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- Timeline : After Resident Evil 6

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"Come with me to America, Jake..."

I could see his pupils enlarge after hearing my speech, as if he was trying to ingest whatever I was saying. Jake stood there frozen as he considered about my request and he grimaced, shaking his head. Jake chuckled without saying anything, his gesture wasn't giving me a definite answer. He looked like he couldn't believe what I had just said.

His laugh lasted only for a moment though, and his eyes returned to mine.

"You are asking me to go to America?" Was the first sentence gliding out from his lips, "Then what will ask me to do afterwards? Asking me to join the D.S.O? FBI? CIA? B.S.A.A? Or any other pathetic organization? Oh, c'mon, Sherry!"

I removed my ten fingers from his chest and I folded my arms, ready to argue with this hard-headed young man, "Jake, listen, I don't understand why—"

"I refuse to become a government dog." He cut me off sternly.


"Jake, I don't understand. Why are you hating the government so much?"

"Hmph, to be honest? Bureaucracy, bounded by contracts, boring career and practically just do anything the superiors ask you to do? Hell no, I am not the superhero type who defended my country. Ugh... just thinking about it makes me sick!" Both his brows were raised, he put one hand on his waist and his eyes were anywhere but mine. Although they return after brief seconds, "My choice are different than yours from the start, even now. I hadn't change my mind about the government. Besides, the pay I've got from the mercs... Yeah, not always consistent but much more than yours."

I breathed out, my patience running out.

"So, even if I am the one asking you to join us," I am still trying, hoping that he would change his answer, "You still won't come with us?"

"No." Jake Muller shook his head firmly. His decision was already made, he would never work for the government.

I was silenced. My mouth shut and I refuse to say another word, fearing that it will lead into an argument instead of a discussion.

Is there anything I can do to change his mind? We had lost contact for a few months before we met once again here in Amozi. I believed that it's fate, because it wouldn't be a simply as a coincidence.

I worried about his life, and I am concerned everytime he told me that he would be working on a jobwith another of his fellow mercenaries... Especially when it was a job that he wasn't allowed to be in contact with anyone at all or becoming a paid soldier in war.

I was afraid...

What if someday he never return?



I realized that I have been daydreaming when Jake wrapped both his arms around me. He tucked my hair underneath his chin, making me feeling calm in his embrace. Maybe he knew that I was worried about his safety?

My mind was muddled this morning when I knew that I had to return to America tomorrow morning. Is there any way that I can change you mind, Jake, that you will stop from this risky world of yours? Sure, this didn't mean that my job was not dangerous, but at least I had somebody to inform everyone in case if I am gone...

But him... I will never know if he was dead or alive.

"Honestly, Supergirl..." Jake murmured when I was preoccupied with the thoughts running deep in my mind, "I don't like it when you are depressed like this."

Before I could say anything, he loosen his hold on me slightly and pulled apart for a bit so that he could look at my face. We were silent for a moment, before he unwittingly kissed me on my forehead. Then to my left cheek... then to my lips... I didn't know how long we drifted, before he finally released his last embrace.

Jake looked at me with a simper of his.

"I'll try to find a way so that we can be together, Sherry..." There was doubt in his voice, but confidence too, "I promise..."



And at that moment his smile disappears.

His arms dissipate and a distance stretches between us, keeping us apart. I try walking, but I don't feel like if I am making progress whatsoever, as if I am chained to the ground. There are darkness everywhere, except the light shining out to highlight Jake. He was standing on the other side...

And slowly his body is engulf in flames.

The blaze propagate from every parts of himself. Jake falls to his knees, staring at his burning hands together with along with other parts of his burning self. He reaches out for me, asking for help...

"Sherry!" His shriek is so shrilling and... sad.

My tears fall as I try to respond to his call, I try running to him, leaping to him - anything. I call out his name over and over, telling him to hold on. But I can't move, I can't do anything! I even try to scream for help although I knew that there was none.

His arms flail for me, now he is moaning in pain. The heat is too unbearable for him. But the flames continue burning, and tearing both of us further apart.


I am transfixed. The flames begin seeping to every corner of the darkness and the flames grew and grew endlessly around him... Slowly but surely, Jake's figure disappears from my view, leaving on the blaze burning higher and higher.

He was lost in the sea of flames.

And I was not able to save him...



