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Two years.

That's how long it's been since Bonnie Bennett put the town of Mystic Falls in her rearview mirror. Two years since a load has been lifted from off her petite shoulders. Two years since she had been caught in the middle of a supernatural war that she never wanted any part of.

And two years since the death of her best friend.

It was safe to say that though she left in turmoil, it was the best decision that Bonnie had ever made and the only thing she would have done differently was leave sooner. The town brought nothing but destruction to all residents who simply knew too much. Bonnie herself had barely escaped with her sanity intact. Where she ended up was almost as bad in terms of supernatural activity, but certainly not any worse that what she was used to.

Having recently turned twenty, Bonnie looked back over her teenage years and wondered just how in the hell she survived without committing suicide. She realized now more than ever that she had more strength than she once gave herself credit for. Anyone carrying a fraction of the weight she shouldered would've given up early on but she persevered, even if it was only for the sake of others. She figured at the very least, she had them to thank for that.

It was weird not hearing from the Salvatores or the Mikaelsons. Her best guess was that they were all still reeling from the grief and anguish of the very destruction they brought upon themselves to even notice she had gone.

Yes, they were that self-absorbed.

Whenever they did notice her absence, she was long gone; making sure to leave no traces of her existence in her wake. For reasons unknown, Bonnie had suffered a bout of guilt with each increasing mile she placed between herself and Mystic Falls but as the miles grew, the guilt diminished. They didn't give a crap about Bonnie Bennett, none of them did. Their tolerance of her lasted for as long as it took for a spell to leave her lips, then they were off to their own business leaving her at the mercy of the spirits.

The Spirits.

The thought made Bonnie scoff aloud. The very spirits that were supposed to protect her; those who claimed to be her ancestors and mentors had no qualms punishing her every five seconds for simply trying to keep her friends alive. They often contradicted what they stood for by putting her life in jeopardy many time by possessing and manipulating her to do their bidding. In the end, Bonnie was exhausted and used by both sides and ultimately, she was the fool. The thought still brought a bitter taste to her mouth. It seemed that no matter what she did, no one was ever in her corner. When the rubber met the road, no one ever looked out for her and no one ever gave a damn if she lived or died. They all had bigger and better things to worry about and Bonnie Bennett was in no one's top three.

Hell, she wasn't even in the top ten.

Well, there was one person… but even then, she was second best.

None of it mattered now. Everything from people, to plans, and even objects came before her and Bonnie herself had placed her own wellbeing on the backburner for the sake of others. It was a mystery how she even escaped Mystic Falls with any shred of dignity or self-esteem.

Sighing, Bonnie tried in vain to put an end to her ruminations but in recent days it had all become hard to do. The dreams that plagued her sleep at night were beginning to become more and more vivid and as much as Bonnie feared, she believed that soon and very soon her past would be falling into her lap in some form or the other. The thought made her want to break down in tears but Bonnie was stronger than that. She had been through too much and seen too many things in her short years to fall prey to her own emotions. She refused to accept the role as an emotional female that could cry at the drop of a hat, though ironically, she was just that. No one but her knew how sensitive she really was and Bonnie liked it that way. While it was no secret that loyalty was her weakness, what people didn't know was that Bonnie was naturally helpful to a fault and often found herself fighting hard to prove herself worthy in the eyes of those that doubted her.

It had less to do with wanting to fit in and more to do with her own insecurities, but that was a different story for a different day.

"If you think any harder, you're going to get permanent wrinkles on that gorgeous face of yours." Bonnie turned towards the doorway of the study she sat in, smiling when she was greeted with a chocolate covered smirk. She returned one of her own and shook her head.

"I went this long without any," she acknowledged, inclining her neck to receive a kiss from the aforementioned lips. She bit her lip as she stared up at the handsome man before her who adorned her skin complexion. His skin was as flawless and soft as hers though underneath he was solid muscle. The thought made Bonnie grin inwardly.

"That's 'cause black don' crack."

Bonnie giggled and rolled her eyes. "Must you always be obnoxious, Marcel?"

"S'human nature," he slurred with a shrug. Bonnie gave him an incredulous look and shook her head.

"I think you'd have to actually be human to qualify for that." Bonnie smiled when he waved her off and sat on the arm of the loveseat she was occupying.

