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The Night Draws Ever Nearer


My dreams of Terror occur again last night, and I awake breathless. My heart is pounding. I am coated in sweat and I have a migraine. I get up and go to the bathroom. I wince as I turn the bathroom light on. Ugh, bad idea. It hurts my eyes and I can barely see. Nevertheless I look up at the mirror. I see a tan face, with dark blue eyes. I guess my dirty blonde hair is an average length. I run my hand through my hair. I don't fully realize what I am doing however, and end up ripping out part of my hair. Whoops. Screw that. I turn the hot water faucet so that that I can wash my face. No water comes on. I moan. This house is so old. Or maybe Dad just turned the water off. He does that sometimes, because my mother sleeps so loudly. Our water is controlled by a pump hat brings water from a well. But the way it is set up it whistles. I don't really understand my mother's illness. Dad is a doctor. My mother has been dying for the last five years. It started when I was five. Mom became so ill. I don't really remember it that well. I make my way down the stairs, trying to avoid the creaking. I succeed, for the most part, until I reach the last step. It is there that I stumble, and step on the stair that will creak the most. It lets out a loud grown, and I silently pray that it has not woken my mother. Normally I would not have made that mistake. But we only moved into this house two months ago. My family is continuously moving. Dad says it is because of mom's health, and I do what he says. I try to make my way across the dark kitchen, with limited success. I stumble and bump into the table and counter a few times. I grab a candlestick, because the cellar has no lights. I unlock and exit the back door, leaving it open. We live in the Midwestern United States. Our house is large, and the lot is several acres. I walk off of our large porch. The moon is full, and I can hear wolves howling in the forests at the edge of our lot. The wind rustles the bushes and I have an eerie feeling that I should not go down into the cellar. Why do the water pump and hot water heater have to be in the cellar? I walk around to the side of the house, where the trapdoor to the cellar is. I open the door to the cellar and descend the steps. I make sure to leave the cellar open. It's ridiculous that I have to come this far for water. I turn the knob on the pump. But I can't. The knob is stuck. I try to turn it again but nothing happens. Suddenly, the cellar trapdoor slams shut. I jump and turn around. The trapdoor is closed. Probably the wind. I walk across the cellar, and climb the rungs of the ladder. I push up on the trapdoor, but it won't budge. What? I push harder. I've only been down here once, but surely it wasn't this heavy. I hear a large scratching noise behind me. I turn around. From the dim candle light I can tell that the hot water heater has large scratches on it. What in the world? I turn back around, and am about to start pounding on the trapdoor, when a breath blows out my candle. I don't even have time to scream before my world goes black and I fall unconscious.

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