"Deidara?! Deidara Yamanaka?!" The blonde pointed, a terrible habit that she has grown.

"What's it to you, un?" He asked, not looking away from the almost-demolished boy.

"Dei-baka!" At this the boy snapped his head around, instantly recognizing the nickname; He immediately dropped his victim, who was knocked unconscious.

Confusing the group, the two seemed to be glaring each other down.

"Still messing with your Play-Doh?"

"Still messing with your weeds?"

The two hissed at each other, crossing their arms and glaring. He smirked. She smirked, and the two clasped hands.



They laughed and the girl flung her arms around the boy, giving him a death hug.

"I haven't seen you since forever!" The girl dumbly thought of a time span, laughing.

"Since you where in middle school, actually." Deidara offered a more reasonable answer, having the girl give thoughtful look.

It didn't take long till someone else spoke up.

"What, you two know each other too?" The tinted man gave a shark like grin, now beginning to like having the blonde around. She made things interesting.

"Half-siblings." Ino blandly stated, finally breaking out of her thoughtful look. "Same mother different father."

"I'm from her first marriage, un." Deidara finally explained. The group nodded in understanding. The physical traits where extremely similar, and they can safely say that they both look like their mother.

"Wait, if you're here then that probably means…" The girls eyes lit up for a moment and the blond boy nodded.

Kisame noted that there was a shift next to him, and turned to see that the red headed boy next to him had squirmed in his seat, suddenly becoming uncomfortable. The shift had also dragged a pair of particular girl eyes.

"Sasori-kun!" She smiled; and the group noticed the some-what flustered look on his everlasting-bored expression that was given by the redhead, as he leaned back.


The girl didn't ask for permission as she leaned an elbow on his shoulder, a grin on her face.

"Still messing with dolls?" She asked with a laugh, causing the red head to gain a devastated look, knowing that was the topic she was sure to bring up.

"They aren't dolls, brat." He hissed quietly, almost like a child. But this is Sasori we are talking about.

"Right." She rolled her eyes, and then remembered something. "Oh yeah, I got my hands on foxglove and lilies of the valley, you want the extracts?" This also caused the remaining members of the group to look in question.

"Why would you need plant extracts?" The leader asked in mild curiosity, ever so slightly.

"Ah, they are both extremely deadly…" She trailed off, not getting into details as the group understood.

"So you give it to him without knowing exactly what he uses it for?" This seemed to have peaked the pierced mans interest, and the girl adverted her eyes to the corner for moment, looking at the redhead, and then to the speaking man.

"It's a 'don't ask don't tell' policy. I trust that he won't misuse it." With a straight look, something that they found uncharacteristic for the girl. Impressed, the man nodded. Suddenly, a voice interrupted.

"Why the hell do I feel out of the loop?" Kisame questioned, seriously getting annoyed. Did everyone know this girl?

"Well shit, Blondie might as well be part of the mother-fucking group!" The sadist smirked, he rarely approved of girls…okay, well, fucking them is different but the Yamanaka girl had brains and was definitely easy on the eyes. Her personality fit well with the others, even the leader. A pause filled the group,

"No." She heard the objection from two voices before the words even registered in her head. She turned to them, tilting her head curiously. Uchiha and her brother where the culprits. She frowned, her eyes narrowing the slightest bit.

"I am tempted to change my policy a bit." She mumbled to herself, her happy go lucky façade fading for a moment.

The thing was, she didn't trust them. What they did, how they did it. Yes, she had known Itachi since she was born, but she always kept herself a distance. Now with Sasuke she didn't care, she knew that he knew something. Something about his brother and his friends that causes him to stay away. Far away. Sure, she was comfortable with them, in a way. She was comfortable with whom they are in public and to the public eye they are just normal people, but she knew better.

"I'm going to get some fucking soda." Hidan abruptly stood, not caring at all for the matters at hand, the man with a scarf and hat who had been quiet since she had gotten there nodded and left with him. It was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, the air changed and she felt a chill go down her back. She realized that she was getting to close and too fast, she had been talking to them for about fifty minuets. It was dark out and she had to find Sasuke and get back to her friends; not his, or even her brothers.

