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"Yo, you ready forehead?" She questioned as the girl was re-applying her eyeliner.

"Chill pig, not all girls can have their makeup be perfect all the time."

"It's all about how you apply it." She proudly states, an inferior smirk on her face.

"Whatever." She laughed, clamping her mirror shut and putting it in her bag. "What store are we going to first?"

"The food court, obviously. We will just go to the Starbucks there instead." After the two decided, a mild grumble filled the ears of the two.

"Was that you?"

"No, what it you?"

The two turned, noticing a sleeping student.

"Who is that?" Ino questioned, looking at the unfamiliar orange haired male. Unable to see his face, the two suddenly noticed the snoring of the boy.

"I have no idea. Let's poke him." The girls shared a devious smirk. Normally, it would be Ino who brought up the bad ideas, but the pinkette beat her to it this time. Thus, the two soon crowded around the sleeping teen. Just as the girl pushed out a finger, something was flung. Well, more like smashed.

"Son of a-!" The blonde explained in shock as a book was full-fledged smashed into her poor face. The girl curled, covering her stinging face.

"Hasn't anyone ever told you not to sneak up on people?" The 'to calm' voice questioned, revealing a face with multiple piercings. Not that she would know of course, her face still stinging. The pinkette gawked at the tee- man's face and reflexes.

"Damn Ino, you just got owned." Sakura was trying not to crack out laughing, the orange-haired man leaned his face on his hand in mild interest of the two. Good thing too, because he barely missed the book flying directly into the pinkette's face in retaliation of the comment. The girl was sent a good two feet back due to the impact.

"Who's owned now?" The blonde scoffed, leaning the desk to support her weight. Turning her head, hand holding her bleeding nose, her eyes stabbed the man. "Who the hell are you? You're definitely not a student."

"High school girls aren't the brightest." He stated, not making any intention to move any muscle. He watched in amusement as the blonde girl's vein popped notably, it seemed that he enjoyed annoying the blonde.

"Look, piercings," She nicknames him; her patience ran thin as her friend finally returned from the surface of the floor. "Why are you here?"

"Am I here? Perhaps I am but a figment of your imagination." Though smirking notably on the inside, the unnamed man stayed neutral to the girl, who seemed to be getting more and more annoyed.

"Figments of my imagination don't smash books in my face." The blonde gritted through her teeth.

"Touché. People call me Pein. I'm here to pay off a dept." Was all the information that Pein relayed to the pissed girl. The pinkette grew silent, partially because that her face looks a bit swollen, and she seems to be engrossed in a text she had received.

"Well, Pein, did you ever think that people call you that because you are a pain in their asses?" The girl questioned innocently, tilting a head to her side, her face amazingly recovered.

"Well, I am sure that if I am in peoples asses, it would not be painful." The bluntness had caused the blonde to blink, before flustering and covering part of her face with the back of her hand. 'Ah, a dirty mind. Interesting.' He noted that the pinkette took several more moments to figure out what the statement implied, boring him in the process. It's no fun if the spark wasn't there.

"Ino, we have to go, everyone is waiting." Sakura said to the girl, who was still flustered and had begun to glare at the pierced man.

"Ah, yeah. Bye piercings." She dismissed him easily, shaking her head and turning around.

Too easily.

It's not like she saw someone like him every day. Surely he had to have left an impression on the girl.


Because it can't be one sided.

"Where where you two?!" Kiba complained, leaning back in the food courts chair.

"Well, you see, Ino got own-"

"I got distracted by some really cute kittens outside of the school." The girl interrupted. No one questioned it, this was Ino after all. And Ino loved fluffy things.

"Anyways, we all already ate so…" Tenten stated, popping the last of her fries in her mouth.

"You guys~!" Sakura whined, crossing her arms as she sat in a seat between Naruto and Kiba. Ino pulled one next to Sasuke and Neji, who both made no complaints but gave a questioning look.

"It's not like you two like each other." The blonde stated, and both glared, spared a glance at each other a notably paled. She giggled, and leaned her elbows on the table. "So, now that we are here, what should we do?"

"We should watch that new action movie that came out!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Boring." The blonde girl and the Uchiha stated in Univision, causing everyone to look at the two.

"What? Action movies are always the same." She sighed.

"Not a movie person." They all nodded. At least they had different reasons.

"We can always go to one of our houses." Sakura offered the next suggestion. "Of course not mine, my parents attempted to paint the walls next week, so now we need new carpets." This caused laughs and sighs between the groups.

"I don't know about you people, but I need a new spring jacket since the weather broke." The blonde sighed. Don't get her wrong, she loved shopping. What she hated was the limited amount of money she had due to the fact that her father was on a business trip. She blinked for a moment, and then abruptly turned to Sasuke.

"Hey, aren't your parents out on a business trip too, like 'till after break?" This caused the Uchiha to blink, and then nod slightly, having remembered that their parents work together quiet often.

"Eh, Sasuke-Teme, how come Ino would know that?" Naruto dumbly scratched head, pointing to the two.