February 10th, 2014 - Washington DC - 1:20 AM


Her body shot up with her arms outstretched to the air, she awoke. Her heartbeat was racing uncontrollably, her chest rising and falling as she gazed around her surrounding, it was dark - she was in her bed. There was no flames, no Jake asking for help. Sherry sobbed, trying to get a hold of herself. Using the back of her wrist, she wiped away the sweat from her forehead and the tears pooling on the corner of her eyes.

She took the glass of water sitting beside her on the end table, careful not to drop it with her shaky hands. Next to it was a bottle of medicine to tranquilize, she was about to grab hold of them before she changed her mind. 'No, I won't depend on them anymore. I have to fight these fears myself, not running away from them.' Sherry downed the glass of water in one go to soothe her burning body.

It was the same nightmare again... her regret never left her.

She failed to save Jake.


Placing the empty glass to its spot before, Sherry sat on her bed stiffly. Both her legs were bent that her knees touched her chest, she hugged her legs tightly, her head buried to the limbs. Her breathing was irregular and she was drenched in sweat, the woman refused to return to sleep even though it was still dark outside.

She was suffering in her own guilt. It was so painful for her to see Jake in her dreams every night, he was burnt to death and she couldn't save him. By just thinking about was enough to kill her insides... how could she possibly convince herself that nothing had happened?

She had tried. For two whole weeks that the government had tried locating for Jake's body in Amozi and he was confirmed to die in the incident - with Leon as the witness. Sherry could not believe it. She had been secretly collecting data from all over the world; searching for the name Jake Muller in every flight in every airlines, she had called to find the same name on every hospitals available in Amozi and anywhere nearby. Every night she tried, but she always had the same negative answer.

'You can get over this, Sherry. You can! And you must!' She chanted to herself over and over, like a spell. Sherry bowed her head, still in the same curled up position she had been last minutes. She didn't know for how long had passed, how many minutes nor how many seconds. Until she was as stiff as a statue.




9:00 AM

Sherry Birkin opened her eyes slowly to sound sound of the alarm from her cellphone, apparently she had unwittingly fell asleep due to exhaustion. Her whole body ached in the bad sleeping position. Her bones made the cracking sound as she tried to move and stretched for bowing too long. Turning off the alarm, Sherry knew she had to consult with another physician today and there was a message left by Leon.

'Good morning, sweetie, how was your sleep last night? Right, sorry in advance. Today you will be going to your therapy without the handsome Kennedy by your side, I've got a mission from the FOS (exactly at the wee hour of morning, this proves that Hunnigan never sleeps or go home). Well, tell about how the diagnosis go once you're done, okay? Take care, Sherry. -Leon-'

Sherry smiled thinly as she read the brief message. The senior agent she considered as her brother, even her father figure, was never absent before when it came to her psychological recovering process for the past weeks, he was there in every rehabilitation, every consultation, every single process. Leon and Claire, their attentiveness to her had never changed even after sixteen years.

For the sake of them both, Sherry was determined for a speedy recovery so that she could reinstate herself to the DSO as to not worry Leon and Claire anymore. Having a new found spirit this particular morning, Sherry went quickly to freshen up herself so that she wouldn't be late..


As soon as she finished dressing herself up and gathering her things to meet with her appointed doctor, Sherry heard her front door rang. She did not remember having an appointment this morning - Leon had a mission and Claire was away to Montreal. Maybe something that Claire ordered for her through the Internet?

She moved in a hurry to pick up her cellphone from the bedside and she knew she was prepared for her therapy. "Coming!" Sherry rotated the knob and opened the apartment door, ready to greet the delivery guy. Their distance was only about 30 centimeters apart and Sherry looked upward to see the face of the morning visitor.

"Seems like you're in a hurry, huh?"

Sherry's mouth opened in disbelief.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing nor hearing. Sherry stumbled backwards a few steps, her knees weakened and the cellphone on her hand dropped to the floor from her grip. The doorknob was the only thing holding her weight or else she would be sitting on the floor. She froze. It was not any delivery guy, to her, whoever standing on the front wasn't even human... more like a ghost. The tall figure was leaning against the door frame as he took a glimpse over to her dropped cellphone, then back to her with a sly smirk.