"Just wanted to see you smile, 'tis all," Marcel answered honestly. He often found Bonnie lost in herself, more so recently, and did all he could to bring her out of reverie. While she never shared much about her past, upon learning she was a witch, he knew that whatever it was that sometimes sent her deep into her prison of thoughts couldn't be anything good. Which is why he did all he could to make things easy for her.

"You're so sweet." Bonnie replied, placing a hand on his cheek. The feeling of death she once got when she first touched him was now practically nonexistent. She stroked his jawline for a brief moment before withdrawing her hand, frowning at him in the process. "Now what do you want?"

"Man you're good," Marcel laughed and held his hand up, admitting defeat. "A'ight. So, there's this party tonight. I want you to be my lovely, sexy, arm piece. I'll buy you a dress and all. Get that hair done up'," Marcel patted his head in a 'ghetto girl' fashion as he ended the sentence earning an endearing laugh from Bonnie. His dimpled smile appeared not long after. It was hard to fathom sometimes that this one man ran New Orleans' underworld. Bonnie watched as he schooled his features into a more serious one with ease that was almost unsettling.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that hard to believe.

"If you're busy I'll understand." The sincerity and respect in his eyes would've taken her aback if she wasn't use to it by now. Marcel had expressed many times how much respect he had for witches. The fact that Bonnie was a Bennett increased his level of respect tenfold. In his words, the Bennett's were the 'Kennedy's of the supernatural'.

Bonnie took a moment to think, though she didn't really need one. She had absolutely nothing to do but at the rare chance of coming off as important as he, she stalled for a moment for dramatic effect. Hey, she was still a woman. "You're in luck. I'm free," she informed him, watching as his smile brightened.

"Great. Be ready by seven. I have someone important I want to show you off too." Bonnie rolled her eyes even as a smile graced her lips. She didn't protest as Marcel pulled out his black credit card and hand it to her; knowing from past experiences that to argue would be unfeasible. He was just as stubborn as she was but to her dismay he had much more patience, resulting in him winning several arguments. She watched Marcel's departing figure as he left the room, bidding her adieu. Given the parties he was known to throw and attend, she knew she had to look flawless. With that said, no longer would she be distracted by the trifles of her mind; she had a lot to look forward to.

The Louisiana air was muggy despite the light breeze that blessed her periodically from the open window across the room. Bonnie had figured humidity would be her biggest enemy that night which was part of the reason she skipped out on curls and settled for the flat-ironed, disproportioned bob-cut that rested beautifully on her shoulders and at the nape of her neck. She wanted a change and nothing was more drastic than trading in her long, chocolate colored hair for a shorter blonde look. Truth be told, she wasn't sure how her hair would look six inches shorter than its previous eighteen but somehow it worked and she was able to pull it off effortlessly.

Her hair effectively brought out the rich, scarlet colored, Herve Leger bandage dress she wore. The dress left little to the imagination for it clung desperately to every square inch of her developed body, exposing curves that easily went unnoticed in her everyday attire. From the moment she slid into it, she knew the dress would cause problems but Bonnie couldn't bring herself to care long enough to consider wearing something else. Besides, after years of going virtually unnoticed in her hometown, it was quite refreshing to grasp the attention of every eligible bachelors' (and even bachelorettes at times), attention. The attention Bonnie began to receive around town was startling at first but she grew to accept and even enjoy it at times. It was nice to be admired.

"I'm convinced you want me to drop dead, Gorgeous." Turning to the direction of the voice, Bonnie smiled as a handsome Marcel came into view. She took a moment to admire his look. He had managed to pull off a casual look and make it appear almost formal. His biker jacket, unfastened, exposed the Henley shirt he wore underneath that showed off his collarbone and the gold chain that settled against it. His dark wash jeans managed to fit him perfectly while also sagging and gathering at the tops of his high-top supra clad feet. Bonnie's smile of appreciation turned into a slight squint when she couldn't help but notice the familiarity his outfit seemed to bring.