"Our parents work together, smart one." Ino sighed, leaning her head on her hand as stole one of Uchiha's fries. Not like he was eating them.

"Eh, pig, how come I've never known this?" Sakura snorted, annoyed that her best friend left out such an important detail.

"'Cause it's not like it matters. Whenever we see each other outside of school, we are forced to talk about business-crap with our parents." As if the other party wasn't there, she answered the question on their behalf. The three nodded, taking the answer, for now at least.

"Well, it's stupid if we all just sit here and do nothing."

"Sakura-chan is right, we must not sit here and waste our youth!" Lee came out from nowhere. "I have already run around the mall three times! Ah, Tenten, I found that pocketknife you lost in the parking lot!" As the energetic boy jumped and handed it to her, the girl took it with thanks as the rest of them sweat dropped.

"W-we can j-just do what we w-want and meet up later…" Hinata said her first sentence since she had sat next to Naruto, and the group pondered this.

"That's perfect, Hinata!" Ino exclaimed. "It's early enough; we all come back in two hours and see if we still want to meet up at anyone's houses." No one had anything to say, and the girl shyly smiled, happy to be appreciated.

"Well, I need to go and get new knuckle wrappings." Tenten stated, and Sakura quickly agreed, so this caused Lee to beg to go with and Neji just got dragged into the mess.

"I don't even care; I'm watching that new action movie!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Count me in!" Naruto agreed, standing up, and then turning to Hinata. "Do you like action movies?" She jumped, and her face lit up, much to Ino's amusement. The girl stammered out a yes, and was soon dragged by Naruto into the movie theater.

Then, the blonde noticed that Shikamaru or Choji weren't there, since they had bailed to go to the BBQ. That meant that…

She turned, to notice that she was left alone. With Sasuke.

"So, you wanna go to F.Y.E?" She questioned, taking yet another one of his fries.


"I'll take that as a yes." She grinned taking his fries, and grabbed his arm, finally getting him to stand up.

As they walked, she nibbled on the fries, content with the situation. I mean, she was receiving glares from the very debts of hell, but that didn't bother them really. From the looks of it, Sasuke didn't even notice either. She moved a bit closer, their arms nearly brushing with each step. Yep, she was content.

They finally got into the store on the second floor, they browsed. While she took major note not to lose him, her interest was much more on the random cashier who had, in Ino's thoughts, 8-rated body.

"Yamanaka." Finally getting the girls attention away from the dreamy cashier, the Uchiha seemed a bit annoyed.

"Hmm?" She questioned, the boy rolled his eyes

"Horror movies." He said, picking up Paranormal Activity 3' "Your thoughts."

Wait, was Sasuke Uchiha, actually asking for her opinion?

"Erm…" the girl blinked a minute. "Case 39 was cooler, when it comes to small girls being possessed." She laughed, and the Uchiha shook his head slightly, putting the movie back. Another movie then caught her eye.

"Sinister." She read aloud to herself, picking the disk up from the stand. The Uchiha looked in mild interest, while reading the back of the film he picked up as well. "Yo, Sasuke, this thing is creepy as shit." Catching his attention again, she put the case in front of him.

"Hn, so get it." He agreed, his interest a bit peeked. The blond shrugged, and held onto it.

"We still have an hour and a half." She noted as they finally left the store. Apparently, he had found that Paranormal Activity movie more interesting than he let on. "What should we do?" He shrugged, and the girl sighed.

They were outside the mall now, the girl not wanted to get tempted to buy anything. They had decided to walk around outside and somehow ended up beside a fountain that was near an outside eatery. It was quiet there, rarely any people either. The girl sighed, though she thought that she would love spending time with Sasuke, it's no fun without Naruto around to joke with. She was leaning against the fountain with him now, and an awkward silence feel as he pulled out his phone. Pouting, she leaned back on the fountain.

She should have just gone with Naruto-

Her arm was suddenly tugged, well, yanked. She was about to lose her balance, if she didn't land into the one who yanked her.

"Uchiha, what the big idea?!" She hissed, suddenly sitting on a bench by the fountain. The only answer that the girl had gotten was seeing him cover his face with a hood. Crossing her arms and leaning forward, she looked at his hooded face. "Who are you hiding from? A fangirl?" The teen remained silent, shaking his head and pointing with his eyes. She followed his eyes to see a very familiar face, before laughing.

"You still hide from your brother?" The girl giggled, much to his demise.

"I'm not hiding from him." He states blandly. "It's his friends I hate." This caused the blonde to tilt her head curiously, looking to see that the company he held was rather odd. As she looked at their faces, odd tinted, to masked, to half-naked. Then, she noticed someone else that she recognized.

"Oh hell no, Sasuke we are going over there." She stated, and this caused the boy to blink.

"Yamanaka, don't you da-"

Too late, the girl had grabbed the boy's arm and began to drag. Hard. Directly to the people who he was trying to avoid. Wonderful.