Naruto of … Where?

By: MM

Rated M for; strong language, violence, and possible lemons

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Temari took a hesitant step backwards as she noticed that the boy's eyes looked like they contained more power than the other optical powers that the world posed. Naruto smirked as he noticed that she had dropped her guard in her shocked state. As he stomped on the ground twice, he mumbled out his jutsu, Temari had regained her conscious state when she had noticed that he had stomped on the ground and she dodged to the right as the earth from under her started to rise. After a few moments the large stone pillar was at audience level. As Temari was stunned by the sheer size of the pillar she didn't catch Naruto's hand gesture which was a punch into the air as she redirected her eyes back at Naruto after noticing her slip up she was blasted off by a sudden wind pressure that blasted her into some trees.

Naruto knew that he needed to end the fight as soon as possible as to not show too much for future opponents so Naruto started to walk in the direction that she was blasted too only to have his eyes narrow and his hand jut out in front of him, blades of air sliced branches and trees down like easy timber. Several large gashes appeared all around Naruto; however Naruto remained unscathed, to most people anyway. Naruto smirked as he had absorbed the chakra in the blades and made it his own, he quickly threw his hands into some extinct hand seals; he then clapped his hands together and waited.

After a few moments of banging and cursing in the woods Naruto smirked, and he stood, "Proctor this match is over, she is currently trapped, and I could very much kill her right now, but you may see her if you need to, and decide from there."

At that he had rushed into the woods and indeed he found Temari to be trapped but was shocked by how she was, her whole body was wrapped up with the wood from the trees all around her. The match was called in Naruto's favor which shocked all present. Nobody was happy that he had one however, besides the few people in Konoha that liked Naruto, Naguto, and surprisingly Orochimaru.

Naruto was walking away after he released Temari and looked around not one person was clapping. He frowned at that, he had just dealt Suna a massive blow in the finals and nobody had the decency to clap for him, hell even the 3rd wasn't clapping, and this was a political show of muscle just as much as anything else. Naruto's frown deepened at what Temari had said to him before the fight started. 'Why fight Uzumaki, don't you hear your own village boo you, why fight for them, you realize that you could do so much better somewhere else." Temari stated as they shook hands.'

Naruto really could do better somewhere else, why should he stay here. He paused, and stopped completely and waited a few moments later and Temari walked in, not so happy about her loss. "I'd like to ask you the same question Temari." Naruto stated. Temari looked confused and was about to voice this when Naruto spoke up again, "Why fight for them, what value do you hold in your village, my village may hate me and wish me dead but what has your village done that is any better, I am a man with a curse, a curse bestowed upon me before I was even an hour old, a curse that I share with eight others. Your village has bestowed a 'gift' to one of their own, and with that gift the same curse, and your village has done no better than mine. However a fresh start would be a fresh start, depending on how things go, especially with the coming invasion, I may need a new place to rest my tired bones, would Suna be helpful in that case."

Temari was beside herself, on one hand Naruto just compared her village to his own and clearly stated flaws in both, she had picked up the meaning of his words quickly enough considering her brother was the one that had received the 'gift', so she knew that he carried a beast, and being that it was Konoha it was the nine tails, that scared her alone, the nine tails could mop the floor with one tailed and make it look like a walk in the park. Also his eyes, the power she felt coursing through those eyes alone made her shiver. As it was Naruto clearly could handle himself, he knew of the impending invasion, but he had not killed her, she couldn't read him.

"Perhaps, I am not the Kage, my father …" Temari was about to continue but was interrupted.

"Is dead, and being impersonated by Orochimaru of the Sanin, my eyes tell me a lot, I guess I am telling you this information to explain to you once the fighting and killing starts, you will stay away from me unless you wish for death, and two stay alive as I will require your services in the future." Naruto stated.

"What do you mean by that and why would I wish to help you, currently you are my enemy." Temari wasn't that shocked to hear about the death of her father, she knew that he wouldn't up and attack a fellow nation over a little thing like jobs without prior negotiation because of their status of strength among the Shinobi Nations.

"Not just that you would help me, but that I can help you with numerous things, all I wish is that you will comply, as I wish to establish something similar to Jiraiya's spy network, but more along the lines of a trade network." Naruto stated.

Temari looked thoughtful, "and if I refuse?"

"We leave and pretend nothing happened, but know this, if you decide to join me, and then wish to leave; there is only one way out." Naruto stated flatly.

"I need time to think this over." Temari stated, but Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"We have very little time, so you must hurry", Naruto made a seal with one hand and then grabbed Temari's hand. "When you come to your final decision you will push chakra into the seal that I have just placed on you and make the sign of the boar. We will then be able to talk. Remember that this is a onetime thing that once you have done this you will not be able to talk to me like that again, unless you join then we will go about setting up a permanent seal. Till then be careful and trust nothing."

Naruto turned and faded into the darkness of the stairwell and Temari wasn't surprised that she couldn't hear him at all. Temari sighed as she knew that obviously she knew what she had to do in order to save her brothers, but she couldn't fully wrap her mind the prospect of doing something traitorous like inform to another person.

As Naruto made his way up toward the contestant booth, he felt that he was taking a big chance here, considering this could be considered treasonous, due to the fact he meant what he said about sharing, not just giving. Naruto would offer up information just as they would also. The main reason Naruto was establishing this network was for the sole reason that he was fed up with walking into unfamiliar zones and having to fight for his life, he would rather be ready for an ambush and knowledge was more than half the time the key to victory.