"What? Do I like a zombie to you, Supergirl?" he asked with his smirk never leaving his face, he noticed that the woman was in complete shock, "Or maybe big ugly Ustanak?"


Jake Muller.


"Ja-Jake?! This... this isn't possible!"

Jake Muller, the descendant of Albert Wesker was standing in front of her apartment, in his healthiest state. She could not come to believe what was happening right now, she had just given up hopes of Jake to be alive... 'Is this real? Is this really the Jake that I... loved?' Sherry outstretched her fingers to his face, rubbing the wound line imprinted on the man's face... the man she considered dead. The surface of his skin felt warm, could this be another nightmare and she would be waking up all alone?

Unlike the blank expression on Sherry, Jake Muller only need to use little of his strength and he captured Sherry in his arms. Take several seconds to respond, Sherry slowly wrapped her arms around his neck - she was barely conscious. She remembered exactly the scent of Jake's aroma, the solid muscles on his skin that she touched; it was really Jake Muller. 'Oh god, please don't make this a dream or my own hallucination.' Sherry prayed repeatedly in her mind, the tears streaming down her face without her own will. She couldn't feel anything else.

Only surprise and happiness that she felt numb by it.

"I hope you will believe the presence of Jake Muller in your apartment by this." He said as he continued to embrace her.

Sherry did not know for sure if this was real or just her imagination.

"I— T-This is not a dream, right? You're... Alive." She stammered, "But... H-How come? How is it possible?!"

"Tch, you must have forgotten." Jake released his arms a bit to wipe the tears away from her eyes, "I'm built like a tank."



"How did you come here? And how did you survived the explosion?" The questions went unanswered by Jake Muller as he was busy looking at the insides of Sherry's dwelling.

Sherry almost pinched herself to make sure that she was not dreaming, without invitations Jake walked into her apartment and closed the door behind him. And of course for now that Sherry had forgotten about her appointment with the psychologist, she had totally forgotten. If the presence of Jake Muller in her apartment right now was merely her own hallucination, she swore that she would be going through much worse rehabilitation from now on. Because he was too real.

Jake turned to the frozen woman with wry eyes, he was grinning widely.

"Actually, I came here to America to remind you of something in Amozi." His words peaked her interest, "You owe me something."


I owe him?


Sherry didn't understand what he was saying, "I- What do you mean?"

Jake looked at her with a shocked expression, but held back his chuckle.

"Oh, no... You had forgotten it?" He then flailed his hands as if in disbelief, "You remember our deal in Amozi? That you're not supposed to be in contact with anyone, and you broke that promise when you text Claire. For violating my T & C, I am here to collect my debt."

Oh right, that. Sherry sure to remember his character.


"So, you are not even answering my questions and you are already here to collect your debt?" She sighed, "So, what did you want?"

Jake stopped his gaze around her house and turned his attention back to her.

"I'm kinda thinking, what kind of punishment I should be giving you?" Jake smiled at her when he realized that she was no longer trapped in her shock. Calmly, he walked over to where her cellphone was dropped to the floor and picked the object up. Without first turning the power off, Jake removed the battery of the device by force and this surprised Sherry. 'What is he doing?'

"H-Hey! What are you doing?"

"Helping you to pay off your debt." He said simply.

He placed the electronic in a random place somewhere - vaguely remembering that it landed on her couch before his gaze returned to the woman. In count of seconds, Jake had Sherry lifted into his arms on waist level. In this close distance, Jake was able to breath in the perfume worn by Sherry before she got to leave her apartment, it smelled like roses to him... Her skin was smooth to his, her pretty blush on her face and her petite body of a secret agent - Jake was starting to miss her half-dead already.


"Am I still looking like a zombie to you, Supergirl?" He whispered to her ear.

The female agent was smiling down to him as her fingers grazed at his facial features, especially the long scar running down his left cheek, it was what the hazard of becoming a mercenary. She was slightly higher than Jake as they gazed, her heart never slowed down once. Jake cut off whatever she wanted to say with a peck to her left cheek. 'A dead guy can't do this.' He thought. Sherry's eyes were half-lidded as they fluttered to his again. The smile on his face had made her forgotten all of the trauma she had these two months.

This is insane, her rationality disappeared for a moment.

"I think I've decided how will I punish you—" His speech only interrupted when Sherry rammed her lips to his drunkenly, and he obliged to her without request.


