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Bonnie stared at Damon with a look on her face akin to shock, anger, and most of all disbelief. She wasn't sure what to make of the situation and didn't know where to begin in analyzing just what in the hell was going on. One minute she was in potential danger and the next, Damon Salvatore was standing before her with a cocksure grin played about his face, as per usual. How was any of this rational? First Klaus, now Damon? What the hell?

"I must say, Judgy, you're losing your touch. The Bonnie I knew would've had that lowlife on his knees within. Don't tell me you've gone soft." Just the sound of his voice brought forth an irrational amount of rage in Bonnie and in a flash her hand was careening against his face in the mightiest back hand she had ever dished in her entire life. Bonnie ignored the sound of her knuckles cracking his stele jaw. The way Damon's jaw ticked indicated that he was less than pleased but rather than lash out, he took it all in stride as he tried to reason with her. He had to remember that he needed her on his side.

"I see you're still holding grudge. Listen—" Bonnie, not satisfied with the results of the slap, reached up and punched Damon square in the nose, shaking her fist in pain as she pulled back. As she clenched her fist, she felt that it was wet and though she couldn't really see in the darkness, she could guess from the sweet metallic smell that it was blood and not mucus dripping from Damon's nose. Damon groaned and held his nose, cussing the entire time while Bonnie smiled in triumph.

"What. The. Fuck. BONNIE!" Damon growled as he leaned back and snapped his nose back in place. When he was sure he had healed, he leveled his eyes with hers and glared at her. It was hard to fight against the urge to tear her throat out, though judging by her new found strength, that'd be a feat. The smug look on her face as she glared up at him did nothing to mollify his rage, however.

"How the fuck did you find me and why are you here? Haven't you caused enough destruction in my life?! What do you want Damon? You know what, I don't even fucking care! Just get the fuck out of my face before I kill your sorry ass right here, right now." Damon said nothing as he watched Bonnie's chest heave up and down; the anger on her face penetrated the darkness so much so that even someone with the poorest of vision would've been able to see the devil in her features.

Knowing things could never go well with a pissed off witch didn't stop Damon from staying put as Bonnie verbally kicked his ass. Rather than say a word, he simply allowed her to release all of her anger and frustrations out on him. Maybe afterwards she'd hear him out. That is, if she didn't storm off first.

"Did you fucking hear me? Do I have to light your ass on fire for you to get it?" As Bonnie spoke the wind around them began to pick up, carrying both her hair and voice with it. Rather than take heed to her advice, Damon took a moment to take in more of Bonnie's features. Everything from her blonde hair, the extra curves she sported and the way she dressed made Damon realize that the Bonnie he knew in Mystic Falls was not the one before him now. She had changed and he wasn't really sure how to approach her since he half expected to see the same little girl she was before she left. It was safe to say nothing about her was little anymore. She clearly could no longer be easily intimidated or manipulated.

"I. SAID. LEAVE! Damn it, GO!" Thunder cracked the sky and a flash of lightening illuminated every square inch of the West Bank as the torrid wind whipped and howled around them. Damon was instantly thrown from his thoughts. He tried his best to keep up his 'bored expression' but couldn't deny that seeing Bonnie channel this much power unnerved him. The last he checked, she wasn't nearly as strong as this. Sure, in the past she could put on a wind show here and there but to channel a full blown thunderstorm? Something was off and he didn't need to be around her very long to figure it out.

"Enough with the tantrum already, Bonnie. We really need to talk—" Once again, Damon was interrupted only this time, the pain she dished was greater than before and she didn't have to lay a finger on him to do it. Gripping his head, Damon dropped to his knees as Bonnie unleashed the worst aneurysm he'd ever experience in his immortal life. Damon squinted up at Bonnie through thin slits as he struggled to find his voice to plead with her to stop. Bonnie grinned to herself as she watched the vampire crumble underneath her.

Seeing Damon in pain gave her a sense of joy she hadn't felt in a long time. She felt vindicated in a sense for all the years he and his brother put her through hell but even still, it wasn't enough. Seeing the blood pour from his nostrils and earlobes wasn't as satisfying as she once imagined it to be. She wanted to see his heart out of his chest and underneath the heel of her stilettos. Smiling when Damon grunted, she snapped the vertebrae along his spinal column one by one, feeling a tingling all throughout her body as he unleashed blood curdling scream after scream. Bonnie could only compare it to one other feeling she knew. An orgasm.

