Percy's POV

How did I end up here? I was extremely disoriented and couldn't seem to stand up without falling down again. My head was screaming as if it were being pounded on an anvil and the sensation was anything but pleasant. Infact, it was quiet the opposite.

The last thing I remembered was . . . I couldn't think around the pounding in my head. I actually couldn't comprehend much at all. My mouth tasted like iron and my hearing was swamped. I'm guessing I could see fine, but the pain glued my eyes shut. I was aware of ground below me and, well, that was it.

I lied there, clenching my jaw against the pain and seeing red behind my eyes. I didn't make any noise. As painful as this was, it was nothing compared to what I felt when I was fourteen. I had to hold up the sky to save the world and my friends and blah blah blah blah blah.

So I wasn't sure how long I was lying there. Minutes, seconds, days or months I wasn't sure. All I was sure of when I finally opened my eyes, was that I was nowhere near New York, let alone the world I knew.