The bell had rung, signaling for yet another day of school. To be exact, it's the last day of school before spring break. The particular girl was buzzing with excitement, her blue eyes glowed and her shiny bleach blonde hair shined from her spot near the window. She had the largest smile on her face; her entire week was already planned out. Nothing could ruin this.

At least, that's what she thought. Nice way to jinx it, Ino.

"Alright guys, I have a fun little assignment for you all to do over the break!" The silver haired teacher grinned from behind his scarf, happily and calmly, as a surround sound of groans filled his ears. "Don't be too happy yet, you still don't know who your partners are!"

"Kakashi-senei, give us a break!" The loudest student in the class, Naruto Uzumaki, whined out loud on behalf of the class. "Do we at least get to pick our partners?" Sparing a glance towards Sakura, who in return scoffed and rolled her eyes, continuing to doodle in her notebook.

"Erm, no." And began the second round of justified groans filled the room, this time even Ino joined, still somewhat intrigued. Perhaps her vacation wasn't completely ruined.

"Kakashi-sensei, who are our partners then?" Sakura questioned her arm in the air to make sure that she got his attention.

"I will put the list on the board; you are paired in teams of two, boy and girl." Many where pleased, many face palmed and other where just intrigued. "You have the rest of the class to figure out who you are with and what you are going; remember this is a Greek mythology project."

As soon the silver haired man put the list on the board and left the room, nearly everyone jumped.

She took a look to her right to see that Naruto hadn't moved.

"Naruto, I would have thought that you would be the first to jump." The beauty questioned, lifting a perfect eyebrow and she leaned her head on her shoulders. In reaction, her fellow blonde scoffed, leaning his head back on his hands.

"Pft, Kakashi hates me, so I probably got the worst partner ever." The girl giggled in response, making the boy blush mildly as sticks his nose up defiantly.

"I don't know, I think that Kakashi-sensei likes you more than you think." Smiling, she patted her friend on the back encouragingly.

"Naruto!" A voice called, to be exact a voice whose owner has pink hair. "Looks like we're partners." At this the blonde boy perked up considerably, a wide look of shock on his face.

"See?" Grinning, she winked at her flustered desk neighbor as he and Sakura began a conversation about their project.

That's when she turned to see who was behind her, and to her surprise it was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. As she expected he had no intention of informing himself of who he was paired up with. So, her taunting instincts took over.

"So Sasuke, what lucky girl is your partner?" She grinned sarcastically, and much to her surprise, he showed the emption of what he felt: Total and utter damnation. In return the blonde couldn't help but laugh. "Do you despise the opposite sex that much?"

"If I said yes would they leave me alone?" He shockingly talked, sighing and leaning back calmly in his chair. The girl mockingly put a finger to her chin.

"No, don't think so." She laughed at his everlasting expression. As she looked around, she had realized something.

"Erm, Sasuke, you notice that we are the only two without partners?" Nearly speechless, a look of shock filled her face. She noticed Sasuke blink as well, shocking her more. "No way." She mumbled, and stiffly stood up and walked over to the board. What she read made her eyes pop. She found her name, and as she slid her finger across the column, she read it out loud.

"Yamanaka Ino and Uchiha Sasuke: Hermes and Aphrodite." Finding the slight irony, she would remember to majorly prank her teacher after break. She shook her head, and turned around. She then noticed Sasuke looking at her with an expecting expression. The girl attempted to keep her composure, and looked at everything and anything but him.

As she sat down, she scratched the back of her head.

"Looks like we're partners, Sasuke." Covering the blush with her bang, she barely made any eye contact. She was comfortable with him, don't underestimate her, but this would imply that they would have to visit each other over the weekend, and somewhere where they could work. Quietly. That would mean-

"Yamanaka." The voice broke her out of her thoughts. Snapping her head to face him, it seems that this wasn't the first time he called her name, great, now she feels even more stupid. He sighed. This was going to be a long spring break, "We can work at my father's building." She would be shocked that he's talking in general, but she had to remember: The only thing more important than not talking is his grades.

"Sounds great!" She realized. This got rid the ill feeling of having the Sasuke Uchiha in her house. Especially since her father always had it a mess. "By the way, we are doing Hermes and Aphrodite." She recalled manually, she knew their basic story, and while she was awkward, she knew that this would be interesting.

"Sasuke, Ino, what are you two stuck with?" They both turned to a very dog-like boy, his sharp fangs shinned as he grinned. "Me and Hinata got Cupid and Psyche."

"Hermes and Aphrodite." Ino replied, a smirk on her face. "No wonder why Kakashi-sensei put us in groups of two. He wanted to see what couple he could forge out of this."

In the staff room, Kakashi sneezed.

"C-c-couples?!" Hinata stammered, nearly fainting. Kiba glared as he was forced to catch her.

The blonde giggled, and the Uchiha simply sighed at the childish antics.

"So Sasuke, should we save him the trouble and just hook up?"In her most sarcastic voice, she made sure that the whole class heard it. What? She still loved getting a rouse out of people. Junior or not. The Uchiha did nothing but raise a single eyebrow. The blonde laughed, and turned back to her paperwork. "So, should we do a power point or a retelling?"

"Hn." I don't care. The blonde gave a look before shrugging.

"Retelling it is. Since I know you love presentations." She smiled again, before stretching her arms.

"Yo Ino, are we still going to Starbucks?" Her best friend questioned her pink hair now up in a short ponytail.