Damon wasn't sure how much life he had left to him but at the going rate, he was sure Bonnie was going to kill him. He suddenly wished he had thought this plan through a little better. How stupid was he to believe she'd run into his arms with glee and jubilee? "Bonnie. Wait. Listen, please…" His eyes met hers and she watched as he clenched his teeth in pain before relinquishing her assault on him. The smirk dropped from her face and her eyes filled with angry tears that refused to fall as she glowered at him.

"The one person I fought hard to protect, who I gave my life up for TWICE to keep safe; the one person who was ALWAYS in my life no matter what. The one. Fucking. Person! Who had been there for me from the beginning…" Bonnie fought hard to reign in her emotions but it was hard to control anything with half of her mind fighting to finish the job on Damon and the other half struggling to hold her sanity together. Everything in her wanted to tear Damon in half and dance in his blood but for some odd reason, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Not because he didn't deserve it but because that wasn't the type of person she was. At least she didn't think so. It was hard to tell these days.

"YOU DID THIS! You and your fucking brother! You came into her life and turned it upside down! I blame you! You killed who Elena was long before she actually died. You are just as responsible as he is. I hate you. You fucking disgust me." In a flurry of seconds, Bonnie went from screaming at the top of her lungs to speaking barely above a whisper. She stared down at Damon with disgust as he breathed as best as he could while trying hard to recover from the attack she unleashed on him. As he squirmed around, Bonnie lifted her foot and placed it on his chest, pushing him further into the ground. The weight of her pressing down on him caused Damon to shout out in pain and grab at her calves as a feeble attempt to remove her feet from his chest. The pressure on his back was excruciating but Bonnie could not care any less.

"You got a lot of nerve coming here like I owe you something. I don't owe you anything, Damon Salvatore; nothing but a stake in your goddamn heart. I'd kill you if I thought you were worthy of dying but you're not. You get to live with what the fuck you did forever." Shaking her leg out of his grip, Bonnie rolled her eyes, repulsed by his very presence, as she stalked off but not before calling over her shoulder…

"Do not contact me again." Though she knew better than anybody Damon wouldn't give up that easily; he was too stubborn and too persistent. Oh well.

His funeral.

Marcel followed Klaus through the sea of people that littered his house. His 'people'. Hardly any of the faces were unknown to him, given that he knew of every supernatural creature in the city, but the faces he did find unfamiliar were no doubt, human. From the way they all nodded towards Marcel with respect as he passed by, it went without saying that while Klaus had managed to woo them with his theatrics of a great party, their loyalty would always lie faithfully in him. Judging by the look on Marcel's face, everyone around could sense that he wasn't in the best of moods so they made sure to steer clear and not approach him. Some even looked guilty for attending a party outside of the French Quarter. The guilty ones, Marcel would deal with later, but for now he simply flashed them his famous smirk to placate their worry; only it never reached his eyes.

Klaus's return had him slightly on edge and while he was concerned, he was less than threatened. Though immortal and deadly, Klaus was nothing more than a spoiled brat with daddy issues, a big ego, and a long eye. It made him sick but he still had to give credit where credit was due. Klaus taught him the tricks of the trade on how to always stay one step ahead of everyone else. Knowing this fact made Marcel certain that Klaus as only here for one reason.

"So Marcel, I see you're quite the mover and shaker. I for one love what you've done with the place," Klaus waved his arm in the air around him to signal that he meant the city and not the actual place they were standing in. The two of them were now located in a small den upstairs overlooking the great room below where they were within sight but out of earshot thanks to the loud music from the live band that played down below; a good spot to keep an eye on things. Marcel simply shrugged his shoulders and accepted the glass of scotch Klaus handed to him. He afforded his sire a humble nod before speaking up.

"Well you know; I did what needed to be done." Marcel spoke with finality, causing a gleam of envy to flash in Klaus's eyes. Marcel noticed it immediately, thus confirming his earlier suspicions. Klaus was back to claim what he thought was rightfully his. He had been waiting a century for this shoe to drop, for his past demons to come back and look him in the face and by far, Klaus was the most vicious and feral of them all.