Naruto looked around when he reached the contestants booth. By the time that he got here he realized that he was being watch by more than half of the people were watching him, either glaring or looks of curiosity. That is until Kaiko came over, "Why did you go that hard to start off with?"

Naruto smiled at her slightly, "Well basically a Shock and Awe Tactic completely annihilate your opponent then future opponents may decide to no fight you. Isn't that the whole ranking system made for, Genin are not to engage Jonin, and so on, The Bingo book is made with this system in mind correct, so the bigger the foe you take down and how quick and efficiently you take them down all others will be more cautious of taking on that person, besides I also didn't show everything, quite the opposite I finished it speedily and I doubt anybody really understands what happened."

"That is true but what happened on trying to not gain attention from the civilians?" She asked hesitantly.

"That also flew out the window as soon as I was booed right from the beginning, besides; with what's to come I'd rather make myself known to being able to protect my friends. I would rather them be with me then far away where I would have multiple zones to watch, which is possible especially with my eyes; however it is still a pain." Naruto explained. With that they started to watch the next fight which happened to be Neji versus Kankuro, which was turning out to being an interesting fight with the fact that it was a long range fighter versus a short range fighter, however the defense that Neji had was keeping the attacks at bay.

Jiraiya then appeared behind Naruto in an unoccupied seat and then repeated what was said in the Kage booth. Pein was looking on and lip read what was said between the two, "Well it seems that everything isn't as wonderful in Konoha as it seems, perhaps the fool of a Hokage thinks that giving the bare minimum would keep Naruto here but still not enough to really care for the boy." 'What a wonderful time to find my Nephew.'

Orochimaru disguised as the Suna Kage, merely smiled on the inside knowing that Jiraiya would feel betrayed by his sensei if he dissed his student, in fact, he knew that Naruto was beyond powerful considering what had happened, Saratobi would be dead by the end of the day. Orochimaru smirked evilly behind his veil, and Saratobi was none the wiser.

Naruto went back to the present and watched as Kankuro wore down his opponent and then finally moved in for the take down, and just like that the match was over, Neji the supposed prodigy had lost due to lack of knowledge. However it was clear the Kankuro was tired out from the amount of Chakra that he used up in wearing Neji down.

Now however Ino was up and she was fighting Sadao, which was strange to say the least as it seemed that Sadao was holding back and he took the fall in the Taijutsu fight with a well-placed pressure point hit that would leave him down for at least ten minutes. Naruto squinted, but maybe the Ame ninja knew of the attack too and wanted their shinobi at the top of their game. Naruto then looked up toward where he had last seen the Ame Kage. However before he could get a good look Sasuko was in front of him.

"Good job Naruto." She said sweetly, Naruto smiled.

"Good luck Sasu-Chan." She smiled brightly.

Naruto of course new that this next match up wasn't terribly fair as they started, even though Ten-Ten pronounced herself as a weapon expert, she was losing in their kenjutsu fight. It became apparent that she was going to lose when she jumped back and started shooting all of her weapons at Sasuko, which with the Sharingan she dodged or deflected all of the weapons and speed forward and with a hard punch to the stomach and a haymaker that even Naruto winced at the fight was over, and just like that everyone in the crowd was cheering because the last Uchiha had won.

The matches were all good, besides the next few where the girl Miwa forfeited after the first spout of fighting with Lee, Shikamaru smartly forfeited before even fighting Gaara.

Then came Kiba and Choji's fight and what a fight with the two clans fighting with all their might as friends neither relented, it was primarily a taijutsu fight, and it was pretty evenly matched up, considering how the fight was going, even when the family Jutsus started getting thrown at each other. However it looked like Kiba was going to win when he made a giant hole in front of the larger Ninja, who was rolling right for it, the outcome was shocking as Choji released his technique and ran past the hole, however as shocked as Kiba was his animal instincts kicked in, and the fight continued.

Naruto however noticed that Kiba had actually just used a trap tactic, a smart one at that, Naruto looked over at a smiling bright Hana and he had to announce it. "So Hana-sensei, you helped your brother out." However the response made Naruto smile.

"Actually just a pointer before I left, you see he wants to win because he likes the Hyuuga girl, and I told him that they think when in battle and not all that much brawn and they think lowly of brawn fighters, I told him to go to the library and read up on tactics, which he scoffed at, but clearly he did as I asked, you realize he wants to fight you right." Hana said with a smile still on her face.

"I would like that actually. He is a strong fighter." Naruto said with a smile. Hana however knew something was wrong and she wanted to ask but the match took a turn, and she paid close attention.

Both boys had slid back from some blows and decided to taunt one another, and just like that they were both pissed to the max, and both fighters charged blindly in, two very powerful blows connected to their targets at roughly the same time, and both fighters staggered backwards, however Choji smiled before passing out, Kiba was declared winner, before he too, passed out.

So as it stood it would be Naruto fighting Kankuro, winner fighting Ino, right after, then Sasuko fighting Lee, and then Gaara fighting Kiba. Now however was their intermission, this was when Neko appeared "Congrats on the win you three. Boar just replaced me at my post; However, I'm still on duty."

Now Naruto may be very mature, but he still liked to make jokes every once in a while, "HA you said DUTY!" Hana snickered as the rest of the group sweat dropped, Neko almost face-faulted, since he just took her compliment and laughed.

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