Sakura bashing:

Naruto looked at Sakura. Ever since getting the new clothes and the power-ups he had noticed he had a growing dislike for Sakura. For no particular reason, he began to hate her.

"GET OUT OF THAT SEAT ITS SASUKE-KUNS!" The banshee yelled really loudly.

Every one looked at her and noted what a stupid cunt of a fan girl she was. 'Why couldn't she act like a real ninja.' Everyone thought, even though they don't particularly act like ninja themselves.

"Listen here bitch," Naruto began with so much anger, it was as if he was channeling some lonely writer of fan fiction." you yelling at me is the maddest I will ever get in this narrative because I hate you and you are a bitch because you have an unfounded crush and act like the child you are also your mom is a whore." Then Naruto hit her in the face with hammer he happened to have with him.

Sakura collapsed to the floor face-down. She was not moving and blood was beginning to pool around her head.

Everyone gasped. Naruto was so cool now.

And they all hated sakura together for the character trait of being loud and naïve and as such they had the moral highground and did not feel guilty in the slightest for standing by while she was killed and then feeding her corpse to the customers of the local B-B-Q.