Chapter 11!

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Adalind was to stay in Portland, she told Sean the child was born and he agreed to her plot that he was the father of her child. Little Eleanor was something you would call "the perfect Princess" with her pinky cheeks and curly angelic hair, she was growing fast and healthy, a perfect human being, if only she wasn´t half a witch after her mother. Though she will not be able to change until she goes to school. The destiny was written in her big blue eyes, she was a calm child, already admired by many. Adalind was not someone you would guess as a caring mother but she could not resist those fat beautiful hands, motherhood took her surprised and she was more concentrated on her daughter than on the war that was destroying Europe.

Eric had to make lots of contracts, he got Italy on his side and agreed to share powers with those of Parliament who would support him. Now seven kings were divided, well now there were 8 kings with Sean. Sean was accepted as king of Austria and in the moment when Eric heard that, you wouldn´t want to see his face or hear the words that came from his royal mouth. The immediate attack on Rome that Sean planned took 15 000 lives of civilians but this was war and if you wanted to win, innocent people had to die. Japan joined Eric´s side which was a great help. There was only one agreement that both sides could not break and that was "no nuclear power", there was no need for Holocaust after all.

It was not that Portland was out of picture and of course soon Nick and his friends were asked to choose sides. Sean has changed, he never thought he would become the person he became but he did, he was hungry for power, he was hateful, ruthless and cruel, everything he ever hated about his brother. Nick joined his cause because…. Whose else? Eric´s ? Eric was hardly a better person.

Eric knew his people and Eric knew how to make political decisions or not political, one would say that after they tortured him, he would be soft but instead he used everything he had to get what he wanted.

It was Brussels where both brothers met again. It took them 2 years. During those years, Sean was the one who was winning and Eric the one that had to beg the world for help but now, the tables turned and Eric was in his best. Eric was planning an attack on France where Sean´s troops were when a person was dragged into his office. "We have a hostage, your Grace" said one of the young soldiers. Eric looked at him rather bothered, why were they bothering him, now? "He claims to be your brother" Well and that was when they got Eric´s attention. "Really?" he laughed, coming to face the stranger. "Oh, but lordy, he does look like Seany a little bit" the famous humour of Eric Renard. He was humiliating the person that was clearly unable to walk because a bomb cut off his leg.

Sean´s conscious didn't let him sleep. He didn't understand himself, why was he doing this? A person that was always for peace, why was he drugging his friends into this? (or at least people that he could call friends). Juliette and Nick, they had their own family now and though Nick worked as a commander or something like that, it was easy to notice where he would rather be. There was no choice with America joining the mess. It got even worse, more people were dying. One country joined Sean´s side and Eric found another. He started drinking and he hardly saw his daughter. Eric of course got a note from Adalind that her child was not his, though it was a lie.

Adalind was scared of having Eric in her life as a father of her child. He would give her everything, everything she would ever ask for but for what prize? What would her Eleanor have, what would her daughter have to sacrifice? Would she become like them? Empty and cruel?

Eric let his people go to stay with Sean alone. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to end this" he breathed heavily, like someone who has been running for miles, like someone who lost his leg, his soul and his will to live.

"Oh, I have just started to enjoy this. Are you giving up here just because it is me who is winning, now? It was fun until you were winning, right, Sean? You did not care for people that were dying because of you, until you tasted the taste of loss, did you?

"I have seen her, Eric"

"Who are you talking about?"

"Your daughter, Eric. I have seen your daughter. If we continue, she may live in the world with no Wessen left, she is the Queen, the girl that was born after centuries of emptiness, of no hope"

"Sean, please, you are being sentimental now." Eric could not believe what he was hearing now.

"Eric, you don't understand. She looks like you, she is the copy of you."

Eric could not bear those lies that Sean was telling him, he could not stop himself but hitting him. Two years, two years and he did not know that his niece was in reality his own daughter, of royal blood, next Queen.

"You listen to me, you bring me my daughter and I will stop the war or" he smiled "I will kill everyone and get her anyway" he left Sean lying on the floor in his own blood. "You have no dignity, Sean. Man up. It´s only a war"