"Well, cheers mate." With a raise of his glass, the original hybrid flashed a charming smile as he brought the glass up to his cherry red lips. "When I left, things were in a bit of disarray. The city was overrun with werewolves, vampires cowered in fear of those pesky witches; speaking of which," the sinister smirk on Klaus's face deepened as he swirled around the contents of his glass. Glancing over at Marcel, he took delight in the hardened features of the young man before him. Klaus had created Marcel in his own image and knew that their minds ran on the same circuit. He was sure Marcel knew what he was getting at by the way he tensed significantly. Never one to beat around the bush for long, Klaus jumped to the chase. "I hear you have the witches here on quite the leash. That you've managed to land a Bennett no less, calls for a toast. I must say, I admire your charm."

Marcel's face tightened at the mention of Bonnie and a fleeting thought in the back of his mind led him to wonder if Bonnie's disappearing act had something to do with the sight of the thousand year old hybrid. Marcel wanted to dismiss the thought, not sure how on earth the two could have ever crossed paths but clearly from Klaus's acknowledgement, he knew just who she was and the power behind her last name. The thought didn't sit well with him but rather than jump to conclusions, Marcel smiled as if he wasn't fazed. It was always best to keep your right hand blind to the activities of the left.

"You should know how much I love my witches, Klaus." Marcel smirked as he took swig of whiskey, enjoying the burn as it trickled down his throat. "Just one of the many things I picked up from the best, am I right?" The best way to approach a witch, Klaus had taught him, was through the art of seduction. It was sometimes annoying and tedious if you had no interest in the witch, but once the bond of loyalty was sealed, it would be almost impossible for anyone to break. Fear was the second best option but even that fell short of the loyalty they possessed. Klaus had taught him that, but experience recapitulated it to him.

Marcel's smugness made Klaus's expression grim. Both men were quite aware of the subtext of their conversation. While polite on the surface, the two of them were already knee deep in a pissing contest. That was always the dynamic between the two however the Marcel he once knew was much more loyal than the man before him now. This idea didn't blow over well with Klaus. This had to change, and soon.

"I'd be careful if I were you, friend. Love is a vampire's greatest weakness and I would hate to see something so fickle destroy someone I hold so near and dear." Klaus did little to hide the sarcasm in his voice, to which Marcel only guffawed. There was something in Marcel's laugh that completely changed the nature of their conversation which quickly went from jovial to challenging.

"We could say the same for witches." The emphasis on the word made Klaus's smile falter slightly and he and Marcel began an intense eye battle, neither of them wavering. Marcel wasn't sure what his interest in Bonnie was before but his words and Klaus's reaction to them put him on a path of believing that he wanted the witch for himself. Likely story. "Love is something I'll never have to worry about," Marcel added with a lick of his lips. Whether he meant the words or not, Klaus couldn't tell but if Marcel was anything like he was in the past, his words rang true.

"What are you planning? What do you want with her? What is your secret? Friend?" Marcel raised a brow, surprised by how Klaus had dropped the poker face act and had given in to his curiosity so quickly. Marcel fought not to roll his eyes; Klaus was never the patient one. He had almost forgotten.

"What am I planning?" Marcel seemed genuinely affronted by the question. "SHOULD I be planning something, Klaus?" The two men were locked in a staring contest. The air between them had fallen silent safe for the loud music, heavy banter and the low roar of thunder off in the distance. Marcel was slouched on his spine, reclined the armchair across from where Klaus sat with his elbows propped on each side while he lazily swirled the alcohol in his glass about. He appeared to have not a care in the world. Meanwhile Klaus sat up from his position and uncrossed his legs, hunched forward as if in deep thought. Klaus chuckled and looked off in the distance, breaking their stare for a moment before swinging his gaze to a spot on the floor between his feet. Marcel watched intently.

"No. But I am." With a smirk, Klaus cut his eyes up at Marcel who had since stopped twirling his glass around idly and sat up to place it on the center table between them. An excited glint flashed in Marcel's eyes for a brief moment, long enough for Klaus to notice.

"I'm listening…"

Damon menacingly blue eyes blinked rapidly to rid themselves of the stinging pain that stabbed at them. Slowly he sat up, groaning as he did so. His back lit up with a nagging pain, but he couldn't tell if it was slowly increasing or decreasing. He looked up to find that he was underneath a giant oak tree with a dead body lying less than three feet away. He stiffened for a second before his memories came flooding back to him causing him to relax; he had killed that guy, whoever he was. Knowing that allowed him to rest easy for a second but not long, for he soon remembered why he was there in the first place.

