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Chapter 7: Duhduhduh

Leo's supercalifragilisticexpialadocious POV:

"Me?" I couldn't quite believe that Apollo had come all the way from Olympus to talk to me, of all turned to look at me. "Ughwahowhyhuh?" Was probably my incredibly articulate response (Haha, now I'm quoting Disney's Hercules!)

"Yes, you Leo." Apollo said while rolling his eyes, which by the way, I find incredibly offensive. "If you could leave us now, I'd like to speak with him in private." Everyone looked at me nervously, as if thinking about what I of all people could've done to attract the attention of a god. I'll admit that I, myself, was pretty terrified. Not that I'd ever admit that out loud, or anything.

Chiron looked a little more than nervous about leaving me with a god. He was most likely thinking of all the ways I could mess it up and get turned into something like a dolphin. Except that was Mr. D's thing, I wasn't sure what Apollo liked to turn poor helpless mortals into for fun during spare time. Chiron turned to look at me questionably, one eyebrow raised.

"Right. I'm good." I thought that running away screaming would probably not be a proper response.

"If you would care to leave." Apollo stated flatly. Everyone nodded and left, except Connor and Travis who had left previously, running away in terror (as they should). They needed that head start, cause Katie was not looking happy. I winced inwardly in pity for what was to become of them, but turned to face Apollo to confront the more important and vital matter at hand.

He was already looking at me, all traces of earlier amusement gone. "So . . ." I started out the conversation awkwardly. "Why exactly did you want to talk to me?"

"You know, obviously that I'm the god of prophecy." Apollo stated questionably. I stayed quiet at that. How was I supposed to remember everything that Apollo was god of? I mean, wasn't he the god of Raybans, or something like that?

Apollo raised his eyebrows at me. "Raybans?" Oops. I forgot about that mind reading thing. I took a sudden interest in my shoes. They're actually very interesting you know. Scuffed white and gray nikes with new black laces. . .

"Leo." I looked up. Right. Mind reading.

"Um, yeah right your the god of prophecy so you like, have, yeah." I was pretty sure that acting idiotically in front of a god wasn't a good thing, but being a son of Hephaestus does have drawbacks. Sometimes those drawbacks can get you changed you into a diet coke fearing mutant dolphin pirate for all eternity. Please don't ask.

"I just thought of something." (yeah, yeah, hold the applause) "If your the god of prophecy, can't you just get all prophetic and see what happened to Percy and Annabeth?" Why else would he be here unless he had info on their disappearance?

Apollo coughed nervously. "Actually, thats what I wanted to talk to you about. I can't see them."

"What?" What was he talking about? He couldn't see them?

"Let me explain something first. My prophecies, what I can see per say, come to me like, well. You've sen Rachel, right? My oracle?"

I nodded. Rachel was Annabeth's best friend. she lives in a cave on one of the hills in camp, and sometimes comes out to spew green smoke and spit out prophecies. Was Apollo like that?

"No, my prophecies are a little different." He looked thoughtful for a moment, as if trying to decide what to say. "Imagine your floating above the Earth, and you can see all of the landscape below you. You can kind of zoom in and out too, to go to specific places."

"Kind of like Google maps?" I clarified.

Apollo's face brightened. "Exactly! Now, the thing with my prophecies is that I can only see places where I've been. Say I've never been to a place. Lets say, Washington. If that was the case, which it's not, I wouldn't be able to see anything happening. It'd all appear blank on the globe, like nothing was there"

I nodded. I kind of got what he was saying. Though it was a little confusing to take it all in on a Monday…

"So, I pretty much can see anywhere if I concentrate. Places towards the poles are harder, and Alaska is all blurry for me. Sometimes I can go to the future, but the Oracle is better at that. That's why she does the prophecies, but it's in a subconscious state so she doesn't remember anything of it. It's … complicated."

At this point I was confused, but I managed to catch the gest. Apollo see stuff. Oracle see future. Apollo concentrate to see. Future challenging. Hulk smash!

Apollo nodded at me. "Precisely. Some things are harder to see than others, and some are easier. Not everything can be seen, and you have to be watching in just the right place, at the right time. It's also easier to see mortals, or my children. It also helps if you can relate to whatever your looking for. Finally, it helps if you know what your looking for."

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"Well, in twenty years Percy will be siting on a couch watching The Avengers. The new one, that will come out on May ninth in 2028."

"Wait, so that means Percy is alive!" My hopes soared. That means that Percy had to be alive if he had a future.

"Not necessarily." What? I looked at Apollo in confusion. What did he mean 'not necessarily'?

"This is the … complicated part. Yesterday Percy was dead, the day before he was still missing, and Friday I saw him eating ice cream in Rome with Reyna. I'm not going to even recall the part where I saw Percy making out with Thalia. I'm scarred for eternity."

"What?" That couldn't be right. Percy was all like, 'I love you Annabeth. Not even Tartarus can pull us apart.'

Thalia was like, 'I hate boys! Except that cute Leo guy. I'd do anything for him'

And the Aphrodite cabin was all 'Team Percabeth forever! It's like, even better than Team Jacob!'

'Excuse me? Team Edward!'

'You understand nothing of love!'

'My mom's the love goddess dur.'

I wish the Volturi would come rip you apart!'

Wouldn't Alec and Bella be perfect together?"


'OMG Team Alec forever!'

'Who has Stephanie's number? This is an emergency! It's love!"

And then Piper's all, 'Shut up! My ears are bleeding!'

Then, 'OMGOMGOMG! your dad is Tristan McLean! Does he know Stephanie?'

I bet she has her number!'

'Do you Piper?'

That happens like clockwork every day, and at lunch you can tell who drove Piper of the precipice of sanity cause they have a black eye, hastily concealed by makeup. It's always fun living next to Aphrodite's kids. (note sarcasm)

"He has an undetermined future." Apollo answered grimly after looking at me weird. No doubt he heard that conversetion in my head. "I've only seen it a couple times before, and each time someone died in a very painful way. It means something more than life changing has or will happen and someone has more than a life or death decision to make."

"So why are you talking to me?" He should be talking to Chiron or Jason, or anyone other than me. I was just Leo. Repair boy on the Argo 11.

"Leo." Apollo looked at me deadly grim, with no hint of the joking demeanor he wore before. "Yesterday you were gone. The day before you were dead. Friday you were in a mental institution. Thursday you were dead. Wendsday you were dead. Tuesday you were missing. You have an undetermined future. None of the outcomes are good, and it has something to do with Percy and Annabeth's disapearence.

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