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Jeff ran through the forest, running at full speed after a little girl. She was panting heavily, slowing down more and more. "Run run, as fast as you can ~" Jeff laughed hysterically, the grin that was carved into his face bigger than ever. Jeff leapt and tackled the girl, pinning her to the ground. She wriggled and screamed blood curdling cries, hoping someone would hear. "Now, GO. TO. SLEEP." Jeff laughed, slitting the girls throat. Her eyes stared off, and Jeff stabbed her several more times before stopping.

Blood covered his hoodie, face and pants. He licked some of the blood of his face and knife. "Yum! Tastes wonder-ful~" He grinned, his voice happy. Someone placed a hand on his shoulder, long, slender, pale fingers grasped it tightly. "Who the hell?!" Jeff ripped out of the hand's grasp and then whirled around and stabbed the owner. The owner recoiled back and grabbed his chest.

This was no ordinary person though, he was tall, easily over eight feet. His arms and fingers were longer than a normal human. His face was blank, and he wore a black suit. The man looked at his hand with his blank face, and his white hand was covered in a black sticky fluid. "W-What the hell are you? Wait, I have heard of you! They call you the… oh the… um… SLENDERMAN! You're Slender, right?" Jeff asked leaping up to a low branch of a tree and placing his knife close to Slender's face. Slender looked up, his hollow, pale face looking at Jeff.

"I have no mouth, but I can talk to you like this. Why did you hurt me?" Jeff recoiled in shock. "How the hell did you get in my head? Why haven't you… killed me?" Jeff realized in horror after remembering what the Slender Man did to people. "Because I wanted a friend." "What?! We, the kind of- THINGS- we are, we don't have friends." "I could kill you before you could move kid. Get out of here then." Slender looked at Jeff, tentacles sprouting from his back. "No one tells me what to do man." Jeff laughed, but then he stopped when he saw Slender was curled up on the ground, those tentacles slightly wrapped around himself. Both of his hands were on his wound, the flesh already healing.

Jeff felt something, for the first time in a very long time, for this being. He looked so alone and hated, something Jeff was well aware of feeling. Maybe he could be this being's-Slender Man's, friend. "Are you o-ok?" Jeff asked after he realized Slender was still hunched over on the ground. "GET THE HELL OUT!" Static reeled through Jeff's mind, causing him to have a headache. It got stronger and stronger, and he suddenly passed out.

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