"Bonnie." Damon's voice shook as he growled her name from deep within is throat. The little witch really did a number on him. He wasn't shocked that she had assaulted him; he expected it. She almost always dealt him an ass kicking he more than likely earned; but the intensity of this one was what really caught him off guard. It made him realize something; if it had always been within her powers to unleash that level of fury on him, then all those other attacks were just her holding back on him.

Damon scoffed.

That was a lie. Bonnie never held back. At least not with him, anyway. With her it was always all or nothing. In fact, that same black and white thinking was the reason the two of them bumped heads constantly in the past. He forgot how similar they were sometimes and if he were to place himself in her arrogant little heels, he wouldn't want anything to do with him either. All of this only made him realize furthermore that getting close to her would be harder than he initially thought. He could almost kick himself for underestimating her.

"Where in the hell did she get that kind of juice," Damon questioned in a low mumble, face crooked with bewilderment. He mused over the thought for a moment before pushing it all to the back of his mind to deal with later. Bringing himself to his feet, he held his back as he looked around for any signs of her knowing there'd be none. He couldn't help but to remember what she had told him before he blacked out; not to contact her again. Of course, he would pay that no mind. He couldn't just give up. Not after coming this far. Too much was at stake and he had nothing else to go back to so it was only up from here. He would get his revenge and finally end the bastard that rained terror over their lives for five long years.

First things first; he needed blood and lots of it.

Just under the surface of her skin, Bonnie felt her magic bustling, fueled by her rage and begging to be unleashed for another round. As she left Damon's unconscious form on the ground, she breathed evenly to prevent the sky from opening up and drowning half the city. Given where they were located, that was the absolute last thing she wanted to do. She drew in deep, measured breaths in efforts to reduce the almost hurricane to merely heavy winds and simple thunder. Her golden hair whipped all about her head as she fought against the winds she inflicted to make it back inside of the mansion. Her mood was completely sour and all she wanted was to find Marcel and get the hell out of out of there. She didn't care if she ran into Klaus again; with the way she felt, if he got in her way she'd hurl a ball of molten lava at him without blinking.

Bonnie made it to a side entrance and made her way through the crowd of supernatural creatures and humans alike. Sweaty bodies bounced all around her to the beat of some heavy rap music and she did all she could not to part everyone like the red sea. She made her way through, ignoring the cat calls and the shrewd eyes of many that were pinned to certain parts of her body. She wasn't concerned with any of them, just so long as they didn't step to her incorrectly. She was liable to drop anybody where they stood and not feel guilty about it at all.

After searching the entire downstairs, Bonnie still came up empty handed. Marcel was nowhere to be found. She couldn't help but wonder if he had left her alone to 'take care of some things' as he always put it. If this was true, he'd have hell to pay the next time they crossed paths as well. A frustrated sigh left Bonnie's breath. The very house she stood in was seconds from going up in flames; flames that would be fueled by her anger and sheer annoyance. Her green eyes glowed brightly as she scanned the crowd once more, her magic increasing her vision on its own accord, searching for Marcel amongst the see of jostling bodies.

While the party had begun as an 'elegant' affair, it was now a full blown house party and Bonnie briefly wondered just when in the fuck did all this happen? Surely she wasn't gone that long. It made her wonder about Klaus's whereabouts and if he knew his nice shindig had gone to the wolves, no pun. She certainly didn't feel underdressed anymore, in fact, compared to some of the scantily clad females running around she even felt a little over dressed.

"This shit is ratchet," Bonnie mumbled to herself but couldn't help but laugh. Klaus was either too occupied to notice or not around at all to care. That last thought brought back all of her annoyance and frustrations because if he was gone, then so was Marcel. "Ugh, Marcel! Where the hell are you?" If he was anywhere within earshot, he would hear her, but that was a big if.

As much as she wanted to give up and find her own ride back, she felt a strong urge to find him; just to make sure Klaus hadn't tried anything with him. Marcel was very capable of taking care of his own but Klaus still had at least six or seven hundred years on him; that and he was a hybrid. A sinking feeling began to stir in the pit of Bonnie's stomach as she spun around and headed for the second level; the one place she hadn't considered looking. She had just arrived the foot of the stairs when her eyes met Marcel's as he rounded a landing and begun to descend towards her. Next to him was a smirking Klaus. Bonnie could barely focus on Marcel as Klaus bore holes into her seeing her for the first time since she left Mystic Falls.

