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Jason POV

I walk through camp with my head down and my hands in my pocket. I kick a rock and curse in Latin. What did I do wrong? She just.. She just dumped me out of the blue. She threw me out like a dirty sock and played with my emotions. I heard the other Aphrodite kids talking about something. The passage? The path? I don't know.. Apparently, it's something all Aphrodite's children do; but, Piper refused... I wonder why she did it.

I sigh and just walk around aimlessly. I have no idea where I am going. I see the bonfire still lit, so I sit down next to it. The flame goes down to a dull pink so I know that it is reading my emotions. I sigh again and suddenly my head starts hurting like crazy. I have a flashback and remember a girl and I sitting by a fire talking. This girl had dark brown hair and eyes that could penetrate the depths of your soul. I remember her making a move on me and me pushing her back. Then things got awkward and I left. I open my eyes and my head is throbbing so badly I can barely see. I hold my head in my hands for a couple of minutes then blink really slowly.

My head stops throbbing and I can see clearly again. Then I remember Piper. Oh Piper.. Why? I out my head back in my hands and do something I haven't done in awhile. I cry. Not a total break down on the floor, but just a steady stream of tears down my face. Why did she do this? I'm so busy thinking I don't hear another set of footfalls behind me.

"J-Jason? Are you ok?" A voice says. I turn around and see Annabeth. She's shivering and wraps her arms around herself. It's 40 degrees and she is out here in pajama pants and an oversized Camp-Halfblood t-shirt. I just nod. I don't even talk. I turn my attention to the flame, which has now become a very dull blue. Not vibrant and lively. It's dull. Very dull. "You know," she continues, "you shouldn't be out here. It's freezing and your not even wearing long pants." I look down and realize that she's right. I'm only wearing blue basketball shorts and a black t-shirt that has the sleeves but off. I realize how cold I am and move closer to the fire. She sits down next to me.

"You ok?" I ask. I don't really know why, but I ask. I guess I just need to get my mind off Piper.

"Honestly," she looks a but shaken," no. I have lost my boyfriend, we are about to go face an army of trained killers - who we don't know will be friendly or not -, and I don't know of my boyfriend still likes me." I nod at her. It's true. We leave in 5 days for Camp Jupiter and Piper dumping me really isn't helping the other stress on my plate. "So what's wrong with you?"

"Oh, nothing.." I sigh and close my eyes. Should I tell Annabeth this? Oh well, she will find out sooner or later. "Piper dumped me." I whisper quietly.

"WHAT?" Annabeth practically screams. I nod. "Why would she do that?! You two are amazing! You were both so happy!"

"That's what I thought," I trail off looking down. She rubs my back soothingly.

"It'll get better. I promise. It will pass and you'll find someone better." She nods while saying this.

"Are you talking about the boy in the picture with you and Thalia?" I ask.

"His name was Luke. I thought I would never get over him... Then I met Percy, and I love Percy now: and he loves me.. I hope." I nod reassuringly and rub her back the way she rubbed mine.

"If Percy really loves you, the you will be fine," I smile at her and she leans her head on my shoulder.

"I hope so Jason... I received a dream from my mother saying that I was her biggest disappointment, and that I shouldn't have even been born because I am a terrible demigod and a disgrace to her.." She looks down. I am legitimately shocked.

"What?! How could she say that?! You are like the dream daughter any god or goddess could want!" I say defensively. She nods.

"Then she said something about revenge, and a "Mark of Athena". She then said when I finally meet person he will break my heart. If my mom is in her right mind though, which I don't think she is, she wouldn't doubt Percy and I for a second.. It's just, my mom is never wrong. Never. So it scares me..." I nod.

"If you and Percy really love each other, you'll be fine." I smile at her and she smiles back.

"You know, I'm glad I talked to you Jason. You seem like a good person."

"Thanks, you to Annabeth," I smile genuinely at her. Wow. That's new. First time I've smiled since this afternoon when Piper broke up with me. I grimaced. Annabeth noticed and rubbed my arm.

"Piper again? Don't worry. You'll be fine. If she can't see how amazing you are, it's her loss. Not yours," she smiles at me and I smile back.

"Thanks Annabeth," I smile and we talk a bit more until she starts shaking again. I rub her arm and stand up, pulling her up with me. "Let's go, it's cold and I don't want you turning into a Demisicle," I grin and she laughs.

"I think Percy said that once," she laughs again dusting herself off and I walk her back to her cabin. On the way there she steps on a rock. "Shit" she mutters under her breath. I put on a face of mock shock.

"Annabeth Chase! I didn't know you cursed!" I say mockingly. She laughs and pushes me. I fall on the same rock and skin my hand. "Well fuck." I accidentally mutter out loud. She laughs so hard she doubles over.

"Oh, so I'M the one that has the bad mouth," she states mockingly and laughs. I look at my hand laughing and it's bleeding.

"Umm.. Annabeth?" I show her my hand and she curses in Greek.

"Oh gods, I'm sorry Jason. Here, I'll be right back," she goes into her cabin and then comes back out with a band-aid and neo sporran, "here you go. Doctor Chase is her." She laughs and fixes me up.

"Well thank you Doctor Chase," I now and we both laugh, "well I gotta go or we'll get in trouble because of curfew and have kitchen duty," I grumble. I hate kitchen duty. She smiles and sighs. "Oh, and you know those two Aphrodite kids have been watching us this whole time right?" I ask laughing. She nods and looks at them, but in a way they don't know she she is. She speaks out of the corner of her mouth.

"Yep. Hey, wanna screw with em?" She grins and I start laughing an nod. She smiles and then whispers. "Play along," then she shoves me up against a tree and kisses me. Straight on the lips. I taken aback but slowly kiss her back. This kiss is AMAZING, even though I know it's a stage one. I'm already laughing at what could possibly be going on in those Aphrodite kids' minds. We pull away and she whispers. "Lightning." I bite my lip to keep from laughing and send a bolt of lightning two inches away from their feet and they scream.

"DON'T EAVESDROP! IT'S NOT NICE! THE KISS WASN'T REAL YOU FUCKTARDS! SO GO GET A LIFE AND STOP GOSSIPING OR NEXT TIME THE LIGHTING WON'T MISS!" I scream. They run away and Annabeth and I are on the ground laughing. She grins. She knows the lighting didn't miss I did that on purpose. She smiles.

"Good job, Jason," she smiles and then walks into her cabin, "see you tomorrow!" She shouts over her shoulder and the door closes. I smile and then run straight back to cabin one and crawl in bed after changing into sweat pants. It's so cold. I fall asleep thinking about tricking Aphrodite kids, Annabeth, and out kiss. The kiss that wasn't even real. I felt something though... A spark maybe? Nahhh... It couldn't be. Besides, she's dating Percy and she'd never want to date me. I have my head of the thought and close my eyes, falling asleep.

Over the next few days, Annabeth and I have grown close. Almost like best friends. We've been spending all day together like old friends and it feels nice to have a friend again. Leo kinda left after he heard about me and Piper breaking up. I think he's trying to pull a move. Annabeth even tells Piper to back off when she talks to me! It's great! I smile to myself remembering the close calls as I board the Argo II. I smile an wave bye over the deck and then walk back to my customized room and lay down. I fall asleep for a nap and then am woken up by a knock on the door. It's Annabeth.

"Hey sleepyhead," she smiles, " let's go see your home." I smile and get up and we walk to the top deck together. I look over the railing and my breath hitches. It's amazing. I remember everything now. Everything comes flooding back. This is home. Strangely enough, it doesn't feel right though.. Oh well, I shake my head and look out over Camp Jupiter. This... is what I left behind.

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