"Yeah, since you oh so kindly hitched ride with me I have to drive you anyways." The two began to glare before a smirk followed.

"Ehhh, I wanna' come!" The whiskered faced boy wined, clasping his hands together. The two girls looked at each other with pity, before turning to him.

"Sure, Naruto." Ino answered before Sakura could protest, and the pink haired girl sighed in defeat. After all, it wasn't her car.

"What? Really? Thank you Ino!" Noticing that the boy doesn't hear 'yes' too often, the girls smiled. The girl then turned to the student behind her.

"Sasuke, you wanna come too?" She offered, not even expecting an answer. Before he could, however, another voice popped in.

"I'm going too, you people don't even offer!" Kiba states, as if hurt that they didn't invite them. Of course, this also meant that Hinata would come, since Naruto was there.

"I'll invite Shika and Choji then, since it's basically all of us." Ino said, pulling out her Samsung Galaxy S4. She usually doesn't text in class, but they all knew that Kakashi wasn't coming back.

"Oh, and invite Tenten, Lee and Neji!" Sakura said, her heart set on a complete get together. "It's perfect, we all meet up to celebrate two weeks of freedom." She laughed, and as the blonde finished texting, she blinked.

"Oh, wait; do you have Neji's number?" The blonde asked, scratching her head with a free hand. Everybody shook their heads, well, except Hinata.

"I-I have it, but he said n-not to give it to a-anyone… so…" Looking at the blonde made her nervous, correction, having something the blonde wants is what scared her.

"I swear that I won't spam him, I just want to ask." The girl denied, knowing exactly what the girl was thinking.

"I-I never w-would doubt you Ino-chan!"Feeling guilty, the girl surrendered her barely used IPhone. The Yamanaka skimmed through the contacts, shocked at the number.

"Dang Hinata, 127 contacts?" She stated in shock, having to use the letter bar to go to the N's. Everyone basically gasped at the shy girl.

"Crap Hinata, you're popular!" Naruto exclaimed, eyes attached to the list. The reaction, of course was a squeak and a flustered hide behind the equally loud blond girl.

"T-thank you, N-Naruto…" 'He thinks I'm popular? And nice?! Naruto…'

"Dang, that was fast. Who knew Neji texted in class?" The girl blinked, completely taken aback.

"Well, what did he say?" Sakura questioned, leaning over the desk.

"He said if Hinata was coming he has to." The girl's eyes flat lined, "I should tell him that Hinata is going underwear shopping with Naruto."

"WHAT?!" Hinata and Naruto hollered in Univision. The two's faces lit up and Sakura and Ino shared a look.

"Send it?"

"But of course." They joked, acting like they were typing the message up as Kiba was still laughing, and even Sasuke had a slight smirk on his face. Hinata had fainted, and Naruto was seemingly writing a will. "Aaannnddd delete." She laughed, deleting the draft message with a smirk. Then noticed a message. "Tenten and Lee are in." She added, and Sakura clapped in happiness. She thought of a mental checklist. "I would invite Shino, but he's still doing that exchange student thing with Suna High."

"So that only leaves one." Naruto said, quickly recovering.

They all turned towards an onyx eyed boy.



The Yamanka blonde sighed. "Sasuke, just come with us." At the unfazed boy, the girl pouted uncutely, at least, she thought it was uncute.

"Come on Sasuke-kun!" The pink haired companion asked, hands clasped. "It wouldn't be the same without you!"

"I will," Everyone smirked. "If Yamanaka asks, correctly." All eyes turned to the blonde, expecting her to not be sarcastic for once. The girls' eyebrow twitched. Seemed simple enough: get the opportunity of a lifetime if you just ask properly. However, her ego was the hardest part.

"Sasuke, will you join me," Her eyes twitched at the next word. Remember, one for the team. "Please?" She was clenching her first.

"No." This caused the girl to gawk. She was about to reach over and strangle him, but Naruto had to hold her back.

"Hey, let's have a toast to the douche bags! Oh, and lets' not forget about the receiver-mghifne" The girl hissed as Naruto covered her mouth as well.

"Come on Teme, you promised! Not cool bro!" Naruto justified, still holding the blonde back.

"She said join 'me', not 'us'." The Uchiha pointed out, and their eyes all flat lined.

"That's it, you were right. He's a receiver, Ino." The girl pointed her chin up in pride as Naruto agreed. The two received a menacing glare, but they were both used to it.

The bell rung and Naruto finally let go of the blonde.

"Alright, so Sakura is hitching a ride with me." The girl organized mentally. "What about you guys?"

"I'm r-riding with Neji, a-along with Tenten-chan and L-Lee-san." Hinata stammered, happy to go out with friends outside of school.

"I'm riding by myself." The dog-like boy barked, still happy about his own car.

"I'm going with Teme, his car is awesome!" With this they all saw Sasuke's face drop more than normal, and laughed.

"Shika said that he and Choji are already there. We should all hang out at the mall, since I doubt that they will let us all in Starbucks." The blonde smiled, picking up the last of her books as the rest all left them classroom.

As she did, she noticed that Sasuke's phone was going off, well, blipping.

"Sasuke, I think someone is texting you." She stated, and looked at Sasuke curiously. He never gave anyone his number. Ever.

"Hn." He grunted, taking the phone and turning it off. Sparing a glance at each other, the girl shrugged and zipped up her backpack.

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