Klaus smiled as the color drained from Bonnie's face completely. It was similar to the look she gave him the night she realized he had body snatched their history teacher, only this look held less shock and much disgust. Klaus smiled. Bonnie had always been the judgmental one. 'At least that hadn't changed' he thought as he gave her a once over, openly admiring her. The changes in her appearance stirred up a hunger inside of him and jealously, he wondered if Marcel had been the inspiration behind these changes. In that moment, Klaus had to refrain from pulling the bastard's heart out of his chest. Everything Marcel had now; Klaus had once owned, even Bonnie in a sense. He wanted it all back.

"Wow! I take it you are not having fun." At the sound of Marcel's voice, Bonnie cut her eyes in his direction, frowning at the bright smile on his handsome face.

"I'm glad you find this amusing. I've been looking all over for you," Bonnie scoffed with a roll of her eyes as he stepped off the last step and stood in front of her, taking obvious joy out of her annoyed state. "Let's go," she demanded, earning an even brighter smile from Marcel.

"Hey, hey, hey, calm down, alright?" Marcel cupped Bonnie's face, smiling at how sexy she was when angered but knew well enough that one false move could have her bringing the house crashing down around them. Marcel leaned forward to place a kiss on her lips, sliding his tongue effortlessly pass her tightened lips. It took a moment but Bonnie finally gave in to the kiss, placing her hands on top of his as he deepened the kiss. Marcel's mouth had to have been the deadliest thing on him, or at the very least in the top three.

A moan from her lips prompted Bonnie to pull back when she remembered where she was. Her eyes were clouded with lust for a few moments before she remembered why she was angry in the first place. This caused her to frown up at Marcel and look away from him. In that instant her eyes met Klaus's and for whatever reason, she blushed lightly when she realized that he had been staring the entire time. It was weird showing any emotion other than rage or indifference around the psychotic vampire.

That bastard, he could have looked away.

"I will get you out of here ASAP but first," Marcel turned to the side and extended his arm to Klaus who stood a few stairs above them wearing an inscrutable look on his face. "I want you to meet my mentor, my savior, and my sire, Niklaus Mikaelson." Bonnie became speechless at the word, mentor but could barely linger on the thought as Klaus descended the rest of the stairs and stood before her next to Marcel. Bonnie supposed she should have been intimidated by two grinning vampires but the fact that they were supposed to intimidate her caused her to straighten her spine and heft her chin, raising an eyebrow in a silent challenge. Klaus saw this and smiled genuinely before grabbing her hand gently and placing a kiss on it.

"Miss Bennett, it's nice to finally meet you. Your reputation precedes you." Oh, so he's going to play that game, is it? Bonnie thought to herself as she flashed him the brightest, most fabricated smile she could muster.

"Charmed, I'm sure. Marcel speaks very highly of you, Niklaus." Bonnie did everything she could not to sneer at the man who had a part of making her teenage years everything but enjoyable. She wanted nothing more than to burn him where he stood but knew that if she did, it'd be more trouble than it was worth. It's not like he can die anyway.

On the sidelines, Marcel watched the two of them interact with one another with much scrutiny. While he wasn't exactly sure if they were completely bullshitting or not he was sure to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. He never questioned Bonnie's mysterious past before but now, he had to find out just who he was 'sleeping with'.

The ride back to the East Bank of New Orleans was an interesting one. While Marcel had tried to get Bonnie to tell her what had her in a tizzy, Bonnie was unrelenting, choosing instead to deflect and ask why he hadn't bothered to look for her.

"Bonnie, that isn't the point," Marcel replied with an exasperated sigh as he turned in his seat to face her. He was blessed with a gorgeous view of her side profile; the streetlights outside of the tinted windows penetrated the glass, shining on certain parts of her honeyed skin. She sat rigid, leaning against the car door with her arms and legs crossed. The longer he eye-fucked her, the quicker his undead heart raced. It took everything in him not to jump her bones right then and there. The thought made him smile.

"Well then neither is the reason I 'ran off'," she huffed, using his earlier words against him. "Don't worry about it. It's done." A deadpan expression replaced the smirk that was beginning to form and he found himself biting into his lower lip to keep from saying anything he might regret. Instead, he shook his head with a smile as he reigned in his temper. No one could get a rise out of him quicker than she could and he had yet to really figure out why. He liked to believe it was because they were so much alike. The way she kept things from him irritated the hell out of him, but since she never questioned him on much he held out hope that if he returned that sentiment, her trust in him would increase; although, it was hard to tell if his theory was working sometimes. Gritting his teeth, he decided to bite the bullet on this one, again.