"I think that I should go…" She mumbled. Then she noticed her brother's face drop.

"Already, un?" He somewhat whined, and the girl smiled slightly in sympathy.

"Sorry Dei, I just think tha-"

"Ino-chan shouldn't leave!" Suddenly, a strong force wrapped around the standing girl. The girl flushed, the wind getting knocked out of her didn't help. As if the person was never knocked out and beaten by her brother, the orange masked man clamped his arms around her, and seemingly attached her to him, resting his chin on her head. Suppressing the shiver that threatened to erupt down her spine, she had to remember that his mind was clearly as innocent as a six-year-old.

What that didn't help, however, is that his body was defiantly not that of a child. Hell, not even a body of a teenager. It was toned and warm, and clearly two heads taller than her. She has to watch herself around him. All the time.

"Eh, Tobi, I know that yo-"

"Get off her." The blunt command came from none other than Uchiha, who was beginning to fiddle with his ring. The blonde gulped, it must be the protective sibling-like persona kicking in. She laughed nervously, scratching her temple with her free hand.

"Tobi doesn't want to let Ino-chan go." The voice even sounded suddenly firm and a bit calm, holding the girl even tighter. Her breath caught in her throat, attempting to keep her face from flustering as she felt his muscles flex to accompany her. At this both her brother and the Uchiha looked ready to pounce, however, when the blond spared one look at the Uchiha, he backed off with a grin on his face.

"Itachi, I don't think that he's any concern, really." She assured, barely trusting her voice. His look hadn't changed, however, and he kept fiddling with his ring. He didn't seem angry at her; however, he seemed intent on the hole in the mask. Very intent.

"Hear that? Tobi isn't a concern." He switched his position from the top of her head to her shoulder, resting his chin on the nook of her neck. The girl gasped slightly, making the masked man silently chuckle, which she felt the muscles jerk at the action.

Yeah, this man was definitely dangerous. Did he know what he was doing, is the question.

How is she just standing there?

The Uchiha was silently seething. There were many things he could just brush off his shoulder, but this was ridiculous. It wasn't jealously, it was an instinct. He had never trusted the masked moron; he could tell that there was something more. His movements where clearly deliberate, and the girl fell for every one of them. What bugged him the most was that she was a Yamanaka. She should know every trick in the book, including what the man was doing. Despite what he says, it was beyond obvious that his actions said something different. The way he leaned into her… where was her instincts?! He had trained with her herself! The man was the same age as him; she could not be this stupid. Either that or she… impossible. The girl would never willingly let a man touch her so easily. Hell, she used to flinch when Sasuke would accidentally grace her arm when they were in the elevator. How can she be so comfortable with a complete stranger?

"Leader-sama, can we keep Ino-chan?" He asked too calmly, laying the side of his face now completely on her shoulder. The girl blinked.

Oh he did not.

"What did you just say?" The girl mumbled, lowly through gritted teeth. The boy lifted his head, seemingly confused.

"Eh, does Ino-chan not want to be kept?" Her fist curled, making a noticeable cracking sound as he face became shadowed. The side of her mouth twitched, her fist slowly rising.

"I am not anyone's to be kept!" She snapped, her first suddenly made direct contact with his face. The boy flung back several feet into the water fountain. Her shoulders where raised and her hair seemed to be flaring. "I permitted you into my personal bubble, but do not think that for one second that I am an object!" She hissed, not finished yet. Picking up rock from the ground, the girl flung it right next to the boy's head as he was attempting to get up. He sat there, seemingly in shock. After a second she noticed the boy shiver notably in fear, shaking his head.

"Ino-chan is scary!" He concluded, and the girl huffed and pouted. The boy then apparently left, probably to accompany Hidan.

The Uchiha seemingly had a smirk on his face. That was the Yamanaka Ino he knew.

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