DISCLAIMER : I don't own Tolkien and am not going to be making any money off of this. Be warned. This is R for a REASON. Flaming is not necessary. Don't read it if you don't like Graphic.

In Summary : Frodo is trapped in Cirith Ungol. This is AU for Frodo is in the tower for much longer than he was in the book. I've added my own dark twist. Its not for the faint of heart….There are no OCs.

Medically speaking…this will be graphic. It is dedicated to my good friend Febobe…..who thinks she's weird for liking to write graphically….I hope this inspires her to post her stuff.


Slowly…he came to from darkness into shadows. The shadows loomed and danced…their fingers greedily seeking him….thrusting towards him…would they never leave him alone? He cried out and his eyes flung open. He was awake finally…

The first thing he noticed was that he was cold, he never felt so cold in his life….at least…he didn't think so. But he couldn't really think… It was also terribly damp. He had long since been stripped to nothing, lying on the cold stone floor while the rats skittered about in the corners. But how long had he been here? He couldn't remember.

He tried to adjust his eyes to the darkness but his head hurt terribly…he reached up and found that there was a scrape just above his right eye as though someone had hit him with a hard sharp object. It had bled…and the blood was now dry and caked to his fair skin. He could feel the scab forming and when he rubbed at it in pain, it broke off…new blood tricking down, blurring his vision. He wiped at it, but only succeeded in smearing the blood further.

Where was he?…somewhere in the dark…stone…a castle? There wasn't any windows….there was no light…only the hint of torchlight on the other side of the door leading out of the room. It barely came through the cracks underneath. He stumbled towards it, crying in pain…for he had not realized that chains had been shackled to his legs. He only succeeded in tripping and falling, creating a ringing sound that echoed in his ears for what seemed like an eternity.

But…as he rubbed at his sore ankles…bitten sharply by the metal that was clamped around them it dawned on him that he couldn't remember…. anything…Who was he? What was he doing here? What had happened to put him here? He had a strong feeling that he didn't belong…that everything was terribly terribly wrong. He strove to organize his muddled brain. So much was there…but nothing made any sense…

He tried to drag himself to a sitting position against a wall, but when he leant back his back stung…and he gave another cry of pain. His shoulder…and his neck both ached and he felt behind his neck to find some kind of puncture on the left side there…was there no end to his wounds?

He felt along his body…and realized that there were parts of him that hurt so badly that he didn't want to think about it…especially his back side…dried blood was caked on one side of his small rear where a rock had scraped it while he'd been dragged across the floor possibly….and it was awfully painful. He felt sick to…queasy…as though his insides were churning. His legs were jelly and he couldn't think. He thought he smelt something fowl nearby…and he had a terrible urge to relieve himself….it felt like it was burning inside of him. Was it something he ate?

He started to cough…his chest wracked with pain and he wheezed and choked until he stopped for there was no water to be found…nothing to ease him. He wiped his mouth with a dirt caked hand and sniffled for a minute as he caught his breath.

A hazy memory flashed in his mind of being dragged kicking and screaming across a jagged stone lot….that's where it must have happened….It hurt so badly….the wound was very close to where things naturally came out and he was afraid…If it was stretched at all it would start to bleed again…He closed his eyes and tried to fight tears, it was so frustrating. He had no idea who he was….no indication of who he was…He only knew that he was in pain…and there was no relief in sight. He would have to hold it…as long as possible.

His stomach muscles were cramped as well…he was hungry…when was the last time he did eat? He didn't know…what -did- he eat? He had a vague recollection of something small and round and tasty…apples? Was that what they were called? Fruit…he liked fruit…pies…memories drifted in and out like sand falling through a broken glass window.

There was also something missing…something very dear to him…He didn't know if he could live without it it for very long…whatever it was. It ate at him…and was the one thing that kept him from collapsing in the dark and not moving ever again….it called…Tempting him to action…but what action? What could he do trapped like an animal in a cage?

He dragged himself to the door and shook it. "Help me!" he cried hoarsely, leaning against the stone wall. And the tears began to fall…as he desperately struck at the wood. "Somebody?….Anybody!" He clawed at the door with all the strength he had left…causing his fingers to bleed from his efforst. But they were in vain…

No one came. He was alone. And he didn't even know why. He lay against the door for a while, trying hard to gather his senses…and then he heard it. A clicking sound against the corridor outside…coming closer and closer.

His ears perked up….footsteps? Claws against the floor….he paled…and backed away from the door…stumbling…he remembered clawlike feet when he was being dragged…he braced himself against a wall as there was a final *click* as the bolt was slid away and the door slowly began to open…letting in a flood of light…nearly blinding him though it was only the light from a torch.