"Alright." Marcel surrendered raising his hands in defense and smiled when she swung her gaze to him. He didn't flinch under her hard stare like others seemed to do, which made her gaze soften just a tad. She was taking her anger out on him and it wasn't fair. However, she wouldn't apologize because he still failed to make sure she was okay. Also, she still didn't know what the whole ordeal between him and Klaus was, as well as how she managed to land in Marcel's lap, of all people. Maybe it really was a coincidence. After all, it's been two years. If Marcel had something planned then it would have happened by now, wouldn't it? He did say they hadn't seen one another in over a century, right?

Bonnie shook her head, wondering why she was even bothering to justify any of this. She hadn't a leg to stand on for now but she'd keep her eyes peeled and run at the first signs of danger.

Los Angeles was nice this time of year.

"C'mere." Marcel's voice lowered an octave. He stared at her with intense eyes that almost beckoned her to crawl over the armrest straight into his lap but instead, Bonnie smirked and focused on the landscape outside of her window.

"I am not your pet. How about you come here," she challenged. The other side of the car went still and Bonnie forced herself not to look over at him. However, as seconds passed, there was still no movement from his side. After a while, Bonnie curiously peered over to the left out of the corner of her eye, nearly gasping when she saw that he was hovering over her already, his eyes holding an amused glint. Bonnie grinned. She admired his stealth and blamed his lack of body heat for not being able to sense him.

It wasn't clear exactly who initiated their make out session but that was hardly the point of it all. By the time Marcel and Bonnie made it back home, he had her pinned to the backseat and they were in a haste to see who could get undressed quicker. The car rolled to a definite stop and the two of them frustratingly pulled away from one another and fixed their clothing. Exiting the car, Marcel rounded to Bonnie's side to assist her and in a flash, had her pinned against the front door leaving the driver behind to close both car doors and drive off shaking his head to himself.

With her legs wrapped around his middle, Bonnie balanced herself between him and the door as Marcel's mouth assaulted every part of her that it could get to. He stopped at her neck and closed his mouth over a spot just above her jugular and sucked firmly but uncharacteristically gentle for a vampire. Bonnie moaned as her midsection tingled and the artery just beneath the surface of his mouth jumped in excitement. Feeling this, Marcel's eyes darkened as the black veins under his eyes skittered under his skin. Groaning against her skin, he kissed the spot tenderly before pulling back and kissing her lips.

"Damn girl," was all he muttered as he paused to punch in the code that granted them access inside the house. Bonnie smirked when she felt his arousal prod her midsection and wrapped her arms around his neck as he led them inside. Kicking the door closed, he sped them to master bedroom and placed Bonnie on the bed before kicking off his shoes and climbing on top of her.

"I want this off," Bonnie commanded, not giving him time to respond as she was already pulling his shirt over his head. Marcel slid out of it with ease and even though it was dark, safe from the moonlight, she could see his abs flex with every move he made. The sight nearly made her salivate. Boy was blessed.

Marcel watched Bonnie as she ogled him and smiled. No matter how many times she had seen him shirtless over the years, she still reacted as if it was the first time. Well, not quite. The first time she saw him shirtless, she managed to levitate everything in the room from staring so hard. The memory still made him chuckle. If he hadn't known she was a witch at that point, he would have known then. Focusing all his attention on Bonnie once again, he slid his hands from her knee to the hem of her dress, fingering along the ends before sliding a hand up and along her outer thigh until he reached the straps of her underwear.

Bonnie waited on baited breath and squealed when he ripped one side of them. The rest of the underwear loosened against her hips and he slid his hands up the other leg to pull the offending garment away from her body. Bonnie felt her heart rate increase with anticipation and watched as he tossed the solid black panties on the floor. Her green eyes sparkled with lust and Marcel smirked at the smell of her arousal permeating the air. He had never known a smell to be sweeter or more intoxicating than her. It made the creature in him want to drink her dry and the man in him to want to fuck her senseless. He always chose the latter.

