ralph gave a sigh of relief. So it was before he met Vanellope and it seemed the little girl only saw that blonde kid as a friend. But that changed at Vanellope's next statement.

"I think he's cute... I-I mean the clip! The clip is cute, um, sweet. Don't'cha think it looks nice?"

Calhoun instantly started to snicker, chuckling at the little president as Felix tutted teasingly.

"Oh, sweetheart. There's nothing wrong with having a crush. Love is sweet like your game. Its good to embrace it a-"

"No!" Ralph quickly cut Felix off, "No embracing! My little girl is much too young for this. You two are older, Vanellope doesn't need to think about this now."

"Now, now, I'm sure there's a perfectly good solution for this," Felix said, trying to keep this solution from escalating too quickly.

"Yes, there is!" Ralph nearly yelled, "No dating! No hugging, no kissing, no looking, no touching!"

"You don't even know him, Ralph!" Vanellope cut in.

"Oh, but I've seen him! That cocky, blond-haired, chocolate peanut butter themed boy is not for you, nor is anyone else in the game; no, no, the whole arcade!"

Vanellope sighed angrily, "RALPH!"

"Wait 'til you're older, Vanellope, and that is final." Ralph responded sternly.

Now Vanellope was frustrated, "I'm never gonna get older, genius, you know that!" She knew he was only acting like that because he cared, but it still frustrated her, "Good Gumdrops, what are you, my mom?" Vanellope pouted, crossing her arms and slouching back in her seat.

"No, but I see you like family, Vanellope. And I'm just looking out for you..." he quickly added, "that includes no dating."

She groaned over dramatically, "Then when CAN I date, mother?!"

"When you're thirty like Felix."

"Don't bring me into this, brother!" Felix raised his hands up in defense.

"But Calhoun isn't nearly that old!" Vanellope shot back, not even thinking that she had just accidentally insulted the builder and wrecker, but they didn't show it.

Calhoun just smirked, "She's got a point, Wreck-It." And to just annoy Ralph further, she kissed Felix on the cheek, reminding him of their marriage while she was ironically younger than Vanellope.

"You're not helping, Serge." he muttered.

She shrugged carelessly, "I try."

"Listen, Captain Underpants," Vanellope started, "I don't see what's so wrong... I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

Although Vanellope had mumbled the last part to herself, Ralph still heard her, being seated next to her. He stared down, somewhat hurt but also flustered.

"And why wouldn't you say anything?"

"Because I knew you'd react like this!" she sighed, "You really can be a little too protective. I mean you still give the other racers dirty looks every time you come to pick me up."

"Not my fault we got off on the wrong foot."

"That was because of Turbo, Ralph!"

"Same difference!"

She scowled and scoffed, "Whatever. It's not like we're gonna be dating anytime soon."

"And that's the way it should be." Ralph said.

Vanellope rolled her eyes, "Only Code knows what you would do if we were." she mumbled.

"What's the big deal anyways, Wreck-It?" Calhoun questioned, "It's not like they're gonna be doing anything bad."

"Yes, they might! Well, not Vanellope, but the other kid might! They're at that age when they start getting... ideas." Ralph shuddered.

"You worry too much sometimes." she stated simply, "Have some trust in the kid!"

As they continued to 'fight' about it, Vanellope rested her head on her hand yet again, thinking about how unfair it was, and eventually mumbling something under her breath.

"Um... perhaps we should all just return to our games. We all need some sleep before the arcade opens, right?" Felix said nervously, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. He just needed to end this fight and Vanellope wasn't looking to happy either.

Finally, his wife and brother gave in to the brunette.

"Alright, let's go." Calhoun agreed and she and Felix walked out of the booth.

"C'mon, kid," Ralph said, only Vanellope didn't reply, simply jumping out of the booth and walking to the exit of Tapper's.

At the Station, Felix walked Tamora over to her game while Ralph led Vanellope to her's, the counterparts meeting up later at their own game.

What worried Ralph was that Vanellope was silent the whole walk to her game, which was very unusual for her, especially after all the rootbeer and recent sugar she consumed, she should be bouncing off the walls. Literally.