Sherry once again felt alive with the presence of Jake Muller, her trauma was slowly but surely disappearing. She had forgotten all the nightmares she had when Jake was holding her like this. They knew that the physical contact with each other was now inevitable, especially when both realized that they need one another.

Claiming her lips as his own was never enough. Unable to refrain himself any longer, Jake lifted her in his arms again as he slowly carried her across the hall, to where he believed to be the direction to Sherry's bedroom.

"Your punishment is to avoid contact with anyone at all for today." His grin mirrored hers, "You can only do business with Jake Muller."

"You're only talking about my mistake... It's not fair." Sherry responded with a small laugh, while Jake needed more effort to reach her bedroom. He need to concentrate but he found it difficult when he had to respond to every little kisses that Sherry granted him, "What about me? Shouldn't I be giving you a punishment too for not telling me that you are... Alive?"

"Oh yeah? Just try, Sherry. I bet you are not willing to punish me..." Jake chuckled. He carefully deposited Sherry's body to the soft surface of the mattress with her arms still locked behind his neck. Smiling, he observed her beautiful face as he took it all in. He was thankful, he was grateful to be still alive to see her again today. If it was really fate that brought them two together, then Jake knew what he would do to top everything off...

"Damn, Supergirl. I will now make absolutely sure that you are going to be punished... Properly."

She smiled, kissing his lips briefly and winked, "Well, punish me then."

Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she issued him this challenge. Jake smirked at her as his hand now traveled below her blouse, watching her blush and squirm slightly. He just hoped that she wouldn't regret what she had just challenged him at, although he secretly wished that she would submit at one point. Gently he placed a kiss to her lips, then proceeding down to her neck - Jake relished as he heard Sherry exhaled softly.

Oh, he would take his time with her.

Quietly he discarded her clothing pieces by pieces, then he jumped down the bed to remove his. Stark naked, Sherry watched hazily at the man before him standing in her dim room - the orange curtains were pulled to not allow more sunlight to enter, thus creating a heavenly orange hue inside the room. She had seen him like this before in Amozi, but he still looked so handsome and so strong like she always view him as.

This was really the Jake she knew. This was not any kind of illusion.

"Jake..." She moaned, begging him to return to her. The request was quickly obliged as her lover quickly climbed back onto the mattress and wrapped her all around him. He kissed her hungrily, pulling her below him as he rolled on top. His hands were squeezing her everywhere he never she wanted to be, it wasn't long before his tongue joined the conquest of exploring her body. Back in Amozi, they were too fast to actually enjoy like this, but now they had all the time they had.

There was no more Black Spider ready to kill them any time their guard were off.

He took a lick over and around to her bosom, tracing around the soft globe and slowly devoured it. Sherry could do nothing but to whimper at the sensation and kissed the top of his head repeatedly, urging him to continue. Her fingers were tracing along his nape until she caught a dent somewhere on his skin there. She gasped, making Jake sit up quickly in a straddling position.

"What's wrong?" Although he tried to sound concerned, he could not hide how husky his voice was and the lust etched within.

"Oh... Jake." Now she could see all of his bare torso, she was surprised to find that there was remarkably more scars and burnt mark than she previously remembered. Deep and shallow, her hands unconsciously traced over each one of them and she bit back a sob. There was a little marking over his neck where Groves's nail nearly torn him. Just how much Jake had went through to defeat Allan Groves? And she remembered that he was so dire to kill that obnoxious man so that he could rescue her...

He even died.

The twenty-two cupped her cheeks with both his large hands and smiled reassuringly, "I am alive and real, Sherry." He kissed her, sweetly and lovingly, "Maybe just a bit torn here and there but I am your Jake."

"I believe you." She whispered, pulling him down once again to kiss him.

Finally convinced that he was indeed alive and not just an illusion conjured by her own desperation, Jake was allowed to continue his punishment to her. But in fact, it was not any sort punishment to him. He just wanted Sherry to feel loved once again, to show that he would always be the man for her just like she was to him. He silently promised her that he wouldn't leave her again, for he knew how difficult it was for her to lose him.

Although he would still punish her in a way.