In efforts to tease him, Bonnie spread her legs wide, giving him a full view of what's in store for him. Marcel's smile stretched across his face as his lust filled eyes met hers. He reached up and pulled the top half of her dress down and off her shoulders until she was exposed to him from the waist up. Immediately his mouth closed over one of her mounds and a long digit slid inside of her which made her moan out in unexpected pleasure. His finger stroked her insides, soon joined by a second and later a third. The way she stretched around his fingers made him want to throw in the towel and cut straight to the chase, but he refrained. Patience was always a virtue of his.

Bonnie gripped Marcel's head, pushing him further into her chest. He diligently sucked on her hardened nipples as his fingers pumped in and out of her in a fluid, intoxicating motion. A small whimper escaped her lips as he curled a finger inside of her, tapping against a sensitive spot that made her hips buck suddenly. Her nails dragged along the top of his head, to the back of his neck where she latched on. Her pants and moans grew louder and louder, echoing throughout the room as well as the house before they stopped abruptly. Not aware her eyes had been closed, she opened them to find Marcel bringing his fingers up to his mouth. The grin on his face was palpable and made Bonnie's stomach clench with want. Still, she glared up at him impatiently and sat up on her elbows, leaning on one in order to reach out and grab at his belt buckle.

"Stop playing," she whined when Marcel reached out to slap her hand away.

"Who said I was playing?" Marcel asked with a light tone that Bonnie growled at. She focused on his jeans for a few seconds and smiled the minute they disappeared. Marcel rolled his eyes heaven ward at her antics and smiled down at her before crawling over her and pushing her back into the mattress. Their lips met one another with a rough kiss. Marcel pulled on Bonnie's bottom lip briefly before letting go, granting her access to ravish the rest of his mouth with her tongue. Marcel pulled away once again, silencing Bonnie before she could protest, and slowly slid inside of her.

"Mmm, shit!" Bonnie released a pleased gasp and gripped his shoulders tightly while using her legs to pull him closer. A grunt slipped form her lips with each thrust as a sheen of sweat began to surface on her skin. Her hands trailed across his shoulders where the blades met before traveling across his scarred back. Lifting her head, she kissed the crook of his neck before forcing him onto his back. Once straddled, she reached between them and grabbed a hold of him before sliding him inside. Marcel bit his lip and gripped the dress that was still decorating her waist. With no effort at all, the dress ripped in half and fell from her body.

As Bonnie rode him, Marcel grunted below his breath at the feel of Bonnie's walls tightening around his shaft each time she descended upon him. After a while of her driving him absolutely insane, he attempted to sit up only for Bonnie to force him back down, using her magic to do so. Marcel let out a breathless chuckle before drawing up his knees to nudge her forward. Bonnie fell flat on onto his chest with a shocked gasp and he immediately wrapped his large arms around her, rolling over to place her flat on her back once again. With her crushed beneath him, he kept up the rhythm she had started, thrusting harder each time she squirmed beneath him.

The euphoria building up inside of her was nearly too much to bear. Her body tensed entirely as her heart rate skyrocketed and her breathing hitched. Bonnie moaned louder and Marcel gripped her tighter when the walls around them started trembling. Bonnie's mouth opened wide as Marcel gripped one of her thighs and raised it slightly, sliding into her at an angle that made her back arch sharply against him. Her bottom lip trembled and they slowly began levitating off the bed. Without breaking stride, Marcel continued to thrust in and out of her unrelentingly the muscles in his back and shoulder blades working overtime.

Bonnie's hands found his face and pulled him into a deep kiss that, though passionate, was anything but gentle. Suspended two feet from the bed, the two of them roughly made love, both of them too wrapped in one another to really realize that they were indeed floating. It wasn't until Marcel hit a spot that broke Bonnie out of her reverie did they both fall back into the plush mattress, but their focus on one another never broke. Bonnie's body began to quiver right after and soon after, an orgasm exploded within her, soaking up everything in its path.

"Ugh! Dam—fuck! Marcel!" Marcel didn't seem to notice but Bonnie's eyes shot open the moment she realized her near slip. She nearly shouted Damon's name out loud for God knows what reason. Her already fast pace heart quickened and her surprised expression was hidden in the crook of Marcel's neck. She was almost thankful that he never broke stride, not knowing how violently he would have reacted to being called another man's name during such an intimate moment. Bonnie panted heavily but it was no longer because of the climax she was coming down from. No, it was because she was scared shitless of what almost happened.

One day, and the bastard had already clouded her thoughts.

This was not good.

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