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Unexpected Love

Chapter One


It was the last day of summer break before the beginning of a new school year. Eleventh grade was going to be a busy one, Eddward was sure of it. The last few years had been marvelous and a lot had changed since he was a kid. He was still a nerd by status but he had made a few more friends since he was a kid.

Most of his new friends were from school; people he had met in the chess club and the math team, though he had grown a little closer to some of the kids from the cul-de-sac as well. Now and then he would hang out with Nazz and Johnny, and at times when he hung with Nazz, Kevin would join them. This did not mean he had stopped hanging with the other Eds, no, the three of them got together any time they got the chance.

Of course the old scams they'd done as kids had stopped. Eddy had learned what gambling was and started to make his money that way, and Double-D never wanted any part of that. Ed on the other hand didn't seem to care. If he wasn't with Double-D he was with Eddy. Ed didn't change much; he was still a goof and now was on the wrestling team in school. All and all they had their separate things to do. They hung out when they could, but not like when they were kids.

Right now Eddward was sitting on his back porch on the small porch swing, reading. It was one of his favorite pastimes and since he had nothing else to do, he figured it was the best time to start a new book.

"Hey Double-Dweeb!" Kevin shouted from the other side of Eddward's fence. Kevin didn't change over the years either; he was still a jock. Even though the two had hung out together along with Nazz, Kevin had continued to bully Edd. It wasn't like how it used to be, no, Kevin was gentler about it now. It was just a noogie here, a punch there, and of course the usual name-calling, but never anything real mean. Eddward liked to think it more of a friendly banter than anything.

"Greetings Kevin, may I help you with something?" Edd asked, lifting his head from his book.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you had a spare wrench. Rolf took mine yesterday and still hasn't given it back," the redhead asked, annoyed.

"Sure, Kevin! Come over and I will retrieve one from the house!" Eddward said, putting a marker in his book. He placed it to the side and went into his home.

Kevin sighed and jumped over the fence. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and made his way over to Edd's porch and stood there to wait.

Eddward didn't take long to retrieve the wrench for Kevin. He was back in five minutes with one in hand. "Here you are Kevin," he said cheerfully.

Kevin looked and took another step onto the porch. "Thanks man," he said and grabbed the tool. "You coming tonight?" he asked.

"To Nazz's barbeque?"

Kevin nodded.

"Yes, I plan on stopping by. I don't think I will stay late though, school starts first thing," Edward said with a smile. He grabbed his book and sat back on his porch-swing.

"Yeah, yeah, see you later," Kevin said and waved a hand. He left Edd's yard and returned to his own.

Edd waved and returned his attention back to reading. He was looking forward to the cook-out that night. It was one of those rare moments when everyone from the cul-de-sac got together; which was something rare these days.


Later that night Edd had joined Nazz and the others at her house. He was one of the first to arrive as she had asked for his help. Kevin was next and once again he was asked to cook the food. It took some pursuing by Nazz, who continued to say he was the best for the job and knew how to do it right. Edward had pointed out that he was the only one to ever grill the food.

"Next time you have to do it Nazz!" Kevin said, a grin growing on his face.

"But I'm not that great at it dude! What about you Double-D? Can you grill?" Nazz asked and looked at Edward.

Edd stopped what he was doing and smiled. "Well, I know how to cook, but I can't say I have ever done it over a grill before. Usually Father does it at our home."

"You should try man, and give me a break for once," Kevin said as he flipped a few burgers. He stopped for a moment and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "It gets too hot sometimes!"

Nazz laughed at him. "Better you then me! But I don't care. If Double-D wants to give it roll, he can. If you're good at it you both can do it at the next barbeque I have."

Kevin smiled at her. "When will that be Nazz?"

"I don't know dude. We'll have to see."

"Perhaps the first day of spring will be a nice time?" Edd piped in.

"Oh hey, good idea!" Nazz said and swung an arm around Eddward's shoulder. "We can have one on our Spring break. That's a while yet, but it'll be sooner than waiting for the summer!"

Edd smiled and scratched his cheek. "Well, you know, it was just a thought. We could always try one before it gets too cold out, too. Though I don't think everyone will make it. Once school starts most of us will be busy with activates and homework," he rambled.

"Yeah, we get it, Dork," Kevin said waving him off. "I won't mind having another cook out, as long as I'm not the only one who is standing outside to cook it. I mean, if we have one when fall starts I'll freeze my balls off!" Kevin laughed.

"Kevin!" Nazz hit the jock in the arm. "Don't talk like that!"

Edd was red in the face and he turned away from the two and began to put out the cups and plates for the guest. "Yes Kevin, that is very inappropriate in front of a lady. Please excuse him Nazz."

Nazz chuckled. "Thanks Double-D."

"Whatever," Kevin said and he proceeded to add some cheese to the burgers. "I'm serious though, I don't want to tend to the grill all night."

"I'll help, Kevin. It can't be too hard," Eddward said with a smile. "Just show me what to do when you want to trade!"