"No worries, I'll just resurrect you afterwards," she smirked, stirring up a lustful glint in Marcel's eyes. He approached her, pushing off the wall he leaned against and held out his arm to which she accepted, locking arms with him as he turned to lead them out of the room. "You don't look bad yourself," Bonnie complimented as they strode through the narrow hallway of the Victorian styled home. Marcel paused once they arrived to the top of the grand staircase so that she could brace herself against him as they descended. It was a wonder to him that she could walk at all in heels so high but then, she had always been graceful from what he'd been able to gather.

"Next to you, I'm a toad," he brushed off. "Ain't nobody checking' for me," he replied honestly. Bonnie always managed to steal the spotlight without ever trying. It was one of the many things he adored about her. When they first crossed paths, she possessed an air of innocence about her that he hadn't seen in a witch before. Most of them lost said innocence after being jaded by the hardships of the supernatural realm and though Bonnie had been close to being one of the many to experience this, her underlying innocence had somehow survived. Noticing this, Marcel did all he could to preserve that rare quality about her.

A genuine smile stretched across her lips. Marcel seemed to always go out of his way to compliment and uplift her in a way she was never used to. At first it made her uncomfortable and she wondered what his hidden agenda was but as time went on she grew to realize that it was just the person he was; at least towards her. His reputation in the city was not lost on her but as he had easily accepted her with limited knowledge of her past, she learned to accept him for who he was.

It hadn't taken long to reach the West Bank. Bonnie wasn't surprised at the amount of people outside of the plantation styled home located in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Bonnie could tell that this party, like most Marcel hosted or attended, would be littered with creatures of the supernatural. She didn't have to be a witch to notice it. The isolation and location of the house spoke in volumes. That, coupled with the low and limited lighting was a dead giveaway. It as a coven—for vampires, that is. Despite knowing she was in good hands, Bonnie felt a tingle of nervousness prick in the back of her throat. She would never get over her uneasiness for vampires and with her past, who could really blame her?

"So, who is this mystery person you want me to meet?" The entire ride, both Bonnie and Marcel sat in the backseat in comfortable silence mainly due to Bonnie, once again, being lost in her own thoughts. Marcel could see right through her however. She was beginning to grow nervous and he didn't have to use his heightened sense of smell to sense it; for it was only when she was nervous that silence unsettled her.

"My sire. He decided to blow into town after a hundred and fifty years to check on me. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the bastard again," Marcel chuckled, though in his mind, he secretly wondered just what his reason for returning was. The man never did anything without reason. Marcel was smart to be suspicious. "This is his house, by the way," he added, knowing that would be her next question. Bonnie eyed the house with a less than pleased look on her face before scoffing.

"Yeah? What billionaire did he drink to get it?" Marcel chuckled, not at all bothered by Bonnie's judgmental temperament. In this case, she had every right to be that way given on the type of person he knew his sire was.

"Oh yeah. You two will get along nicely," he said instead, voice dripping with sarcasm. Bonnie rolled her eyes unapologetically and shifted in her seat, uncrossing her legs as the car came to a stop.

"Yeah, that usually means the opposite coming from you," Bonnie responded, stepping out of the car once her door opened. She smiled at the driver and gave the hand he extended a light squeeze; her way of thanking him.

Inside, Bonnie had to admit, was rather impressive. Too impressive if you were to ask her; she had only seen this level of elegance once before and it wasn't necessarily a good thing. Everything from the two large white swans perched in the fountain in the middle of the foyer to the live orchestrated music floating in the air above them from a location nearby made Bonnie lift her eyes in confusion. It was safe to say they were underdressed for whatever occasion this was.

"Um…" Bonnie was barely able to voice her concern when she heard a voice that made her body stiffen noticeably.

"Ah, Marcel. So great to see you after almost a century and a half." The distinct British accent, coupled with a lisp tailored to one person and one person only, made the hair on Bonnie's neck stand up as she slowly turned on her heels, faced with the side profile of none other than Niklaus Mikaelson.

Klaus smiled at Marcel, not paying much else attention to anything else. Marcel had been one of his first sires when he arrived to New Orleans some two hundred years back. One of the best decisions Klaus had ever made was sparing Marcel's life, turning him into a vampire as opposed to killing him on sight. Marcel had been the most loyal of subjects, given his circumstances at the time; one of the only people on earth that Klaus would ever call a friend and that was saying a lot.