Smiling haughtily, Jake took advantage of being above her and pinned both her arms above her head with one of his hands. She was gazing up with anxiety and passion; when she tried to wriggle free though, Jake silenced her by lowering his face inches away from hers, "No, no. This is your punishment, Supergirl. I am in charge here... Now, don't move..." Then his hand stroked her skin all the way down. She moaned again, the feeling of his warm, calloused hands on her soft skin was too much to deny.

"I want to make up for this..." He growled in his throat, aligning himself to her entrance, "I want to make up for making you worry."

"I—I miss you." She confessed, although it was cut off shortly when Jake slid into her smoothly.

He held his breath once he was all the way in as he forced himself to halt, waiting for Sherry to re-adjust to him. Her eyes were shut and were rolled back, her back arched form the bed but it was limited by Jake pinning her arms above. He smirked, but his eyes sparkled in compassion, "I missed you too."

And slowly he moved, rolling his hips gently as Sherry struggled to hold back her loud moans.

Two months, for two months that she had thought that he had been dead. Sherry howled her love for him by repeating his name like a mantra as his speed increased steadily. Their eyes locked at each other and Jake couldn't keep his lips away from her for more than a minute. She had her arms wrapped around his shoulders to keep him in place - there would be no way she would be letting him go again.

He was her Jake. No one could change that.

The mattress was creaking loudly as Jake was now moving in breakneck speed, beckoning her to break her limits. He was so close, and so did her. And with one final thrust, he heard Sherry's final scream as she tightened around his shaft resolutely while he himself was groaning aloud as he finished.

Their bodies slick and their sweat combined where their skin touched, Jake had both his arms propped on the bed to not crush her. His energy was depleting quickly, but he just want to be with her a little longer. She didn't complain, in fact, she pulled him down to a long kiss, lovingly and passionately as if to show how much he mattered to her. Dropping to his sides later, Jake recovered quickly and he lazily grabbed a random blanket from their feet and covered them up to their waist. Then, he pulled Sherry close to his chest and rested himself on the pillow.

She heard his heart thumping loudly... He was alive.

"How did you survive?" She whispered.




January 31th , 2014 - Amozi

The view of the darkness was slowly brightening, as Jake slowly peeled his eyelids open to allow refracted light entering his eyes. Jake narrowed his eyes as he took in his surrounding, this was not his home, his mother was nowhere to be seen - just an empty cracked ceiling. He found that his limbs were bandaged and the ECG was attached to his left chest. 'Where am I?'

He felt like he had just traveling through a long dream which he didn't want it to end. Until one woman in dark haired entered his room and he knew that this was reality. She looked harmless, although Jake was still vigilant. The surrounding didn't look like any sterilized hospitals like his captivity in China and he wondered if he was being captured by the bad guy again. But this place looked homely, and almost... cozy.

"Where am I?" he asked with a hoarse voice, he coughed when his throat felt horribly dry and he knew that he had been sleeping for a very long time. The timid woman muttered to him, but not in English, and Jake immediately knew where he was. He was still in Amozi. Jake watched as she poured a glass of water from a corner and she offered the glass to him.

"Who are you?" He asked as soon as he sipped his drink, using the same language as the woman.

"My name is Leila. And this is my house." She explained, "I am your nurse to help take care of you. Don't worry, you are safe here."

Both his eyebrows arched.

"Wow, I even had a private nurse?" Jake muttered using English which was not recognized by the nurse and he addressed the woman using local language again, "How long have I been here?"

The woman pointed to a calendar which have circles all over them, "You are almost unconscious for a month, mister. It is a miracle for you to survive, you were heavily injured when you were brought here; you have fourth degrees burn all over you and shrapnel embedded into your body too. But you... cured. Although the way you recovered wasn't normal, I won't question you that. Do you remember what happened before you were in coma?"

Jake paused, trying to remember what had happened .


Allan Groves died - then an explosion, ah yes... Then there was fire all over... And then a dark figure... In a dark robe...


He didn't remember exactly how did he got out of the Black Spider facility in the first place, much less getting here. Although his question went unanswered when Leila brought him a silver briefcase. The woman timidly placed the briefcase close to Jake without a word, and she handed him an envelope too. Upon inspection on the top of the lid, there was a combination for Jake to solve before he could unlock the briefcase.

Jake read the letter from the envelope. There, it said 'Your registration number before your betrayal shall open the lock.'

