She packed the remaining of her stuff in the bag. For the seventh time since she started packing, she whipped out her phone and texted him.

-R u sure it's cool if I stay?-

Message sent, the blonde bit her thumb nail. She felt nervous, and zipped up her bag. She left the room, making sure all the lights were turned off and no food in the fridge.

Feeling her phone go off, she pulled it out of her pocket, she smiled as she locked her door.

-If u ask one more time I'm going to send Hidan to kill u-

She giggled and got in her car, throwing the suit case in the back. Of course she put a lock, connecting the two zippers. She wasn't going to let his friends be creeps and go through her stuff.

She pulled into the development, soon noticing something. How was this place in any of their price ranges? This was one of the most top-scale areas she knew of!

Pulling up beside a three car garage, she girl sighed. It was at least a twenty feet walk to the front door steps, and her bag was heavy. Though it was on wheels, bringing it up the steps was the problem.

"Hey, you finally decided to show the fuck up, huh?" A voice laced with sarcasm caught her ears, and the girl turned.

"Hidan!" The blonde smiled. Perhaps he could be of use… "Well, I was thinking about how I was going to get the suitcase up the steps…" She scratched her head as the silver haired man rolled his eyes. He was still half naked; he just wore a long black trench-cloak. The blonde was getting used to seeing him, and she respected that he didn't take any shit.

"Psht, women always leave men to do the fucking hard work." The girls face dropped, her eyebrow twitched as the sadist easily popped the suitcase on his shoulder.

"Haha, right, that's why we have to deal with childbirth." The blonde giggled, and the man smirked.

"Touché." He turned, slightly bending to her height. "Speaking of baby-making. You know you can have the fun without the damned consequences?" The girl flustered, pouting as she turned her face away. He chuckled. "Well, I'm right down the hall if you change your mind." The girl felt the heat in her face, attempting not to make the situation worse. They walked up the steps, and the girl made herself control her thoughts as they went up to the large door. Not surprisingly, he had simply kicked the door open.

"Blondie is here!" He announced, dropping the back near the swiveling steps. She gasped at the large entry room, the left leading to the living room, she guessed, the right leading to the kitchen and the double stairs leading to the several rooms, some doors visible from the ledge. The voice had echoed, however it was lost in the loud noises coming from the living room.

"The fucking morons are always playing with the damn TV, you get used to the noise." He groaned, twisting the pinky he had in his left ear. The blonde nodded, it seemed that he was put on escorting duty.

"Ah, where is Dei?" She questioned, putting her hands behind her back. The man shrugged.

"Something came up; I don't listen to that shit. Won't be back till tomorrow." The beauty's face dropped. Not noticing, he suddenly called into the loud living room.

"Lines, get your fucking ass out of the book and show the girl around, will ya?" The silver haired man turned to leave, going into the kitchen. "As for me, I need a fucking beer." She heard him grumble, and giggled slightly.

"Ah, Ino, you're here." The Yamanaka turned to see the culprit of the voice.

"Itachi, I didn't think that you where here." Blinking in mild surprise, she watched as he pulled off his thin-framed reading glasses, closing the book with the other. She sighed, more comfortable with knowing that he was there.

"Well, we can't leave young girls in the company of monsters, can we?" He teased in his calm voice, patting the top of her head with the book. The blonde's eyes twitched, cracking her knuckles.


"Let's get the stuff up to your room." He, as Hidan had, easily lifted it over his shoulder, and the girl gawked a bit.

"Coming?" He asked again, about seven steps ahead of the girl. She nodded dumbly, and soon followed into a room second to the far left side. "This is your room, Deidara's is to the left and mine is to the right." She suddenly breathed out a sigh of relief that she didn't know she was holding. Noticing the Uchiha put the case in front of the door, she was then handed a key ring.

"We each have a separate lock." He explains her curious look.

"…but Itachi…" The blonde immediately noticed something. "There are five keys on the ring"

"The front door, your room, Deidara's room, storage, and the last…" She looked up, noticing the pause from the Uchiha. "Use as you see fit." Was all he relayed to her, before moving the book in the nook of his arm and began to go down the stairs.

The girl looked at the key for a moment. Scratching her head, she looked at the several doors. Shrugging, the blonde simply opened her room.

She smiled; her brother remembered her favorite color. The room was a lavender color with white carpets, her comforter was plain white and her furniture was a deep brown. To the left was a full bathroom and to the right was a large window with a ledge that she could comfortably sit in. She dragged her monstrosity of a suitcase; she felt her phone go off. Looking at the screen, she noticed that it was her father. Walking over to the window, which out saw the pool, and beyond that the small forest that surrounds the development. She pressed the button and dragged it out of the circle and accepting the call.

"Hi, dad." She stated, curling on the windowsill.

"Ino, how have you been?" He asked through the line.

"Great, actually. Um, actually…" She trailed off… how is she going to explain this? Her father doesn't live with her, being that he lives in Suna because of work, but how do you bring something like this up.


"Nothing." She stated, a sad look consumed her face. She can't possibly tell him something like this…

"Alright, well I just called to say goodnight." The man said, seemingly in a busy office. She smiled.

"Goodnight, dad." She laughed as a loud crash filled the phone. "Now go and figure out what that was, I love you."

"Haha thanks, I love you. No, no, get the acid away from the computer- no, not there-"

The blonde hung it up, a smile on her face as she got out the window. Her father was as lively as ever. She unpacked her stuff, making sure to place a lock on her dresser where her undergarments are. Surely no one will bother to pick threw it.

That's when, as she went through her case, she picked up something of cold, hard metal. A 10mm pistol. She looked at the engraving of 'IY' on the handle. 'Inoichi Yamanaka', it used to stand for. However, knowing that it was used to kill his wife, he was going to melt it down. The girl wouldn't let that happen, however, telling him that it was the burden that she was meant to carry. It wasn't loaded, but the bullets were already in her drawer.

