My first real attempt at writing fanfiction so go easy on me! Dedicated to Maria (she knows who she is!)

It had been a long day in school for Elena Gilbert, she was ready to go home but she decided she needed to go to the library and study a bit for the exams that were to come up. She gets an unexpected visitor. Will she run and hide. Dark Themes MA

Elena's POV

I was still in the library paging through textbooks when Bonnie and Caroline had just decided to leave our all day cram session at Mystic Falls High. It was unbearably quiet and I realized I was the only one left in the library. I started packing up my stuff and that's when I heard a loud shriek from down the hallway. I ran to the door and hit the lights so no one would know I was here. My heart raced as I looked out into the hall, watching the librarian being completely drained of her blood by this man, a vampire. I heard the legends but things like this don't happen in real life do they? I put my hands over my mouth to hold back a sob, I was shaking with fear. The vampire in all black looked up peering toward the library window. Shit. I ran and hid under the counter and held my breath as the doors flew open.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," the vampire's voice was pure silk. He flipped the lights on for a better look. He picked up my book I left on the counter and opened it up.

"Elena Gilbert? What a pretty name, now why don't you come out here. I'm Damon," he said full of sarcasm.

"Come on, love I know you're in here. I can smell you." He yelled knowing I was near by. Fuck you Damon I thought to myself. He's not gonna hurt me not now not ever.

"Well, well looks like we're playing hide and seek now," he laughed. I kept my breaths shallow trying to calm myself down. I suddenly felt like he wouldn't find me, I have a chance at survival.

"You know I can hear your heartbeat, right?" He said knocking down bookshelves looking for me. Fuck I said to myself. Now my breaths became harder, I'm so scared. I tried to lower my heart rate but relaxing wasn't an option. Just the thought of being in the same room as a vampire made my eyes well up with tears. Suddenly my own thoughts drowned out any noise. Complete silence filled the library, but as soon as I took a deep breath the counter was ripped from over my head. Shit he found me.

"I win," he grinned. I stood to my feet running as fast as I could all my adrenaline pumping through my veins made me feel like I was flying. I looked back to see if he was following and to my surprise he had already beat me to the door. I was out of breath and out of ideas. He backed me into the wall and I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.

"So you wanna play hard ball?" he smirked cocking his head to the side. He inhaled the scent of my neck and looked hungrily at me.

"Please, don't kill me, I just- I don't wanna die! D-Damon please," I begged with all my heart. He laughed to himself and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and ran his hand down my long straight brunette mane.

"Sweetheart, who said anything about killing, I just wanna taste," he said bearing his fangs and pushing my hair back exposing my neck freely. Tears started rolling down my face, I knew it was going to die. Damon was going to kill me. He pulled my chin towards him so I was looking in his eyes. I've heard of compulsion and I tried my best to avoid his eyes until he overpowered me my grabbing my face between his hands.

"This is going to feel so pleasurable, and you will enjoy it," he said with a straight face while his pupils constricted.

"I will enjoy it," I said back with out realizing that I had just given him permission to bite me. In an instant his fangs sunk into my neck. Ohmygod it felt amazing. My body went limp in his arms. I trusted him to do whatever he wanted with me. What was happening? I moaned in response and felt his lips twist up in a smile against my skin. He pulled his fangs out and looked at me with complete seduction in his eyes. This moment was filled with pure ecstasy.

"Mmm you taste so sweet, now I wanna taste you down there," he said seductively as he ran his hand across my heated core. What! I thought to myself. "Is that okay?" he asked every word dripping with sex.

"Y-Yes," I stuttered. I could not believe my own answer. I just allowed Damon this vampire I just met to have his way with me, and yet all I could feel was so incredibly sexy. I wanted this more than anything. Before I could catch my breath he already tore my skirt off. Pressing his face against my wet black lace panties. I never had anyone take control like this. When I was with Matt the most we did was cuddle with a few light pecks when no one was looking, we had a very innocent relationship so in comparison I was completely in over my head. I have had so much built up sexual frustration and Damon was about to fulfill my needs, and I was letting him.