At the entrance of Sugar Rush, Ralph knelt down to Vanellope, still not even close to reaching the munchkin's height, so he was still forced to look down.

"Listen, kid," he did the same nervous face like Felix, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. "I'm sorry." Vanellope looked at him questionably, so he continued. "I didn't mean to get you upset. You know I just worry for you. And I'm an idiot for freaking out. And, I'm sorry."

A small smile came to Vanellope's lips, "And?"

"And I'm a diaper baby,"


"A captain of underpants,"


He sighed in a friendly matter. "A stinkbrain."

She leaped into his arms, giving him the best hug she could manage with her tiny chubby arms, "The stinkiest brain ever."

Ralph laughed, pulling the little kid away from him, up into his hands, "So, you forgive me?"

"'Course I do, Ralph my man! You're my main man! I understand."

Ralph sighed with relief, placing the little cavity on the ground, giving a little nudge with his finger towards her game. "Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow for your race."


"Of course. And yes, we'll go to Tapper's."

Vanellope did a small little dance of joy, leaping into the air with a victory fist-pump. "Yes!" Ralph stood up, ready to leave, wiping his hands along the knees of his overalls to clear any dust that wasn't actually there. But when he was about to leave, Vanellope asked innocently, "What ideas were you worried Rancis would have?"

Ralph's eyes widened a bit, "Oh, uh, y'know, just uh... spending too much time with you, and stuff like that..."

"Then why didn't you just say that?"

"It was just an expression!" he lied nervously.

"Oh." Vanellope said, nodding a bit. "Well, I'll see ya tomorrow, Big Guy!" she started walking into the entrance of her game, waving to her best friend.

"See you then, kid." he smiled, doing the same. And with that, they were both in their own games.

As Vanellope skipped off to her castle, she thought a bit about the situation herself. She understood what Ralph meant, but she was a big girl! She could take care of stuff like that herself!

But suddenly, someone came behind her and covered her eyes, "Guess who?" the familiar voice said.

"Oh my, I don't know! A thief?" She asked sarcastically.

"Guess again." the voice said teasingly.

She smirked, "Butterfingers."

"Congrats!" Rancis said, taking his hands away. Vanellope turned around to face the blue-eyed blonde. "So, where've you been, Prez? Mingling with other famous game stars?"

She scoffed, "You kidding? I already did that before the arcade opened."

The two laughed as they started walking again, Vanellope on her way to the castle and Rancis just following like a little annoying subject. But she didn't mind. Not at all.

"So, what's up, Buttercup?" Vanellope asked, shoving her hands into her sweatshirt pocket.

"I was thinking-"

"Oh geez, that's never good." she joked.

Rancis rolled his eyes, "I suggest one change, and I get labeled."

"I got labels on everyone. But since I'm merciful, continue." Vanellope said, speaking in her mocking royal-princess voice that had for some reason a hint of a British accent.

"Right, well, I was thinking, since everything is better and all and we've started talking again, if we could maybe go to Tapper's tomorrow evening."

Vanellope stopped at the castle's doors, turning around to face freckled-face boy.

"As much as I'd love to, Pretty Boy, I'm already going with Stink Brain, Uncle Felix, and Sarge." she said apologetically. "Maybe another time?"

Rancis then got a good idea, "Why don't I go with you guys, if that's alright?"

Vanellope's heart started to race, "Oh, I don't know, I mean, why would you wanna hang out with them? They're old and boring! Heh..." she lied, trying to make an excuse.

"I don't think so, Princess. They're your best friends." Rancis smirked.

Vanellope raised an eyebrow curiously, "Why do you wanna anyways?"

"Well, first I just wanted to hang out with you, but now I think it's time I finally met them and talked to them for more than twenty seconds."

Vanellope knew there was no way out of this one; not only that, but she DID want to hang out with Rancis, too, after all.

She smiled, "Fine, okay. We'll be going after the Roster."

"Sounds great," he grinned, "See you then, Schweetie."

"Oh, ha ha, so punny." she said rolling her eyes and opening the doors to the castle, "See you then."

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