Marcel smiled as he pulled Klaus into a brotherly embrace, letting him go after a moment of 'brotherly love'. "Niklaus, my man. Still bougie as hell, I see," Marcel joked as he greeted Klaus in his own way, to which Klaus only smiled. Marcel turned to where Bonnie stood to his left, stretching his arms out in efforts to introduce her only to find that she had long since gone. Frowning, Marcel glanced around the ballroom only to find that she was nowhere in sight. His first instinct was to look for her immediately but soon pushed that thought to the side as Klaus began to lead him to another section of the house. He needn't worry. She was a witch and he knew that with the power she possessed, as well as her reputation in the city, no vampire in their right mind would try anything with her.

Upon seeing one of the very people high up on her 'shit list', Bonnie wasted no time vanishing from sight. Quick thinking led to her teleporting from inside of the house to the courtyard just outside. She had never tried teleportation before and wasn't sure if it would work, however it did, causing her to release a breath of air she didn't realize she was holding on to. She hoped with her back turned and her new hair due, Klaus hadn't noticed her but she couldn't be too shore, there wasn't much that went unnoticed by the original hybrid.

Slouching against a nearby tree, Bonnie brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face in her hand as she sifted through her frantic thoughts. Teleportation wasn't as fun as she'd originally thought, especially if you forgot to bend your knees right before. Based on the dreams she had recently, she knew this moment was soon pending, however she didn't think it'd be thissoon. She had no real warning alerting her that Klaus of all people would just waltz right back into her life.

For the first time she regretted cutting herself off from the spirits and taking up a new form of magic called expression. While she could no longer be punished for using her magic anymore, warnings for her safety were few and far between. Any warning she got now was sensed through her magic; which is why she couldn't figure out why she hadn't sensed Klaus the moment she walked through the door. He was the strongest creature she had ever encountered and when she lived in Mystic Falls, she was always able to detect him in some form. It was a trait that made her his most worthy opponent and one she relied on to keep out of sticky situations in regards to him.

You're getting weak. You haven't been using as much magic as you used to which is why you couldn't sense him coming. You mustn't let your guard down.

Bonnie wasn't sure where the voice in her head was coming from but it was right. Marcel had spoiled her. If she needed to perform large spells either she'd use one of the many talismans he'd collected over the years or he'd find a witch for her to channel. The strain she felt when she was younger was rarely, if ever, felt now. In a way she was stronger but it also made her lazy for lack of a better word. The thought made Bonnie scoff at her own injudiciousness.

The faint sounds of rustling immediately snapped Bonnie out of reverie and she instantly stood to her feet, bracing herself against the tree as she looked around the cloak of darkness that had since settled when she left the 'party'. She heard the rustling of leaves come from the other side of the tree and carefully peeped around the trunk to see who was intruding into her space. It was almost fickle of her to run when she could easily murmur a spell to protect her but as of now Bonnie was acting purely on adrenaline.

Just as she was about to look away, Bonnie saw a dark figure move into view, clearly looking for something out of the ordinary as they slowly turned their head from left to right. It was clearly not human, for the faintest sound caught its attention. Whatever it was, it sensed her nearby, turning its head slightly in the direction of the tree she stood against. On normal circumstances, Bonnie wouldn't have been jostled by this 'threat'. She had gone up against much stronger creatures and won however given that Klaus was the only creature she couldn't seem to beat, she had to be wise. She didn't know what kind of traps he had set for her and for him to be in New Orleans of all places, she knew he already had her in his sights long before he'd been in hers. The thought unsettled her. He was already several steps ahead of her and what was worse this time was she didn't have anyone around who knew the kind of games he played.

This brought her to her next thought. Marcel was Klaus's sire. Of all the places in the world, she ended up in New Orleans, living with the sire of her (im)mortal enemy. As much as she wanted to believe that it was sheer coincidence, she knew better. No way in hell was anything involving the supernatural merely coincidental.

Bonnie gulped and turned around to run only to run smack into a solid chest.

Sixteen Hours Earlier

Damon Salvatore didn't have much to smile about these days. Hell, for most of his existence he hadn't had much to smile about. As much as he teased his brother Stefan about his brooding, Damon had to admit that when he was alone, he brooded just as much as Stefan, if not more. At least Stefan was always able to make friends and find love. Damon had neither of that. He always ended up alone and as much as he told himself that was what he wanted, deep down it was all a lie. Damon craved for someone to love him as hard as he loved others who had ultimately rejected him.