"You're so wet baby," he groaned. He ripped my soaked panties off causing me to groan in anticipation. OhmyGod. He was blowing his hot breath on my quivering core. My legs were shaking beneath me. I didn't know how much more I could handle. The library suddenly felt so hot, I started to unbutton my blouse revealing cleavage as a reaction.

"Ple-Please, I want you," I moaned sounding all too needy.

"Tell me how you want it, or I won't do it," he whispered against my throbbing center. He teased at my center, running his index finger up and down, and up and down. I thought I was going to go mad.

"Damon, please," My voice was breathy and shallow trying to hold my composure.

"You want me to make you come?" He whispered, still blowing on my center.

"Y-Yes," I stuttered.

"Say it." his voice suddenly dark with desire.

"Make. me. c-come," I said shyly. I couldn't believe I said it. I was good girl Elena Gilbert, but Damon brought out this dark-sided sex kitten, and I relished in the feeling.

"With pleasure," he smirked, and his tongue started attacking my bundle of nerves. I couldn't contain my feelings. I thought I was going to explode! And just when I felt my orgasm on its way and my come building up he pulled away.

"You didn't think I was gonna make it that easy, did you?" he smirked blowing onto my swollen nub again.

"Please, I need to-I'm so wet for you..." I trailed off, my legs were still shaking beneath me. He stood up and started kissing me furiously, our tongues battling for dominance. He won of course and tugged at my bottom lip as his pulled away.

"You're gonna work for your pleasure," he said roughly as he unbuttoned his pants. The sound of his zipper frightened me.

"But I've never-" I said almost embarrassed.

"It's okay, you'll learn now, open wide, and relax your throat. It's simple," he reassured me as he plunged his throbbing cock deep into my mouth.

I pulled back and held his hard cock in my hands, he was so big! I started pumping it up and down and I heard him catch his breath. I've never had so much power over anyone. Suddenly brave I started shoving him deeper into my mouth. Deep down my throat. I gagged at first and then remembered to relax my throat. I was getting the hang of it, so I added my second hand jerking him off rapidly continuing to deep throat him, I pulled back kissing the head softly, looking up at him seductively I swirling my tongue around his long shaft. I guess hearing all Caroline's sex stories paid off, I thought to myself grinning by how hard he became in my mouth.

"Shit, that's it baby. Y-you're fucking amazing," he hissed darkly. I'd never sucked dick before so I felt so proud not to mention even more turned on. Just seeing how much I was pleasuring him made me even more wet.

"I need to be inside you!" He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me on to the floor. I spread my legs wide without hesitation. His throbbing cock plunged into my hot wet center. I hissed with the amount of pleasure and pain I felt.

"Fuccck Damon," I whined at how big he was.

"Damn, you have the tightest pussy Elena," He said as he rammed me harder with every thrust. It hurt so bad but it felt so good. I wouldn't dare tell him to stop. I was on the edge about to get my release until he pulled out of me both of us groaning at the loss. This moment was pure bliss. I've never felt this way ever. Then he took his hard cock and started rubbing it against my swollen clit for the climax. He rubbed his cock against me at vampiric speed as I grinded him moving my hips in a circular motion against him leaving me breathless, as I felt an explosion coming my way.

"FUCKKK," we yelled in unison as we both came undone. Our emissions bonding together as we came. We both inhaled deeply trying to regain our composure.

"That was definitely one of the best fucks of my life," he whispered, catching his breath against my ear as his fangs sunk back into my neck, I moaned at the pressure. I felt so weak, my eyelids felt heavy like they weighed tons.

He bit his wrist and put it up to my lips, "Drink."

I grabbed his arm and took a couple mouth fulls of his blood, I was stunned when it fully healed me. Suddenly I had energy to go again.

"If this is the sex when you're human I know it will be mind-blowing when I turn you," he smiled at me stroking my hair.

"Turn me?" I questioned. I looked at him suddenly scared. What did he have in mind? He looked at me smirking with a twisted expression. He stroked my hair, smiling with no emotion in his eyes he snapped my neck and I fell into darkness.

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