"Fuck..." Jake groaned. There was still a Black Spider running free? His thumb turned the numbers one by one as he remembered - number 025.

And of course, the briefcase was unlocked.

Leila was a little baffled when she saw that Jake easily figured out the code. Glancing over to the woman, the nurse took it as a cue to leave, leaving Jake alone.

Inside the briefcase he found a passport, a bundle of Amozian bill and another bundle of American dollar bill... along with a device similar to a cellphone, complete with a headset but the battery was unattached. Jake wondered if it was a message left by whoever provide him this briefcase. Carefully, he reassembled the parts and as expected, the recorded message began playing.

"Hello, Wesker Junior..." Jake knew he had heard this voice somewhere before, "I honestly do not know how long it is before you are able to hear this message, but I am glad that you had finally awaken from your long sleep. Although I am not surprised that you only fell into a coma after surviving the explosion. If it was not for the C-Virus effects you benefited from inheriting Albert Wesker's genetics, perhaps in this moment, you would have been a lifeless corpse."


While the voice droned on, Jake checked the data on the passport. It was a fake passport forged perfectly, although not on the name of Jake Muller, it was something a mercenary always do.

"You must be wondering who am I and how did you survived from the Black Spider's eradication, don't you? For that, you should be grateful, because I am the one who saved you soon after the explosion. I dragged you away from danger of that bomb I planted inside a container to kill Allan Groves. Yes, he was the man that I have longed for his death." Jake returned the passport into the briefcase as he paid attention, "I must admit, for you to join the Black Spider was a unexpected plus for me. And you could say that I am the one who planned this all from the beginning; from the moment I convinced Groves to give you the mission to kill the woman you adored so much - from the start, I know of your betrayal. Your moves are so easy to read."

"I bet you hadn't realized that all along you have been playing a role for me - as the traitor of the Black Spider. And I thank you for that, Jake... You make my job killing Allan Groves a lot easier. I thought to leave you to die in the Black Spider headquarters was unfair indeed, for I owe you. Since you helped me in killing Groves, I helped saving you life; that makes us even. I am sure you will be having your things to do after this, right? So, I hope you enjoy your freedom while you can."

"Have a good day, Wesker Junior. "


Soon as the recording ended with a click, the device trembled horribly and soot began puffing out. Jake immediately ripped the headset and slammed the device away from his bed, in which it was destroyed soon after. 'Shit, what the hell... so I have been a puppet from the start?' He wondered who from the Black Spider was capable of doing a lot of things behind Allan Groves's back... and he only had one person in mind. The right-hand man of Groves whom he trusted so much that his loyalty could be compared to a dog. He was the one who registered numbers for every member, and the only person who had seen Jake's face before he donned on the black robe.

A-002, it was him .

Jake had no idea how the faithful servant of Groves was apparently the biggest traitor in the organization, and how he was forced to be involved in his plan. He grimaced, Jake vowed to teach a lesson to A-002 for what he had done to himself. Utilizing Jake Muller has its own price to be paid.

But for now, there was one more important thing to be done. Having in a coma for so long, he was sure that she did not know of this - that he was still alive. She was the only person he wanted to see for now - he will be finding Sherry Birkin.




February 10th , 2014 - Washington D.C

"So... that was how you tracked me down to my own apartment? How impressive."

"Heh, I could escape from Ustanak, finding you was no problem."

Both were silent for a moment.


"So, this is your first day in America?" Was the first question from her to break the silence.

"Yeah." Jake replied lazily. He let Sherry to rest on his broad chest while he himself played with her hair. "And immediately ended up in Supergirl's bed, how lucky am I."

He laughed when Sherry responded the by launching a small punch to his stomach. Only a thin blanket to cover his naked body, Jake was too tired to move.

Jake finally had the opportunity to tell her why he failed to inform her of his survival for one month, since he was bed-ridden in a coma. And he too get to answer her question of why she couldn't found his name in any hospitals or flights, since he was taken care in a home in Amozi and he used fake passport to travel, one thing he always did as a mercenary.

"I actually had about to give up the hopes that you're still alive, Jake." Sherry looked up to Jake, "You... Don't you know how grateful I am to see you now? With you, I won't be having all those nightmares anymore, and I don't have to see all those therapist—"



"Therapist?" Jake cut her off, and he saw Sherry went muted, "What happened?"