One of the only times his love was requited, it was short lived and brutally snatched away from him. Her name was Elena Gilbert and she had first been in love with Stefan Salvatore, his younger brother. The story behind the trio was a long and drawn out sobs tale but in the end, Elena fell for him as well and they became an item. It didn't last however and ultimately Elena met her death at the hand of a man Damon hated more than anything on his earth. A man he was currently tracking to avenge his lover's death but also a man who was always twenty steps ahead of him and with no one left to call an ally, avenging Elena's death would be harder than he originally anticipated but not impossible.

If only he had a witch…


It wasn't the first time he thought to include her, but Damon hadn't seen or heard from the little witch in two, almost three years. He didn't know the first place to look; she could be anywhere and knowing Bonnie if she didn't want to be found then there would be no way in hell to find her. The thought made Damon sigh in frustration. Revenge, though sweet, was an arduous task that was more than overwhelming at times but it was nothing he wasn't used to. All he needed was one small break to put things in motion again.

Damon's thoughts were interrupted by his ringtone chiming loudly as his phone began vibrating against his hip. Taking a break from his diabolical plans, Damon answered without bothering to check the screen. "Make it worth my time."

"He's in New Orleans. Move fast, I'm not sure how long he's staying." Damon thought he was hearing things when he recognized his estranged brother's voice in his ear. The two hadn't seen each other in two years. After the death of Elena, Stefan took off and hadn't looked back. Part of the reason Damon kept his current number for so long was because he had hoped to one day hear from Stefan, though he knew as well as anybody that when Stefan disappeared, he stayed gone for at least a decade or two. Hearing his brother's voice made Damon exhale in relief, almost as if he had been holding his breath since his baby bro left. Despite everything, Damon still cared.

"Stefan. What the hell? How did you even know I was looking for him in the first place?" Damon had lots of questions and they spewed out of him before he could really stop to think about them. "Where the hell are you? And why call now out of the blue?" Damon didn't have time to kick himself for showing too much concern but sudden confusion always made him more vulnerable than he would ever admit.

"I know you," Stefan replied in a smug tone that told Damon two things. One; this wasn't the Stefan that left Mystic Falls and two; he had been drinking way too much human blood. "I know you won't give up until you end the fucker. Just thought I'd help." Damon could almost see the smirk on the younger Salvatore's face and shook his head. He was just glad to hear from his brother again.

"Yeah well, thanks, Shit Face," Damon chided in efforts to regain some of his masculinity. The Mother Hen look was not worn well by him. Stefan chuckled briefly.

"Oh yeah, your little witch is there too. I wouldn't doubt that Klaus is up to something so you'd better an extra swish in your hips." Damon didn't have time to retort for Stefan had already hung up. Immediately, Damon stood to his feet and threw on his black leather jacket—his trademark. He grabbed everything he thought he'd need and stuffed it in a duffle bag; an act that would have taken a regular human an hour or so but not for a vampire. He paused for a minute and saved the number Stefan called from, though knowing Stefan, he probably already discarded the phone. Rolling his eyes at the thought Damon gathered his things and left out the door; ready to kill two birds with one stone.

Bonnie looked up at the figure before her and frowned at the unfamiliar face with the chilling smile. She had half expected it to be Klaus standing before her but alas it was not. She immediately pieced two and two together when she the man before her eyes went yellow as his fangs descended from his gums. A hybrid. One of Klaus's no doubt.

Bonnie prepared to give him an aneurysm but stopped in her tracks when blood splattered on her face, catching her completely off guard. She gasped and wiped her eyes clear in time to see a hand retreating from the center of the creature's chest. Bonnie backed away quickly, narrowly avoiding the creature's falling body and looked up to see the culprit grinning widely down at her.

"I can't tell you how long it's been since I did that. Still get the same rush as before." Despite the darkness that enveloped the both of them, Bonnie caught a glimpse of that unmistakable smirk that she had once been accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. Overwhelmed, Bonnie barely got a chance to catch her breath and calm her speeding heart.


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