The blue eyed beauty sat on the bed slowly, holding the gun on her lap with both hands. Her finger traced the letters, almost hypnotizing her.

Tap, tap

The noise jolted the girl out of her trance, quickly hiding the gun behind her back.

"It's open." She barely calls in shock, and the door slightly opened.

"It seems you have made yourself at home." She looked to see orange hair. The man looked at the newly put up pictures of her friends politely. "A room I can enter without getting disturbed is rather…refreshing." The blonde smiled a bit, tucking the gun further behind her.

"Ah yeah, I prefer simple." She explains. "Is there something you need me for?"

"Ah, that," He seemingly sighed. "This may be a bit hard to understand now, however…" It seemed that he struggled to find the right words to say. "What we do, who we are, it's…."

"I know." She cut him off, sighing. "I do not want to be a burden." She mumbled to herself. While she was entitled to her secrets, she didn't want them to think that… she was as pure as they think.

Hesitantly, she pulled out the gun from behind her back. Upon noticing this, that man blinked, seemingly in shocked.

"Yamanaka, do not think that holding a gun will make you ready for-"

"I have watched life drain from the eyes of someone, at my own hands." She says, her thumbs tracing the engraving. The pierced man blinked, and then nodded.

"It seems that I have misunderstood you." He stated lowly, before leaving. "Feel free to join them downstairs. They could use a female to straighten them out." He smirked, and the girl shot up, out of her trance before laughing.

"Rodger that." She chuckled and the leader left the door open. Putting the gun safely away in her locked drawer, she began to walk down the large stairs.

Turning to the left, she realized that the living room was much larger than she thought. Two sofa's, a love seat, a bookshelf in the corner, the Flat screen TV plastered to the wall, and under it a long and thin coffee table filled with the latest game systems, and under it bins of the respected games.

The girl ran a hand through her hair as she was forced to avoid a flying lamp lid. The cause was Hidan playing a brawler game with the blue-tinted one; however it seems that the one in the blue had a considerable lead. Noticing the man with a scarf around his face counting money. Then she noticed Itachi leaning on the armchair of the love seat, content in his book. Fidgeting a moment, the girl stood against the railing. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to Itachi, and then stiffly sat on the very corner of the loveseat opposite of him.

"You didn't have to hesitate." The voice chimed in her awkwardness, and she turned to see him looking out the corner of his eyes, his head not leaving the hand that he was leaning on. The girl flustered.

"Ah, I just didn't think that…" The girl moved her lips to the side in a pout, unable to explain. Ino Yamanaka does not hesitate, damn it. She girl yawned, stretching her arms out. "It's been a long day."

"I'm sure it has." He looked at her in slight amusement playing in his eyes. He closed his book and tapped her on the head again.

"Itachi." The blonde hissed. He didn't pay any mind to it.

"I'm sure that you came down to wait for your brother, correct?" The blonde adverted her eyes to the idiots playing the game; they seemed to have bet money into it somehow.

"I have to get used to it, having someone to wait for." She mumbled, looking down as the Uchiha blinked.

"I suppose it does." He agreed, reaching behind her and pulling the blanket that laid on the dark brown love seat. Handing it to her, the girl looked up.

"U-um…thank you…" She sighed, taking the white blanket and bringing it up to her chin. While the female heir couldn't sleep due to the noise, she had come to the conclusion that she didn't want to. This felt too much like a dream anyway. Uchiha went back to his book, and she looked at him for a moment, before snapping to the TV again. Bringing the blanket up, she was forced to bring it up to her eyes to hide her fluster. There was less than a foot between them, and here she was tempted to fall asleep.

"Um, Itachi…" She started, getting said man's attention. "Why did you join…this...?" She knew that he wasn't going to properly answer, but her curiosity was tempting her.

"They have a respectable reason for what they do." He replied, and the girl looked at him in curiosity.

"I see…" The mind reader looked at the group as a whole. A respectable reason for killing people? Never thought she would hear that.

Then the thoughts flooded back to her, and the girl blinked.

'This is where I belong, then.' Smiling to herself, she brought the blanket and basically snuggled into it. Everything in the house had a masculine scent of course, and this caused the girl to be a bit hesitant to pull the blanket out from her nose, but she felt her eyes grow heavy…

"Shit, Blondie actually fell asleep?" The sadistic man questioned in shock, the video game finally turned off and the beer bottles picked up (on Kisame's account after he had lost the game), he bent over to get a better look at the sleeping girl. She had curled into a ball-like figure in the corner of the sofa, still somehow sitting up. "Hard to think that she that fucking fagots sister." He grunted, scratching his head.

"Leave her, Hidan." The Uchiha warned, putting the book away.

"Pfft, what's the fun of touching her if she isn't even ganna' call out my name?" He grinned, before backing off at the glare of the onyx-eyed man.

"This girl has got a lot to learn." The blue-tinted man grinned, showing pointed teeth.

"Less than you know, Kisame." They all turned to face the pierced leader. "She is exceptionally….prepared compare to normal." Was all he said, before leaving the house.

"What the fuck was that about?" Hidan broke the silence, confused. He then was that Itachi's eyes had narrowed considerably. "Uchiha, you know?"

"…" The silence was the answer as he pulled his glasses off.

"Whatever, I'm going to bed." Kisame threw his arms over his head, his white t-shirt crinkling in the process. He offered a short wave of his hand as he went upstairs.

"The fuck ever, me too." He said, dismissing the subject of the blonde as he followed behind Kisame.

The Uchiha sighed. He looked at the girl, who seemed quite comfortable. He turned around, retreating to his room as well.