"Cool," Kevin said and again he wiped more sweat from his face.


A few hours passed and Kevin was still cooking. One thing that had grown over the years was the appetites of the boys. "Hey Nazz, I'm going to need more paddies!" he called out to his good friend.

"Sure Kev!" the teen girl shouted and disappeared into her house.

"Do you need some help Kevin?" Double-D asked while throwing away some garbage.

"Actually, think you can take over for a bit? I want to try and eat something before it's all gone," Kevin said, removing his baseball cap and wiping away sweat from his forehead.

"Sure Kevin! I certainly may try. What do you need me to do?" Eddward asked as he wiped anti-bacteria soap on his hands.

"Yeah, just keep flipping the burgers until their done and toss some hotdogs on the grill and you should be all right," Kevin explained as he put together a cheeseburger for himself.

"Sure thing Kevin, leave it to me!"

"Don't get too excited, Dork," Kevin laughed and tossed him the spatula and walked away.

Double-D caught the spatula quickly and sighed, glad he didn't drop it. Shaking his head, Eddward went right to cooking, smiling the whole time.

"Hey Double-D, I got the extra paddies Kevin asked for," Nazz said as she carried a large tray over.

Eddward looked at Nazz and smiled. "Thank you Nazz. I'll cook them right away."

"Cool, take your time Double-D!" she said and walked away.

Edd watched as she left. Everything was going great. He was glad to have this time to spend with his old friends. Even Ed and Eddy were there. They were with Johnny and Rolf, having a food contest; though disgusting, it was rather amusing.

Eddward sighed and began to put the finished burgers onto a large plate and proceeded to add more to the grill. Hey lid them carefully and neatly. "There!" he said and began to add some spices to them.

"Hey Sock-head!" Eddy shouted and ran over to Edd.

"Greetings Eddy, can I help you with something? Perhaps another burger?" Eddward asked, smiling the whole time.

Eddy grinned. "Well, you could give me a few burgers, Double-D. You know, since we are so close and all," the shorter teen asked, putting his arm around Double-D's shoulder.

"Now Eddy, I can't do that! I have to be fair to everyone and make sure there is enough for when anyone else wants more," Eddward scolded. "Here, I will give you one and when you finish that one then you can have another."

"Awh Double-D, come on! You can help a friend out, I'm starving here!" Eddy complained.

"Now Eddy, you will just have to make do with one for now," Edd said and shoved a plate with a single cheese burger into Eddy's hand.

"Awh man! And here I thought you would be cooler than that," Eddy mumbled and walked away.

Eddward shook his head and sighed. "Some things never change," he said and turned his attention to the grill.

Soon Double-D found himself cooking more meat than he had calculated. The second batches of burgers were almost gone and he was already out of hotdogs. "Oh boy, we have some hungry customers!"

"You're doing great Double-D!" Nazz said cheerfully.

Eddward laughed. "Oh, it's nothing really!" he said and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"Yeah, maybe I should let him have it for the rest of the night," Kevin said, putting his feet up on the picnic table.

"Ah well, I suppose I could," Double-D chuckled. He shared a smile with the two and returned to his work until the last burger was cooked and served.


A few more hours passed when the party finally started to die down and people started to leave. Eddward slumped into a beach chair feeling exhausted. "What a work out."

"I'll say," Nazz said, offering Double-D a bottle of water and sat next to him. "You were pretty good today dude."

"Well, I suppose I did do a pretty good job keeping up with Ed and Rolf. Those two can really eat," he said, running a napkin over his sweaty face.

"It was disgusting if you ask me," Kevin said, having been sitting there the whole time. "It was fun though."

"Well, you guys can split if you want. Everyone else is already gone and I'm tired," said Nazz.

"Good idea, it's the first day of school tomorrow!" Eddward said and stood up.

"Don't remind me Dork! I'm going to miss sleeping in late," Kevin complained.

"Oh it's not too bad, Kevin. We will be starting the eleventh grade; one grade away from being a senior," he said, a large smile on his face.

"Yeah, well I'll rejoice when we ARE seniors and control the school. I can see it now, all the mini dorks scared of me!" Kevin laughed as he walked with Edd out of Nazz's backyard and towards their home.

"That isn't very nice Kevin. Aren't you sick of being a bully?" Edd asked, looking at the other teen.

"Well, sometimes. But other times it's still fun," he shrugged. "Oh hey, come with me to my garage and I'll return your wrench."

"Oh! All right, I had forgotten I had loaned it to you," Edd answered and followed Kevin to his home.

The two stopped right outside Kevin's garage. Kevin took the garage door opener from his pocket and pressed the button. Once the large door was open, he placed the remote on a nearby table inside and grabbed Edd's wrench. "Here you go Double-Dweeb."

"Thanks, Kevin!" Double-D said and he waved a hand. "Have a splendid night!"

"Yeah, you too," Kevin said, and watched as he left. He chuckled, and went on into his house for the night.

To Be Continued….