The woman was silent, contemplating if she should be telling him the truth. But she knew that she couldn't possibly lie to Jake, and she didn't intend to lie to him in the first place.

"Actually, after your apparent death, I underwent a trauma and I had a deep depression. So much that I have to consult psychologist and I— Oh no! Bad! This is bad! I had forgotten my schedule today!" Sherry sat up and she was prepared to pick up her scattered clothing.

"No, no, wait." Before her legs could touch the cold floor, Jake had his arms wrapped around her, "Who allowed you to leave?"

"It's not that! I should go and meet with the doctor at ten and now-" Sherry glanced at the clock on the wall of her room, "Ugh, it's way more than late. Please let me go, Jake. I had to go and rearrange my schedule—"

"Just do it tomorrow." The man said forcibly. Lowering his mouth to the ear, Jake whispered, "Besides, you won't be needing any more of those."

Sherry shuddered, feeling swooned by his whisper. She resigned as she willingly allowed Jake to pull her back to the bed. He wondered why Sherry submitted so easily but it didn't matter, as long as she was not leaving his side. The woman then turned to him, finding Jake smiling smugly while holding her smaller frame.

"You don't need all those medication again anyway." He half-whispered, teasing her by giving small bites on her shoulders, "I am the best medicine to cure all your traumas."


"I have a request then." said Sherry Birkin as she gently placed a kiss to Jake's lips, "It is a part for my recovery, and you said that you are the best medicine to cure me."

The man smiled widely.

"Of course." Jake said with conviction, "I am better than all the doctors and therapists, Sherry. Just tell me what you wish, I'll definitely give it to you."

"The truth is," Sherry's expression turned serious , making Jake silent to listen to her, "After thinking that you were dead, I was trying hard to forget you. So last night I deleted the last photo I had of you."

And her face suddenly beamed, like she was just playing with the young man, "So, as the part of my healing process, I say that we'll take another photo! The photo of the both of us, of course. You promised me, right? Non-negotiable, Jake."

"Oh, shit." Hearing the request made Jake moaned, he closed his eyes and face-palmed himself.

Inwardly he regretted why he just had to say yes to her everything without thinking about it. Leon was right about women - they were simply unpredictable!

He saw that Sherry was giggling sweetly trying to suppress her laughter, she was apparently enjoying this.

"Damn it! Just kill me already, Sherry!" He howled in protest, "No! Not those stupid poses on that camera again!"



February 11th, 2014 - Unknown Place

A well-built man received an incoming call as he was walking into a room, the screen displayed a series of numbers instead of a name. He spoke casually at first with the caller, until he had stepped into his office and closed the door.

Then he began to ask questions.

"I still don't understand why did you ask me to spare Jake Muller." He pressed the phone to his left ears as he sat, "I suppose the son of Albert Wesker has already awake by now. He might be on his way to find Sherry Birkin in America."

"Aaron, do you not understand?" Came the reply from the phone, "The Wesker boy is the only living sample from Anti-C, and thus the only living person to inherit the genetics from Albert Wesker. In this chessboard of biology, he is an important pawn, too important to be sacrificed."

"By the way, I've heard that Arthur Lodge had committed suicide inside a simple guesthouse. Although I've already prepared to sent him to safety. Perhaps he felt his guilt for leaking information of his country to the enemy at the final moments? What a fool indeed." Aaron snorted, on his laps his fingers tapped onto a metal briefcase , "I've got the blood samples from Jake Muller, as well as the G-Virus sample from Sherry Birkin's blood that Groves asked me to be brought to the black market. Well, I too, secured a blood sample from Allan Groves himself, he wanted his blood to be injected to... urgh, his dead wife and child that had been turned into infected. "

The caller laughed, and Aaron grinned in silence.


"Good job, Aaron." The man said, "Our plans is going so smoothly that nothing is stopping us, and I am sure you have heard of the news, right? Rosette Taylor had been silenced."

"Of course, sire. That old woman would only be a disruption to our plans, her death would be most profitable to us. So, what are you going to do with the samples now that I have them?"

Aaron heard the man clearing his throat, a pause before he continued dryly, "Do not worry, I have already found the right person to do the rest, Aaron... She seemed to be mostly interested with our plans. And you certainly know the name of this woman."

"A woman, sir?"

"She is... Ada Wong."






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