Dear Reader,

I haven´t written in a long, long time, at least when it comes to fanfiction and here once again I was browsing the videos on youtube and the muse came and I sort of felt like writing something during the finals is like … a good idea. My head is now occupied by many things but education.

I´m a huge Angliphile (whatever) and I major in English, though it is not my first language. Please don´t tell me to get a beta reader. It is not my fault English is a dominated language everywhere and I can´t be bitchy about you not knowing my first language :). If you mind mistakes. I get that, but I´m not crossing the law. Hmm?

Otherwise ANY comments are very welcome and loved. Negative, Positive. Does it have a potential? Would you like to read more? .. Go ahead and thank you for your time.


Dear Brother

One day it had to end, one day the had to stop this cat and mouse play. For some time it was entertaining, especially for Eric, maybe a bit less for Sean. A very little was known about the Captain´s childhood. While Eric was known everywhere he went (if not for his namet han surely he could make people recognize him), Sean was the black sheep of the family hidden in the cities of America and Canada. His mother running away with him as a one year old child, he was the boy that discovered that princes exist and sometimes they are brave and nice and save people and sometimes they are not.

Eric´s life couldn´t be more different, luxury of everything he could only imagine, distant, cold father and even worse mother. All that mattered in his world was power and money.. and women.. and himself but what would you expect him to do? It was in his nature. I tis in everyone´s nature after all. For his residences he has chosen the best, Vienna, Paris. Europe was where he felt safe, where was his home and Sean? Who was Sean? Seany boy has never been introduced to him until he reached the age of 18 and his mother brought him to see their father.

Now when the king was dead, long live the king. The question of course appeared. Who? Who to choose? The bastard son ort he rightful prince. As stupid as it sounds many have had their doubts, Eric was irresponsible, he was capable of spending, killing and torturing but if he was to rule the „other world of supernatural" than most of wessens would be dead sooner or later. Simply because of his temper and simply because only those who strictly followed his rules would be left alive and those were not times for autonomy.

The calls have been done, the treads have been heard, both men have done their best but sometimes you need a bit more. Sometimes you get bored and you want a little or a bit bigger change. That came to Eric one day, he packed his things (not himself of course, why do you have a castle when you have no servants) and decided to pay a visit to his dear brother. How cliché. The decision has been made, approved by every family member, thanking God that it didn´t have to be them to see Sean Renard. Nobody was really sure how powerful he was.

Eric was bored in the play, listening to some Bach, eyeing the stewardess and finally falling asleep when carefully following the correct address of his brother´s residence. Not very hard to find, he would expect a fancy villa but instead he was standing in front of a fancy hotel looking apartement building. A young, elegant gentleman had no problém getting the iformation about his brother´s door´s number at all. He casually sat into his armchair, made himself a glass of whiskey and waited. This act of surprise, this dramatic moment! The problém was that time zones leave you tired and when Sean came in, all he saw was a bit less dramatic and more amusing for anyone else but .. Sean who would rather see anyone else but not his brother.

Sean tried for a while connecting with his father´s family but it was worthless. It was enough spending 2 months with them and he recognized all they had in common was a last name (and that greed for the throne). He caught „Brother, what bring you here?" The first question that came into his mind was more accurate, something along „what the hell are you doing in my flat and when are you leaving?" but he knew that Eric was not going to leave till he gets what he came for. The throne? The money? Why was he bothering. Oh no, just don´t start about the story of „our father is sick and he is dying and who is the heir" and blah blah.

You could imagine the awkward moment between two brothers. „well, well" Eric playing it cool.

That was the time when Sean needed more air than anybody else in the world. Talking on the phone with his brother, or technically half-brother was a test of self-control but having him here , in front of him, having to face him. He had to control his animal side even more, the fact that his brother would use it and once again reminded him that he is not a „full royal" after all, would be enough for a brave, respected Captain of the Portland´s police to tear him in a half.